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									                        AUSTRIAN TRADE MISSION
                                   UAE, Oman and Qatar
                                       28 February to 5 March, 2004

                              Abu Dhabi: Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 February 2004
                              Dubai: Sunday 29 February and Monday 1 March 2004
         Muscat: Tuesday 2 March 2004 (Available at Muscat Grand Hyatt)
                                  Doha: Wednesday 3 and Thursday 4 March 2004

                   Dr. Horst Machu                                                      Dr. Nikolaus Seiwald
Regional Director of the Middle East/Africa Desk of the                            The Commercial Counsellor for
        Austrian Federal Economic Chamber                                          UAE, Oman, Qatar & Paksitan

                                AUSTRIAN EMBASSY/COMMERCIAL SECTION
                                               ABU DHABI, UAE
                                  Tel.: 00971-2-6766633, Fax: 00971-2-6760002
                                       Participants in the Austrian Trade Mission

Nr   Company                          Product
01   Franz Achleitner-Fahrzeugbau     Armoured vehicles, military and special purpose vehicles
     und Reifenzentrum Gesellschaft  Achleitner, founded in 1932 as family business in Tyrol, is highly
     m.b.H.                          recommended among clients all over the world for its armoured
     Hr. Markus Heiss                vehicles, military and special purpose vehicles. Quality and
     A-6300 Wörgl                    customer orientation are important specifics for the firms
     Innsbruckerstraße 94            philosophy.
     Tel.: +43 (0)5332 78 11-319     Two products that Achleitner has developed for exclusive needs are
     Fax: +43 (0)5332 75 2 22        Mantra 4 x 4 and Survivor 4 x 4. Multipurpose applications suit to
     E-Mail                          customers requirements, both vehicles can be adapted to individual     needs and wishes and are ideal for operations in military and civil
     Website      missions. In individual implementations Mantra and Survivor can be
                                     produced due to individual needs.
02   AUSTROCONSULT, Technische und   AUSTROCONSULT offers services in the fields of Telecommunications
     betriebswirtschaftliche Planung Intelligent Buildings, Electrical Engineering, Radio/TV
     & Beratung GesmbH               Broadcasting,
     Dr. Hanns Sobotka               Railway Installations, Aviation Systems, Military Electronics,
     Managing Director               Security Systems, EDP and Controlling.
     Zieglergasse 7                  Scope of services: Complete project management or controlling of
     A-1070 Vienna, Austria          individual project stages as Project Development (Project
     Tel: (+43) 1/52730-0            definition, feasibility studies, financing etc). Design
     Fax: (+43) 1/52730-36           (organization planning, cost estimates, tender documents,
     E-mail:                         evaluation of offers, etc). Execution Phase (elaboration and supervision of time schedules, site supervision, preparation and
                                     execution of acceptance tests, auditing, etc) and Operational Phase
                                     (resource management, training, documentation, etc).
03   AVL List GesmbH                  Combustion Engines / Measuring Instruments
     Hr. Abbas Kermani                AVL List GmbH - Power train Development and Engine Test Systems AVL
     A-8020 Graz                      is the world’s largest privately owned and independent company for
     Hans-List-Platz 1                the development of power train systems with internal combustion
     Tel.:+43 (0)316 787-609          engines as well as instrumentation and test systems.
     Fax +43 (0)316 787-550           Scope of business Development of Power train Systems: AVL develops
     E-Mail     and improves all kinds of power train systems and is a competent
     Website      partner to the engine and automotive industry. In addition AVL
                                      develops and markets the simulation methods which are necessary for
                                      the development work.
                                      Engine Instrumentation and Test Systems: The products of this
                                      business area comprise all the instruments and systems required for
                                      engine and vehicle testing. A main focus is on optimally adaptable
                                      emissions test modules.
                                      The network of affiliates and representatives throughout the world
                                      ensures development, service, and support on a local basis.
04   BANK PRIVAT AG                   Private Banking Services
     Mr. Pantelis Makrandreou
     Hr. Henry Owainati
     A-1011 Vienna
     Hohenstaufengasse 6
     Tel.: +43 (0)1 53 7 40-46159
     Fax +43 (0)1 53 7 40-49293
05   Hakom -EDV DienstleistungsgmbH   Energy Data Management
     Mr. Gregor Breza-Früchtl
     A-1190 Vienna
     Hartaeckerstr. 116A
     Tel: 0043-664-1432293
     Fax: 0043-1-4782960
     Apsys GmbH                       Polyurethansystems for floors, walls and ceilings
     Mr. Gregor Breza-Früchtl
     A-1190 Vienna
     Hartaeckerstr. 116A
     Tel: 0043-664-1432293
     Fax: 0043-1-4782960
06   Europe Cooperation Klemenc       EUROPE COOPERATION Klemenc are specialised in the interior
     Hr. Marjan Klemenc               Decoration of activity rang from planning the interior area to
     Mr. Simon Frewat                 complete Furnishing.
