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					NOVEMBER        2008            Wissahickon   Elementary School Lunch Menu w/ Balanced Choices

          Monday                       Tuesday                    Wednesday                    Thursday                    Friday

     All Lunches Include:     The Option to Purchase                                          Tossed Salad
    Choice of Hot or Cold      An Extra Entrée Only                                                Or                    ALL MEALS
                                                                 Balanced Choices
            Entrée             Is Available Daily For                                      Fresh Baby Carrots          ARE PROVIDED
                                                                Meals are Available
     Two Vegetable/Fruit               $1.35                                               Are Offered Daily                 BY
                                                                 Either as a Main
          Side Dishes        Students Must Order the                                        As an Alternative           CHARTWELLS
      1% Low Fat Milk         Additional Choice With                                          Choice to The           SCHOOL DINING
              Or               The Daily Meal Count                                       Hot Vegetable of the           SERVICES
                                                                An Alternate Choice
           Skim Milk                                                                               Day

3                           4                             5                                                      7
                                                                Toasted Cheese        6
     Meat Ball Sandwich           IN SERVICE DAY                   Sandwich                 Baked Ziti                Big Daddy’s Pizza
          On a Roll               NO SCHOOL FOR               Cup of Tomato Soup            Dinner Roll               Tossed Salad w/
       Seasoned Corn                STUDENTS                      Tater Gems           Seasoned Green Beans             Light Dressing
       Chilled Peaches                                            Applesauce               Chilled Pears              Chilled Pineapple
      1% Low Fat Milk                                          1% Low Fat Milk        1 % Low Fat White Milk          1 % Low Fat Milk

10                                                        12                                                     14
                            11                                                        13
                                   Smart Cheese Pizza                                  Breaded Chicken Patty
      French Toast Sticks                                      Breaded Fish Sticks                                      Personal Pizza
                                 Italian Bread Stick                                        On a Bun
    Sausage Patty, Syrup                                       Macaroni & Cheese                                      Baby Carrots w /
                                  Mixed Vegetables                                         Carrot Coins
        Hash Browns                                                Green Beans                                         Light Ranch Dip
                                      Fresh Apple                                         Fresh Orange
         Applesauce                                            Chilled Mixed Fruit                                    Chilled Pineapple
                                1% Low Fat White Milk                                    Graham Crackers
      1% Low Fat Milk                                           1% Low Fat Milk                                       1% Low Fat Milk
                                                                                      1% Low Fat White Milk

17                                                        19                                                     21
                            18                              Oven Roasted Turkey       20                           French Bread Pizza
     Hot Ham & Cheese         Breaded Baked Chicken           Mashed Potatoes          Hamburger on a Bun            Relish Tray w/
          On a Bun             Nuggets, Bread Stick          w/Gravy, Stuffing            Seasoned Corn                  Broccoli
         Tater Gems               Vegetable Rice               Peas & Carrots         Tossed Salad w/ Light          Light Ranch Dip
       Fruit Shape Up              Carrot Coins               Cranberry Sauce               Dressing                 Chilled Peaches
      1% Low Fat Milk              Chilled Pears                Orange Jello               Fresh Pear               1% Low Fat Milk
                              1% Low Fat White Milk           1% Low Fat Milk         1% Low Fat White Milk
24                          25                            26                          27                         28

     EARLY DISMISSAL             EARLY DISMISSAL               EARLY DISMISSAL               ALL SCHOOLS               ALL SCHOOLS
       NO LUNCHES                  NO LUNCHES                    NO LUNCHES                     CLOSED                    CLOSED
         SERVED                      SERVED                        SERVED

Bagel& Yogurt Fun Lunch         Pizza Dippers w/ Sauce     Grilled Chicken Caesar           Sliced Turkey on         Chef Salad w/
      Fresh Apple                 Hamburger on a Bun                Salad                     Wheat Bread              Dinner Roll
1 % Low Fat White Milk           Peanut Butter & Jelly           Fresh Apple                Pop Corn Chicken        Tuna Salad On a
 All Beef Hot Dog on a                 Sandwich            1% Low Fat White Milk          Peanut Butter& Jelly         Wheat Bun
          Bun                                              Ham& Cheese on a Roll                Sandwich          Peanut Butter & Jelly
  Peanut Butter &Jelly                                      Peanut Butter & Jelly                                       Sandwich
        Sandwich                                                  Sandwich
                             Parents are Reminded to
         Celebrate          Visit the My NutriKids.Com       For Any Questions            Remember to Always
     American Education       Website to Review Your            Pertaining To               Start Your Day
           Week                 Child’s Point of Sale      Food Service Matters             With A Healthy
      November 17-21        Account or to Make Online          Please Contact                 Breakfast
                            Payments. Please note that    The Food Service Office
                                  Checks and Cash         215 619-8112 ext 2909
                                 Are Still Accepted