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1      NAME

The Association shall be called Yorkshire Regional Netball Association (hereinafter called
the Region) This is a regional division of the All England Netball Association Limited
(herein after called England Netball) and shall operate under the name, Netball Yorkshire.

2      OBJECTS

2.1    To implement the policies and procedures formulated by England Netball and be
       responsible for the administrative plans for growth and development of the game in
       the Region in line with plans and strategies approved by the Regional Management
2.2    To serve as a forum to co-ordinate activities within the Region, to organise regional
       competitions, to arrange technical courses, tests and co-ordinate talent
2.3    To elect/nominate representatives from the Region to serve on National
2.4    To support the growth and development of facilities for the game of netball within
       the Region.
2.5    To charge such subscriptions and offer such rights and privileges as may be
       determined from time to time by the Regional Management Board.


3.1    The Region shall comprise the geographical area of the Netball Counties of
       Humberside, North Yorkshire, South Yorkshire and West Yorkshire (herein after,
       called the Regional Boundary).

3.2    The members of the Region shall be:

       3.2.1 Each County Netball Association within the Regional Boundary.

       3.2.2 Each first claim club affiliated to England Netball, through a County Netball
       Association, within the Regional Boundary.

       3.2.3 Each school paying the higher rate schools membership fee to England
       Netball, within the Regional Boundary.


4.1    The business of the region shall be managed by a Regional Management Board

4.2    The RMB will comprise a minimum of five and a maximum of ten individuals
       elected by the members who must be registered participants of England Netball,
       together with two individuals appointed by the RMB who may or may not be in
       membership of England Netball.
4.3    The Regional Management Board shall comprise:

       a) Voting Members

          Chair
          Treasurer
          Up to 2 elected persons
          Up to 2 members appointed by the RMB.
          The Chairman or a representative from each constituent County

       For the avoidance of doubt, all voting members of the RMB shall not be full-time
       employees of England Netball.

       b) Non Voting Members

       The Regional Manager is a co-opted non-voting member and shall attend all

4.4    Minutes of meetings will be taken by the Regional Administrator (non-voting).

4.5    The RMB may from time to time allocate certain areas of responsibility to members
       of the Regional Management Board.

4.6    The Chairman shall:

       4.5.1   Chair all meetings of the RMB.
       4.5.2   Be responsible for the conduct of the RMB in managing the affairs of the
       4.5.3   Co-ordinate the work of the RMB.
       4.5.4   Be entitled to attend any meeting of the Technical Support Groups of the
       4.5.5   Oversee the preparation of the annual report, by the Regional Manager, for
               submission to England Netball.

4.7    The Treasurer shall;

       4.6.1   Be responsible for providing financial advice to the Region.
       4.6.2   Oversee the production of annual accounts.
       4.6.3   Contribute to the preparation of an annual budget based on strategic and
               operational plans prepared by the Regional Manager.
       4.6.4   Be responsible for the preparation and monitoring of quarterly operating
               statements against budget figures.

4.8    At the Annual General Meeting in each year all members of the RMB shall retire and be
       eligible for re-election in accordance with this constitution.

4.9    The RMB may fill any vacancy that may occur during the year.

4.10   Each member of the RMB (except the Regional Manager) will have one vote. In the
       event of a tie of votes on any item of business, the chair shall have a (further) casting

4.11   A post on the RMB may be vacated if:

       4.11.1 The member concerned resigns their post by notice to the RMB.
       4.11.2 They are absent for more than three consecutive meetings, without justifiable

       4.11.3 They are requested to resign by a vote of the RMB.

4.12   RMB members and representatives of the RMB may be reimbursed by the Region, at
       England Netball rates, for travel, accommodation and other expenses incurred by them in
       connection with meetings of the RMB or other events or business approved by the RMB


5.1    The principle role of the RMB is set out in clause 2 above whilst also engaging with the
       constituent Counties to formulate and implement plans responding to the specific needs
       of the game within the Region.

5.2    The RMB will work with the England Netball regional staff who will prepare and submit a
       budget to England Netball to deliver national targets according to regional needs and will
       be accountable to the England Netball Board of Directors for the use of England Netball
       funds in achieving these targets

5.3    The Region will provide direction, support and guidance to regional and sub-regional
       sporting partnerships to ensure that the overall policies and strategies for the
       development of the game are communicated consistently and effectively to regional
       partners and that any additional funding opportunities within the region are identified and
       secured by the Regional Manager and used in line with regional priorities.

5.4    The RMB shall submit an annual report, prepared by the Regional Manager, and
       independently examined accounts of the Region, to England Netball on significant
       national activities held at Regional level.

5.5    The RMB may, at the request of England Netball, nominate appropriate individuals to
       serve on any national standing, working or technical committees established by England

5.6    The RMB may establish Technical Support Groups as may be deemed necessary and
       determine their membership and terms of reference.


6.1    Members would consider and vote on nominations received (against the published job
       description/person specification) for:
        Chair
        Treasurer
        Two elected persons

       RMB may request that new nominations should be accompanied by a curriculum vitae
       highlighting appropriate experience. Appointments would be by a simple majority vote.
       Nomination forms will be circulated to the England Netball member clubs within the
       Region by the Regional Administrator and completed forms must be returned to the
       Board within twenty eight days of the Annual General Meeting of the Region.