     A-9020 Klagenfurt                Their collaboration with various European manufacturers that meet
     Mantschehofgasse 34/32           the
     Telefon +43 (0)463 91 36 47      Highest quality standards enables us to offer quick and individual
     Fax +43 (0)463 91 36 47          Solutions.
     E-Mail office@klemenc-
     Website www.klemenic-
07   EVA HandelsgesmbH                Apples
     Mrs. Jasmin Nezmahen-Castagna    EVA is the central export organisation for quality apples from
     A-8181 St.Ruprecht an der Raab   Styria.
     Wollsdorf 71                     The organisation supplies fresh apples all the year round from the
     Telefon +43 (0)3178 23 27-12     most up-to-date ULO storage facilities:
     Fax +43 (0)3178 36 10            Golden Delicious - Royal Gala - Braeburn - Idared - Jonagold –
     E-Mail jasmin.nezmahen@obst-     Elstar - Arlet                           EVA's produce is subject to the principles governing integrated
     Website   production. Utmost attention is devoted to quality, to the right
                                      time for harvesting, to colour, firmness and sugar content.
                                      EVA can supply in all types of packaging commonly used in Europe
                                      and, from a logistical point of view, can deliver almost anywhere
                                      in Europe.
                                      EVA seeks importers and supermarket chains.
08   EWE Küchen Ges.m.b.H.             Kitchens
     Hr. Davide D´Agosto               EWE is specialized in manufacturing fitted kitchens perfectly
     A-4600 Wels                       adopted to the needs and demands of the final customer. As the best
     Dieselstraße 14                   known Austrian kitchen manufacturer they are set to be the leaders
     Tel: +43 (0)7242 237-327          concerning design, technical equipment and quality.
     Fax +43 (0)7242 273-221           They offer 18 different models made of MDF material, high quality
     E-Mail            chipboard, solid wood and solid wood veneer plus a variety of
     Website        colours and kinds of woods.
                                       Kitchens design for EWE by the world famous architect team (Coop
                                       Himmelblau) is their USP.
                                       High quality kitchens made in Austria is their mission.
09   FINDMYHOME - Gabriel & Hlawa      Production of Websites, Internet movies, promotion films for
     OEG                               projects and properties.
     Mr. Benedikt Gabriel
     Hr. Bernd Hlawa
     A-1190 Vienna
     Starkfriedgasse 62/ Top 1
     Tel.: +43 (0)1 369 27 58
     Fax +43 (0)1 369 27 58-50
10   iku intelligente Fenstersysteme   Self Cleaning window- and facade constructions
     AG                                The intelligent products of iku® windows revolutionize the window &
     Mr. Julius Thurnher               facade market.
     Mrs. Monika Thurner               iku® windows, the intelligent window offers extra comfort to the
     A-1232 Wien                       user, high saving potentials in the running costs and added value
     Slamastraße 25 - 27               through the possibility of connection to modern building management
     Tel.: +43 (0)1 616 56 58-25       systems. The unique self cleaning mechanics by touch of a button is
     Fax +43 (0)1 616 56 58-26         certainly the highlight iku® windows, the intelligent glass façade
     E-Mail       , solves the cleaning problem of glass facades in a simple way.
     Website http://www.iku-           Again by touch of a button whole glass facades of any height can be                       cleaned within minutes - safely and economically. The traditional
                                       cover cap system can be used also in the refurbishment of existing
                                       buildings, the Structural Glazing version is suitable only for new
                                       buildings. iku®windows is protected by international patents. The
                                       products will be sold over licence partners only.
11   MCM MUSIL GmbH                   Beech Timber
     Hr. Michael Musil                MCM Musil GmbH is based in Riegersdorf in Carinthia, Austria and
     A-9587 Riegersdorf               has storage facilities in the Trieste Freeport in Italy where the
     Gladiolenweg 21a                 timber is dried, graded and shipped.
     Tel.: +43 (0)4257 21 03          The company, which specialises in beech timber, seeks partners and
     Fax +43 (0)4257 21 0 37          importers
12   Mils Electronic                  Mils electronic is a major player in the field of communications
     Mr. Wilhelm Harder               and information security. Their product range includes message
     Mr. Markus Coll                  cipher systems, telephone and fax encryption devices and random key
     Tel.: +43 05223 577100           production equipment.
