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									Duvet Covers – For a Quick Bedroom Makeover

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Read how making duvet covers is easy and fun for a quick bedroom

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Duvets or comforter covers are very versatile on a bed. If you want
something that is different for your bedroom makeover, you may find
expense is an issue in fancy, unique, well made fabric. Designer labels
are pricey, especially if you aren’t shopping during a white sale. The
versatility of the duvet makes them worth having and a necessity for a
comforter. Transform an inexpensive comforter into a stylish work of art
with a unique duvet cover. Duvets are great for your kid’s rooms. As the
child grows, change out a print or pattern. A teddy bear duvet might be
good one day but you blink and he’s ready for a NASCAR print. Find
fabulous duvets online and in your favorite bedding stores.

If you can’t find exactly what you want, consider making it yourself.
Even a novice can pull this off this sewing project. The magic of Velcro
and fabric glue can also eliminate the sewing. Just think of a duvet as
a giant pillow case with some sort of closure at the end. That doesn’t
seem too hard does it? A pillow case keeps the pillow clean as you sleep
on it, and the duvet does the same thing. All types of bedding should be
soft and supple since it is next to your skin. You are going to be
making this yourself, so don’t scrimp on fabric. Find good quality fabric
in a soft cotton or blend. I love flannel on the bottom and it is
available in lovely colors and prints. It will be repeatedly washed so
look for one that is yarn dyed. You can even find two sheets on a
clearance table that are a steal. This would be the easiest because no
cutting is involved. Wash and dry either fabric or sheets before you
begin, as this will curtail shrinking disappointments down the road. If
you have not already purchased a comforter, think about how it will look
on the bed. Do you want more of an overhang on the sides or is your
partner prone to stealing the covers? If so, you might want to buy a
size that is a little larger than your size of bed. The completed
presentation might look more finished if you do so.
•     Measure your comforter and add one and a half inches to the width
and three and three fourths inches to the length allowing for seams and
hems. If you have sheets, just look at the dimensions on the package.
•     If you have chosen sheets, I would suggest not buying two of the
exact same thing. Make things more interesting by buying complementary
patterns and colors so it can be turned over for a new look. Don’t be
afraid to mix it up a little.
•     If you have chosen fabric, you must piece it together as you won’t
find fabric with the width you need. Here is where creativity comes in.
You can choose lots of matching patterns and colors and stitch them
together to make the top of your duvet, just measure how big you want
your “blocks” of fabric to be and go from there until you have enough for
the top of the duvet. If this sounds like too much work, just use one or
two fabrics and do the measuring.
•     Place the wrong sides together and stitch with a quarter inch seam
along the top sides. If a sewing machine is a foreign thing to you, there
are many types of glue on the market that will do the job as well.
•     You can create a fanciful closure by sewing large buttons at the
top, folding it over and stitching ribbons to the other side of the top.
Make sure it represents a nice fold and tie the ribbons to the buttons.
Nothing could be simpler. For a more country look, take strips of torn
fabric and stitch them where you placed the ribbons. They will fray, but
that’s the point. Your duvet cover will take on a shabbier chic look.
Let the creative side come out and makeover your bedroom in the style and
color that you choose, and save money at the same time.

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