Vacation Scholarship Application Form School of Information

					                       Vacation Scholarship Application Form
                       School of Information Technologies/NICTA

First name:
Student ID number:                                                Year:
Email:                                                            Degree:
Mobile phone number:
Home phone number:

Reference letter attached:                  YES            /      NO

Please list the scholarship/s you wish to apply for e.g. SIT Scholarship S1 or NICTA
Scholarship N3:
(Note: If you are applying for more than one scholarship, rank them in order of your preference)



Have you received a vacation scholarship within the last two years? YES / NO

•    Provide a brief resume (no more than two pages) which outlines your previous or current research
     activities and skills, describing how your skills match the requirement of the projects you are applying for.
•    Comment on your career aspirations, particularly your research interest (no more than one page).
•    Deliver the application to reception desk on Level 2, School of IT Building, J12, addressed to Katie Yang.

                                   Any queries regarding application
                             please contact Katie Yang
                            Application will close on 16 October 2009;
                        Results will be available during mid-late October 2009