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									Introduction to FrontPage
     Basic Web Design
Training Objectives

 Understanding FrontPage
 Organizing your Web
 Creating a web page
 Using templates/themes
             Understanding FrontPage
   A Web site, or Web, is a collection of files that are linked to each other in
   some way. A Web should always have a starting point, which is called a
    Home Page, where all other files in the Web can eventually be reached.

 An example
  of a Home
    Page is
  notice the
links to other
pages within
   this Web.
         Understanding FrontPage
  FrontPage 2000 enables you to design Webs. A number of features are
common to most Webs, such as text, graphics, & links. A Hyperlink, is an
  element on a Web page that can be clicked on to bring the visitor to a
                   different location within the Web.

 A Hyperlink will
   generally be
underlined and your
 mouse pointer will
 change to a hand
  when you hover
     over the
          Organizing Your Web
 The design of your Web should be driven by the information you
want to communicate. Define your content before you spend time
on page design. You can invest a lot of time & effort in page layout
& navigation design only to discover later that your design does not
                 meet the needs of your content.
               Organizing Your Web
You should design
  for efficiency. If
the files that make
    up your Web
 download quickly,
 there is a greater
     chance that
  visitors will want
to view your Web.
 If visitors have to
   wait forever for
 the page to load,
 chances are they
 will get frustrated   In today’s world…time is of the essence!
     & move on.
                Organizing Your Web
    To retain visitor
 interest, a Web must
  possess a logical &
user-friendly navigation
structure. There are a
  number of popular
 navigation structures
 to choose from. You
should choose one that
   is relevant to the
 content of your Web.
          Organizing Your Web
Each page should use navigation in a clear and consistent manner so
                that the visitor is not overwhelmed
    Creating a Web or Web Page

  To begin creating
your new Web, from
the File menu, select
   New and Web

If you are going to
create just a single
page, from the File
menu, select New
    and Page.
     Creating a Web or Web Page

 Select Project Web
for the choices given.
      Creating a Web or Web Page
Folders from
     the side
 Toolbar. This
will give you a
  listing of all
 the pages in
  this project
web that you
   can edit or
   Creating a Web or Web Page

Select index.htm for
 the choices given.
 This is your Home
Page, double click to
 open it up and you
 can edit it any way
    you need to.
        Creating a Web or Web Page
 You will be able to
    edit text by
highlighting an area
  and typing your
    text within.

 As you can see a
 theme has been
applied to this web.
      Creating a Web or Web Page
    You can
 insert clip art
into your web
   pages, by
Picture from
  your Insert
 menu. Scroll
  to Clip Art
    and the
  toolbox will
     Creating a Web or Web Page
 The Clip Art is
 placed in the
 page. If you
 need to move
   it, you can
   move it by
  clicking and
dragging it to a
 new location.
The clip art can
also be aligned
 by using your
buttons on the
  top toolbar.
     Using Templates & Themes
Templates and wizards are available with FrontPage 2000
  to help you produce results quickly. With templates, you
 can create pages to specified layouts. Wizards consist of a
       number of steps that require information input.
FrontPage 2000 generates a Web page using the information
  provided at each step. You can apply color or themes to
   your Web as well. FrontPage 2000 has many to choose
 from, they will give your Web site a consistent, professional
                     Using Templates
 Templates come with a variety of layouts and functions. For example
   you can use a template to create a page with a search form or a
                         two-column page.

To create a Web page by
 using a template, while
 in Page view, open the
  File, New and select
   Page. The listing of
 available templates will
  be displayed, double-
   click the template of
        your choice.
                  Using Templates
 The new page is then created & displayed. Notice the contents on the
left and the sidebar on the the right. You replace the sample text in the
                       center with your own text.
                Using Themes
A large number of professionally designed themes are available in
FrontPage 2000. When a theme is applied to the Web, it creates a
       consistent look & feel across all the pages in that site.
                   Using Themes

 To use a theme for
your web page, select
 Format from your
top toolbar and scroll
  down and select
                     Using Themes
 Select a theme
 from the many
   choices that
FrontPage has to

  Remember you
  can change the
 theme at a later
time if you decide
     you want
 Experiment with the
    possibilities in
FrontPage 2000 today!

                Thank you!

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