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                                 Policy Number 6.01

POLICY: Annual paid vacations recognize accrued service, and the need staff have to
enjoy periods of rest and relaxation free from work. Regular full-time and regular part-
time staff members who are scheduled to work at least 20 hours a week, and students
who are working at Dana-Farber as part of a formal college coop, are eligible for vacation

Vacation Accrual: Staff members who are paid weekly accrue vacation from their dates
of hire. The following schedule explains how much vacation a full-time staff member
will earn each year.

All staff who have completed 15 years of service         Five weeks (or 16.6 hours/month)

Staff members in Grades 23-29                            Four weeks (or 13.3 hours/month)
All staff who have completed 7 years of service
Registered Nurses
Respiratory Therapists
Social Workers
Radiology Technologists

All other staff including co-op students                 Three weeks (or 10 hours/month)

Staff who are degreed or licensed, but who do not practice their respective professions in
patient care, or whose training and education are not prerequisites for their jobs are
eligible for three weeks vacation.

Staff members who are paid monthly do not formally accrue vacation time. They are
eligible to take 4 weeks of vacation each year. After fifteen years of service, they are
eligible to take 5 weeks of vacation each year.

Part-time Staff and Co-op Students: Staff members who work between 20 and 40
hours a week or who are co-op students will have their vacation pro-rated according to
the schedule listed for full-time staff.

Change in Status: If changed to a job that earns more vacation, or less vacation, a staff
member will begin to accrue vacation at the new rate, starting on the date of the job
change, and will carry over the vacation earned previously.

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Change in Hours: If the staff member’s hours of work are reduced, he or she will begin
to accrue pro-rated vacation time at the new rate at the beginning of the effective pay
period. If a staff member's scheduled hours of work drop below 20 hours a week, accrual
of vacation time will cease, and the staff member will be paid for their existing vacation
balance as of the effective date of the change.

Leave of Absence: Vacation may not be extended by requesting a leave-of-absence and
vacation time does not accrue during an unpaid leave-of-absence.

Guidelines for taking and reporting vacation time:

•   Earned vacation time may be used after three months of continuous employment.
•   Staff members are encouraged to take vacations of at least one week, rather then a
    few days at a time.
•   Staff members may not take more than four weeks vacation during a calendar quarter,
    unless the department head approves otherwise.
•   Staff members must have their supervisor’s permission before taking vacation.
•   Supervisors are responsible for approving vacation schedules in a way that ensures
    departmental coverage while allowing staff members to take the time they have
    available to them.
•   Staff members who are paid weekly record their time at the end of each pay period.
    Vacation time must be recorded during the pay period in which it is used.
•   If a holiday falls during vacation, the day will count as a holiday, not a used vacation
•   If a staff member becomes sick or has an emergency during vacation, he or she
    cannot substitute sick leave for vacation time, unless hospitalized as an in-patient.
•   Vacation pay includes any permanent shift premium.
•   Hours of paid vacation time are not considered hours of work for overtime
•   Staff may not take vacation days during a termination notice period, unless approved
    by a supervisor.

Vacation Pay Advance: Staff members may receive their paychecks before leaving on
vacation of they are on the weekly payroll. Staff members must request this pay in
advance to the Payroll department via email one week prior to when the advance is
needed. Vacation advances are only processed for a full pay week.

Pay in Lieu of Vacation: Staff members will not be paid in lieu of vacation.

Maximum Accrual Rate of Vacation Carry Over: The amount of vacation time,
which a staff member may carry over from one calendar year to the next, is equal to their
annual rate of accrual at the end of the calendar year. As an example, a staff member who
accrues 3 weeks, 120 hours, per year may carry over a maximum of 120 hours from one
calendar year to the next. Accrued time in excess of this amount will be forfeited at the
end of the calendar year.

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Pay at Termination: Staff members will be paid for unused vacation time upon

Vacation Pay to Beneficiaries in the Event of a Death: In the event of a staff member’s
death, accrued vacation time will be paid in the next pay period to his or her designated

Vacation Accrual, Reporting and Payout for Staff Members on the Monthly
Payroll: Staff members who are paid monthly do not formally accrue vacation time, and
are not required to report any time off. Staff members on the monthly payroll will not be
paid for any unused time when they leave the Institute. In the event that a staff member
changes from the weekly to the monthly payroll, accrual of vacation time will cease, and
the staff member will be paid for their existing vacation balance as of the effective date of
the change.

Substitution of Accrued Vacation and Floating Holidays for Sick Time: Staff
members who exhaust their accrued sick time will have any remaining absences for
sickness paid from their bank of accrued time (e.g. vacation or floating holidays). After
exhausting accrued sick time, staff members will not have an option to take unpaid sick
leave if a bank of accrued time remains and can be substituted for sick time. Floating
holidays will only be substituted in whole day increments.

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute reserves the right to amend, suspend or cancel this policy at
any time, with or without notice.

Sr. VP, Human Resources

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