     Fax: +43 05223 577101            Ever since their founding, the cryptographic functions in their
     E-Mail:              products have relied on the strongest possible encryption
     Website:            algorithms and the unbreakable One Time Key encryption method.
                                      As an independent and privately held Austrian company, they are in
                                      a unique position to provide their customers world wide with this
                                      highest standard of security. Additionally, they can use decades of
                                      experience that they have gathered to find the best solution for
                                      each customer’s security demand.
13   Nowicky Pharma                Anticancer drug - UKRAIN anticancer drug is a derivative of alkaloids from
     Dr. Wassil Nowicky            the plant greater celandine and is used in the cancer therapy. It destroys
     A-1040 Vienna                 cancer cells through apoptosis without attacking healthy cells. Thereof
     Margaretenstraße 7            results the excellent tolerance. Has no significant side effects.
     Telefon +43 (0)1 586 12 23-11 Activates a whole series of highly effective immune system mechanisms and
     Fax +43 (0)1 586 89 94        inhibits the formation of new blood vessels through which the tumour is
     E-Mail      provided with nutrients. Developer & Manufacturer of UKRAIN anticancer
     Website         drug is Mr. Wassil Nowicky
14   Österreichische Staatsdruckerei   High Security Printing House for documents, identity cards, stamps,
     Austrian State Printing House     high-end print products and personalisation systems with 200 years
     OeSD                              experience and company seat in Vienna. Certified as “High Security
     Mrs. Claudia Hager                Printer”.
     A-1239 Vienna                     OeSD produces fraud-protected documents, such as passports (with
     Tenschertstraße 7                 chip), driving licenses, identity cards incorporating overt and
     Telefon +43 (0)1 20 6 66-308      covert high-tech security features. Our services include data
     Fax +43 (0)1 20 6 66-100          capture and data enhancement, as well as personalisation software
     E-Mail   and hardware and consulting for the document issuance system.
     Website    Their stamps, especially intaglio and photogravure combination
                                       printed, have won a number of international awards. Innovative
                                       finishing techniques make them a piece of art.
15   Oilindustries Equipment GmbH   Industrial Filters and Sifters specially for the Oil-industry
     Hr. Iradj Radjabi-Rahat
     Mr. Mehri Ajir
     Dr. Amir Reza Radjabi-Rahat
     A-1190 Vienna
     Schreiberweg 3
     Telefon +43 (0)1 368 43 88-44
     Fax +43 (0)1 368 43 88-99
16   Orion Leuchten-Fabrik Molecz & Lighting
     Sohn Gesellschaft m.b.H.       The ORION-Lighting-Company with it's head office in Vienna,
     Hr. Florian Molecz             distribution centres and showrooms all over Austria, Budapest and
     Mr. Leopold Molecz             Prague, and 350 employees has been working since 1948 in production
     A-1232 Wien                    and sale of lighting fixtures in all different styles.
     Oberlaaerstraße 284            Several designers and a production-team are working together and
     Telefon +43 (0)1 616 80 91     complementing each other to develop series and special productions
     Fax +43 (0)1 616 71 40         of all measurements which especially is important for the equipment
     E-Mail      of hotels, restaurants, embassies, churches etc.
     Website The product range - about 12.000 different articles - contains
                                    economy-priced spots as well as exclusively designed crystal
                                    chandeliers and enables a perfect made-to-measure offer for each
                                    customer. Orion is looking for a partner who is interested in
                                    working exclusively with the company in the field of crystal
                                    chandeliers and lighting fixtures for pretentious clients.
17   Pewag Austria GmbH            Industrial Chains
     Hr. Karl Heinz Fuchsbichler
     A-8010 Graz
     Theodor-Körner-Straße 59
     Tel.: +43 (0)316 60 70-224
     Fax +43 (0)316 60 70-198
18   Pörner Ingenieur-GesmbH       Bitumen Technology
     Mr. Herbert Smejkal           With 25 years of experience and a team of 150 experts at its
     A-1050 Vienna                 command Pörner are a flexible engineering office for the
     Hamburgerstraße 9             construction of processing plants for industry. Pörner realise
     Tel.: +43 (0)1 58 99 00       turnkey projects worldwide up to an investment level of Euro 30m.
     Fax +43 (0)1 589 90 99        In the bitumen technology field Pörner are a world leader with
     E-Mail      their Biturox® process for the production of quality bitumen. The
     Website        current trend is towards bitumen qualities of high penetration
                                   index for the construction of road surfaces of extra-long life. By
                                   the Biturex® process mixes of raw materials from refineries like
                                   short residue, vacuum gas oils, asphaltenes, extract from lube oil
                                   production, etc. can be turned into "Multigrade" bitumen by
                                   precisely controlled air oxidation. From what would normally be
                                   considered unsuitable crude oils the Biturex® process produces
                                   standard bitumen.
