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									To all supporters of our campaign: Persimmon plc is the main developer hoping to build the 10,000 houses in the
Stevenage green belt and set out below is a list of their shareholders who each have over £250,000 invested.
We are asking you to write to as many as possible and give your views on the company’s activity. Advice received
from a top planning QC is that their plans are contrary to the latest government planning policies.
You might ask why Persimmon have invested thousands of pounds speculating on a venture that they knew was
unlikely to come to fruition because they had advance warning of changes in government planning policy. Also
why they are risking the good name of the company by promoting building in the green belt on such a massive
The largest shareholder is Prudential, with £40 million invested. You might ask Prudential whether they consider
their investment to be ethical and say that you are reluctant to conduct your personal business with any of their
associated companies such as ‘Egg’ while they continue to support Persimmon.
The file is set up as mail merge labels so if you put in Avery l 160 A4 label sheets ( 3 labels across, 7 down, 1.5
inches high by 2.5 inches wide), you can print off as many as you want.
We must stress that direct action against any of these shareholders would be harmful to our campaign.
Thank you for your support – please also see our naming competition.

Albany International Assurance Ltd       Albany Life Assurance Company Ltd       Mrs J M Allen
St Mary's The Parade                     Metropolitan House                      Lingfield Cottage
Castletown                               3 Darkes Lane                           Cattal
Isle of Man     IM9 1RJ                  Potters Bar      EN6 1AJ                York      YO5 8EB

Allsec Nominees Ltd                      AMP (MSS) Nominees Ltd
                                                                                 The Bank of New York Nominees Ltd
Meadow House                             Mariner House
                                                                                 3 Birchin Lane
64 Reform Street                         Pepys Street
                                                                                 London      EC3V 9BY
Dundee        DD1 1TJ                    London        EC3N 4DA

Bank of Scotland Branch Nominees                                                 BDS Nominees Ltd
                                         Barclays Share Nominees Ltd
Ltd                                                                              Commercial Union House
                                         54 Lombard Street
132 Rose Street                                                                  39 Pilgrim Street
                                         London        EC3P 3AH
Edinburgh       EH2 3JD                                                          Newcastle upon Tyne     NE1 6RQ

                                         BNY GIL Client Account Nominees         Mrs C M Braka
Beegas Nominees Ltd
                                         Ltd                                     Lilburn Tower
67 Lombard Street
                                         3 Birchin Lane                          Alnwick
London        EC3P 3DL
                                         London        EC3B 9BY                  Northumberland 8AN
                                 British Coal Staff Superannuation
Brewin Nominees Ltd              Scheme                              Britel Fund Nominees Ltd
5 Giltspur Street                Nominees Ltd                        67 Lombard Street
London      EC1A 9BD             Woolgate House, Coleman Street      London    EC3P 3DL
                                 London     EC2P 2HD

BT Globenet Nominees Ltd         Buckmore Nominees Ltd
                                                                     Camomile Nominees Ltd
PO Box 12274                     Char Beaufort House
                                                                     1 Legg Street
Bankers Trust Company            15 St Botolph Street
                                                                     Chelmsford      CM1 1JS
Worldmarkets House, Crewe Toll   London     EC3A 7JJ
Edinburgh     EH4 2ZP

Canons Nominees Ltd              Capel-Cure Myers Nominees Ltd       Chase Nominees Ltd
336 Hays Lane House              The Registry                        Woolgate House
1 Hays Lane                      Royal Mint Court                    Coleman Street
London      SE1 2HA              London     EC3N 4EY                 London    EC2P 2HD
City of Bradford District Council   City of Edinburgh Council       Clydesdale Bank (Head Office)
                                                                    Nominees Ltd
Investments Section                 City Chambers
                                                                    30 St Vincent Place
Britannia House, Hall Ings          High Street
                                                                    Glasgow      G1 2HL
Bradford     BD1 1HX                Edinburgh      EH1 1YJ

C O Nominees Ltd                    The Corporation of Lloyds       Cricket Nominees Ltd
1 Legg Street                       Gun Wharf Dock Road             1 Legg Street
Chelmsford      CM1 1JS             Chatham       ME4 4TU           Chelmsford       CM1 1JS

Mrs D W Davenport                   Mr M P Farlet                   Mr R J Fawcett
Knayton Lodge                       Manor Barn                      High Curragh House
Knayton                             Main Road Fawlet                Ampleforth
Thirsk     YO7 4AU                  Chipping Norton       OX7 3AH   York     YO6 4DX