6.2    Only fully paid up England Netball registered participants from the constitution Counties
       of the Region can be nominated.

       At the first meeting following the Region's AGM each year, the RMB shall decide who
       shall be the two appointed individuals on the Board.

7.1   The Annual General Meeting shall be held on a date to be determined by the RMB.

7.2   The date of the Annual General Meeting shall be fixed and reported not less than forty
      two days prior to the date of such meeting and the agenda and motions shall be
      circulated not less than twenty-one days prior to the meeting to each member of the RMB
      and to each England Netball voting member within the Region.
      The Secretary to the RMB (normally the Regional Administrator) will be responsible for
      circulating notices to each member of the RMB and to each constituent County Secretary
      for circulation to their relevant member Clubs and Schools.

7.3   The Chair of the Region or (failing her/him) a member of the RMB present at the meeting
      shall act as Chair of each General meeting.

7.4   Business to be transacted at the Annual General Meeting shall be:

      a) To receive a report from the RMB (to include the work of each Technical Support
      b) To elect those members of the Regional Management Board who have been
         nominated in accordance with clause 6 above, each of whom shall hold office to the
         earlier of
         a) The next Annual General Meeting or b) In accordance with clause 4.11 above.
      c) To consider any proposed resolution submitted in writing to the Secretary not less
         than twenty-eight days before the date of the General Meeting, which has been
         proposed by one Regional member and seconded by another Regional member.
      d) To approve the annual subscriptions for the following year.
      e) To receive and approve the accounts for the last financial year (which shall end on
         31st August).
      f) To consider any proposed alterations to this constitution of the Region.

7.5   An Extra-Ordinary General Meeting may be convened at any time on twenty-one days'

      a) By order of the RMB.
      b) Upon written request from twelve or more members entitled to vote at a General
         Meeting, stating the purpose for which the meeting is required and setting out any
         resolution that it is desired to propose.
      c) Such meeting shall be convened by the Regional Administrator within twenty-eight
         days from receiving the request.

7.6   The following shall be entitled to attend, speak and vote at General Meetings of the

      a) Each member of the RMB may attend and speak but may not vote unless they are
         within 7.6.b.
      b) One representative from each member of the Region, as set out in 3.2 above, who
         must be a registered participant of the club or an employee of the school or an office
         holder of the County Netball Association.

7.7   The following shall be entitled to attend and speak at a General Meeting but shall not be
      entitled to vote.

      a) The Regional Manager
      b) Any other person determined by the RMB from time to time.
7.8    Voting procedure at General Meetings shall be as follows:

       7.8.1   Each person entitled to attend and vote shall be permitted to cast no more than
               one vote on each resolution.
       7.8.2   No proxy voting will be allowed
       7.8.3   No postal voting will be allowed

7.9    A simple majority of those present and entitled to vote shall be required to pass any
       resolution. The Chairman of the meeting shall have a second and/or casting vote in the
       case of an equality of votes.

7.10   No business shall be transacted at any General meeting unless a quorum of eight voting
       members are present.


8.1     Members of the RMB shall be indemnified by the Region against all reasonable costs
       and losses which she/he may incur or sustain in relation to the proper and lawful
       execution of the duties of her/his office, or by reason of any duty properly performed for or
       with the authority of the RMB.


9.1    If any dispute shall arise on the interpretation of this Constitution or the need arises to
       deal with any matter not provided for in this Constitution, reference shall be made to the
       Chairman of the RMB who shall refer the same to the RMB, whose decision shall be
       binding on all parties.


10.1   Following an appropriate investigation by an appointed Investigation Committee,
       the RMB shall have the power to discipline in such a manner as the RMB thinks fit,
       but subject to 10.2 below, any member who has been guilty of conduct considered
       by the RMB to be disgraceful or prejudicial to the interests of the Region or the
       game of Netball. The power to discipline shall include power to suspend or remove
       a member from membership of the Region. On receipt of notification of facts or
       circumstances that a member may have been guilty of such conduct, the RMB shall
       have the power to –

          a)     Appoint and constitute an Investigation Committee
          b)    Appoint and constitute a Disciplinary Committee
          c)    Appoint and constitute an Appeals Committee
          d)    Make such terms of reference and regulations as it considers necessary
                for the conduct and proceedings of such an Investigation or Disciplinary

10.2   A member who has been the subject of a disciplinary action has the right to appeal
       to an Appeals Committee. The Appeals Committee may affirm, vary, or rescind any
       action decided by the Disciplinary Committee and substitute therefore any other
       decision as it, in its absolute discretion, considers appropriate.
       The decision of the Appeals Committee shall be final and binding on all parties.

     In the event of dissolution, any assets remaining after satisfaction of all debts and
     liabilities shall be dealt with in a manner to be determined by resolution of a General
     Meeting so as to promote the objects of the Region or of some organisation with kindred
     aims, which further and develop amateur sport. In the event of there being a deficit, the
     General Meeting shall decide how it should be met.