                                   Process know-how, the relevant application technology and
                                   experience in the right choice of equipment are the three good
                                   reasons why Pörner can build Biturex® bitumen production plants at
                                   economy prices in the shortest possible times.
19   Precht Eduard                 Property investments.
     Hr. Eduard Precht             Real Estate investments and management in central Europe.
     A-1011 Vienna                 They offer safe investments direct in commercial property including
     Landskrongasse 5/8            professional property management under Austrian control.
     Telefon +43 (0)1 535 98 29
     Fax +43 (0)1 535 98 29
20   Seele GmbH & Co. KG              Seele is a supplier for premium class construction with steel and glass.
     Mr. Arnulf Christa               SEELE stands for modern architecture using modern materials. It stands for aesthetics and
     Gutenbergstraße 19               innovation. For glass facades, glass roofs, and glass-steel constructions.
     86368 Gersthofen                 Some of our recent projects are e.g. the Greater London Authority Headquarters, the
     Telefon ++49 821 / 24 94 - 333   Seattle Central Library or the Airport Cologne/Bonn as well as the skylights at Terminal 2
     Telefax ++49 821 / 24 94 - 300   Airport Munich.
     eMail: lwoltmann@seele-
21   SPHINX FILMS INT.                Sphinx Film Int. is a film and television production company with an
     Mr. Ahmed Radwan                 extensive network of partners world-wide. The company seeks and offers
     Mr. Rainer Schober               opportunities to cooperate on international productions in the area of
     A-1120 Vienna                    feature films, television programming and commercials, including
     Rotenmühlgasse 11                financing/co-financing.
     Tel.: +43 (0)1 524 33 91
     Fax +43 (0)1 524 33 93
22   Starlinger & Co G.b.H.           Machines for Production of Woven Plastic Sacks; Plastic Recycling
     Hr. Günter Wais                  Lines
     A-1060 Vienna                    Starlinger are the world's leading producer of high-quality
     Sonnenuhrgasse 4                 machines for woven plastic sack production (coated or uncoated
     Tel.: +43 (0)1 59 9 55-220       standard sacks, Leno sacks, valve sacks, AD*STAR block bottom valve
     Fax +43 (0)1 59 9 55-25          sacks and FIBC [Big Bags]).
     E-Mail   Sacks produced on Starlinger machines are used for the safe and
     Website       low-cost packaging of various bulk goods e.g. cement, seed, grain,
                                      flour, sugar, citrus fruits, fertilizer and animal feed.
                                      Starlinger's range of products also includes plastics recycling
                                      machines (e.g. for PET bottles or fibres/filaments) and extrusion
                                      machines for special filaments (e.g. for artificial grass or carpet
                                      backing materials).
                                      Satisfied customers in over 130 countries testify to the
                                      outstanding quality of the company's products.
23   Vesely Alfred Timber-Export    Sawn timber – It is one of the leading Austrian suppliers of sawn timber
     Hr. Alfred Vesely              (like whitewood and timber) to the Middle East and to North and East
     A-1060 Vienna                  Africa. The timber is mainly for use in the building industry and is of
     Stiegengasse 5/5               high quality.
     Tel.: +43 (0)1 586 48 00 12    After sawing, the timber is transported by rail or road to Koper in
     Fax +43 (0)1 586 49 00         Slovenia where the loading base is situated. It is stored under roofed
     E-Mail      cover pending shipment and all consignments are marked with the firm’s
     Website          logo. They are inspected by a broker from the Vienna Commodity Exchange
                                    and each purchaser receives a certificate stating that the goods will be
                                    shipped in accordance with the conditions of the sales agreement.
24   Vexcel Imaging GmbH            VEXCEL Ultrasan 5000 – It is one of the leading companies in developing
     Hr. Engelberg Breg             and producing high precision mapping scanner. The Ultrascan 5000 has been
     A-8010 Graz                    sold all over the world in a high number.
     Münzgrabenstraße 11            The Ultrascan 5000 is a low cost high precision scanner with the
     Tel.: +43 (0)316 84 90 66-22   best price-performance-ratio as all other mapping scanners. The low
     Fax +43 (0)316 849 06 69       price makes high precision technology available for small and
     E-Mail    medium companies. With its full automatic Rollfilmunit the US5000
     Website       is made for stand alone production. AFR SW allows users to convert
                                    analogue film archives into digital files for a variety of film
                                    formats and oversized images including 9x18 inches and 5x92 inches.
                                    With US5000 scanner companies can do their own scanning and do not
                                    have to rely any more on outside service

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