Applied GCSE ICT – Unit 2 – ICT in Organisations

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Sample schemes of work for Applied GCSE ICT
Applied GCSE ICT – Unit 2 – ICT in Organisations

                                           Duration                        Activities                               Learning Outcomes
Content                                 (assumes 20%

Overview of this Unit – links to          1 lesson
Unit 1
                                          4 weeks         Visit organisations (See Assignments 3 and      Pupils will be able to:
2. How and why organisations                               4. These activities also provide learning        identify the characteristics of an
                                                           opportunities relevant to Unit 1 – How ICT is      organisation, that is, large/small,
                                                           used in organisations)                             simple/complex, one service/multiple
use ICT:                                                  Case studies (See Case Study, Section 4)           services
                                                          Use the school                                   with help, identify how an ICT
                                                          Discuss earlier case studies and research          system(s) could be used within the
   Identification of needs including                                                                         organisation
                                                           completed by pupils (material produced for
    the extent to which ICT will meet
                                                           Unit A could be submitted for subsequent         demonstrate an understanding of
    those needs
                                                           units)                                             how larger organisations are divided
   Explanation of the necessity for
                                                          Produce organisational diagrams                    into departments and why
    clear, accurate information for
                                                          Interviews                                       understand how different
    effective function of ICT system
                                                                                                              departments communicate and
   How to identify the information                                                                           exchange information with each
    requirements of a system, for
                                                                                                              other and with external bodies
    example, sales, production
                                                                                                            understand how organisations make
    figures, finance
                                                                                                              use of ICT to control stock, manage
   Characteristics of large                                                                                  finance, market products.
    organisations, which may be
    divided into departments, for
    example, sales, purchasing,
    finance and operations. This will
    include explanation of the need
    for an effective flow of
    information between the

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GCSE support packs                                 ICT – year plans, assignments and more

    different departments
   Communicate effectively with
    suppliers and customers
   Manage and control the
    production process
   Manage finance (payroll,
    transactions, budgeting,
    forecasting and reporting)
   Manage stock control
   Market products and services

3. The main components:                  3 weeks      Produce a pamphlet for adults just beginning    Pupils will be able to:
 Input devices, for example,                          to use ICT explaining in appropriate             identify and distinguish between the
    keyboard, mouse, scanner, bar-                     language what the main components in an            different components of an ICT
    code reader, sensor, digital                       ICT system are and the function of each of         system
    camera, web cam                                    them                                             understand and explain how different
 Output devices, for example,                        Teacher produces profile of three different        components within a system
    monitor, printer, speaker, motor                   users and their needs along with three             contribute to the overall purpose of
 Processor (CPU)                                      different hardware specs – match the two           the whole system
 Storage devices, for example,                                                                         match the needs of users in a given
    RAM, hard drive, CD, DVD,                                                                             scenario to hardware components.
    floppy disk
 Ports and cables, for example,
    parallel, serial, universal serial
    bus (USB)
 Networks – local area networks
    (LAN), wide area networks
    (WAN) – characteristics and
    security implications.
4. Matching software applications to     1 week       Extend earlier task (matching needs to spec)    Pupils will be able to:
needs:                                                 to include software needs, for example, Jo is    consider the functions within an
                                                       a student at university who needs to be able       organisation and match needs with
   Word processing, publications                      to research on the internet, produce essays,       software applications.
    and presentations                                  which contain text, graphic images and

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GCSE support packs                                  ICT – year plans, assignments and more

   Spreadsheets                                        statistical information collected
   Databases                                           (See Assignment 5)
   Multimedia
   Graphics
   Control and monitoring                4 weeks      Use previous or new case studies                   Pupils will be able to:
                                                       Assignment (Assignment 6)                           identify user needs and match
                                                                                                              hardware and software applications
5. How ICT systems are designed                                                                               to given scenarios
and implemented:                                                                                            justify choices made
   Identification of user                                                                                  test the system.
   Production of design specs
    including software applications
   Testing the system
   Implementation of the system

   Production of user                                                                                        Produce a user guide
    documentation for the system                                                                              Understand and be able to utilise the
   Evaluation of the system and its                                                                           tools within an integrated software
    implementation against user                                                                                suite
    requirements                                                                                              Evaluate their system and modify, if
   Modification, if necessary                                                                                 necessary

       Flow of information and use                 This has to be practical as far as possible, that      Students must understand certain terms
    of data flow diagrams              3 weeks      is, it requires a real situation or a definite         and functions within organisations before
                                                    scenario.                                              embarking on dataflow.
                                                           A good example as a starting point                  Internal functions – accounting,
                                                              would be your own school. Trying to                  stock control, production plans,
                                                              produce a simple dataflow diagram from               forecasting, personnel
                                                              an organisation that is familiar will make        External functions – marketing,
                                                              the concept easier. Collect                          customer services, public
                                                              documents/interview key people                       relations, purchasing
                                                           Think about a customer complaint                    Types of information –

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GCSE support packs                         ICT – year plans, assignments and more

                                                    (invent one!) Who would need to see the   operations information,
                                                    information and how would it be           purchasing information, sales
                                                    processed? Draw a flow diagram to         information
                                                    show what happens from the time the
                                                    customer writes or phones to complain

6. Assignment/portfolio time
                                 4 weeks   The assignment (based on Assignment 4) is
                                           based on a visit to a company in Hertfordshire,
                                           which manufactures industrial pumps particularly
                                           for boats. It could be adapted for other
                                           organisations but the website may be useful too

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