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									Scrap Paper for Scrapbooking

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Learn how to store, organize and then use your scrap paper for future
scrapbook projects.

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I never throw away my scrap paper. I buy both 8x8 and 12x12 paper. I buy
both patterned paper and cardstock. When I frame a photo, I have at least
¾ of a sheet of paper left. If I cut a border for the page, I have at
least ¾ of a sheet of paper left. Even if I cut a 12x12 paper down to
8x8, I still have ¼ of a sheet left.

So what can you do with all of these scraps? One of my favorite things to
do is to cut out shapes with hole punches. I then attach the punches on
the scrapbook pages. I have hole punches that are circles, squares,
diamonds and hearts.

If you make a 6x6 album, you’ll have tons of papers just the right size.
Recipe albums make great gifts. Write or type your recipes on an index
card or any colored paper and then cut to fit the album. You’ll find you
can use many of your scraps when making these small albums.

I like putting borders on my pages. I often put a border on either the
left or the right hand side of the page. You only need a strip 12x1 or
8x1 to do this. I’ve also put a strip of paper across the middle of the
page horizontally. This requires a scrap only 1/3” thick. I make the
middle page borders very narrow.

Coluzzle makes alphabet templates. It only takes a small amount of paper
to cut out letters to attach to your pages.

Now comes the question of storage. I’ve seen folks spend hours sorting
scraps. Personally I would rather spend those hours adding new pages to
my scrapbook. A few systems that I’ve found that work are accordion style
folders. You can use a different slot for various colors. I do not sort
my paper by solids and patterns, I just pick the predominant color and
that’s where the paper gets sorted.

You can also buy sheet protectors and a 3 ring binder and sort by color
this way. Again, some folks I know sort by solids and patterns. I’ve
never taken the time to sort my scraps this way.

The final system that I know can work is the small rollaway storage
carts. I’ve seen them with 10-16 small drawers. They are very compact and
can easily be rolled into a closet or corner. With storage carts you can
also store small items like cutting templates, hole punches and scissors.

When your scraps are organized, you’ll find that you’ll use them more,
saving you money on buying new supplies.

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