Ferlim Nominees Ltd                 Frank Nominees Ltd              Gallus Nominees Ltd
2 Gresham Street                    PO Box 191                      2 Gresham Street
London     EC2V 7QN                 10 Fenchurch Street             London       EC2V 7QN
                                    London        EC3M 3LB

Mrs D M Garland                     Greenwood Nominees Ltd          Hambros Bank Nominees Ltd
Cawton Cottage                      8 Telegraph Street              41 Tower Hill
Cawton                              London        EC2R 7AR          London      EC3M 4HA
York      YO62 4LN

Head Nominees Ltd                   Mrs N J James                   James Capel Nominees Ltd

1 Legg Street                       Lilburn Tower                   Thames Exchange

Chelmsford      CM1 1JS             Alnwick                         10 Queen Street Place
                                    NE66 4PQ                        London      EC4R 1BL

J M Finn Nominees Ltd               Mr H N Keswick                  Mr D A Kitching
Salisbury House                     3 Lombard Street                The Homestead, The Holme
London Wall                         London        EC3V 9AQ          Birstwith Road
London     EC2M 5TA                                                 Harrogate       HG3 2PP
Lord Lambton                   Littledown Nominees Ltd       Lloyds Bank Nominees Ltd
Biddick Hall                   Woolgate House                Lloyds Bank Securities Services
Lambton Park                   Coleman Street                Hays Lane House
Chester le Street              London      EC2P 2HD          1 Hays Lane
DH3 4PH                                                      London      SE1 2HA

Lloyds Bank (Stock Exchange    Mathesons Nominees Ltd        M&G Group (Lombard St)
Branch)                                                      Nominees Ltd
                               St Helens
Nominees Ltd                                                 1 Legg Street
                               1 Undershaft
Hays Lane House, 1 Hays Lane                                 Chelmsford      CM1 1JS
                               London      EC3A 8JX
London      SE1 2HA

Ms D H Millar                  Mineworkers' Pension Scheme   Morstan Nominees Ltd
                               Nominees Ltd
18 Davieland Road                                            25 Cabot Square
                               Woolgate House
Gifnock                                                      Canary Wharf
                               Coleman Street
Glasgow        G46 7LA                                       London      E14 4QA
                               London      EC2P 2HD

MSS Nominees Ltd               MSTC Nominees Ltd             Network Nominees (Seven) Ltd
Mariner House                  PO Box 17447                  PO Box 12274
Pepys Street                   London      E14 4UE           Bankers Trust Company
London     EC3N 4DA                                          World Markets House, Crew Toll
                                                             Edinburgh       EH4 2ZP

Mrs J M Newitt                 Northern & Midland Nominees   Nortrust Nominees Ltd
The Stone House                                              155 Bishopsgate
                               Royal Liver Building
Cawton                                                       London      EC2M 3XS
                               Liverpool      L3 1NY
York      YO6 4LW

Nutraco Nominees Ltd           Pensionskassernes Admin       Pershing Keen Nominees Ltd

67 Lombard Street              C/O Singer & Friedlander      Capstan House
                               Investment Management Ltd
London     EC3P 4DL                                          1 Clove Crescent
                               21 New Street                 East India Dock
                               Bishopsgate                   London      E14 2BH
                               London    EC2M 4HR
Phildrew Nominees Ltd          Pilgrim Nominees Ltd          Popeshead Nominees Ltd
Triton Court                   Commercial Union House        1 Legg Street
14 Finsbury Square             5 Giltspur Street             Chelmsford      CM1 1JS
London      EC2A 1PD           London      EC1A 9BD
Possfund Nominees Ltd             PPM Client Nominees Ltd       Productive Nominees Ltd

67 Lombard Street                 Mariner House                 Broadwalk House

London       EC3P 3DL             Pepys Street                  5 Appold Street
                                  London     EC3N 4DA           London     EC2A 2DA

Prudential Nominees Ltd           R B S T B Nominees Ltd        RC Greig Nominees Ltd
Mariner House                     67 Lombard Street             155 St Vincents Street
Pepys Street                      London     EC3P 3DL           Glasgow       G2 5NN
London       EC3N 4DA

RLAM Nominees Ltd                 Robert Fleming Nominees Ltd   Rock Nominees Ltd
67 Lombard Street                 25 Copthall Avenue            25 Luke Street
London       EC3P 3DL             Londonn     EC2R 7DR          London       EC2A 4AR

Schroder Nominees Ltd             Sharelink Nominees Ltd        Stanlife Nominees Ltd

120 Cheapside                     1 Cannon House                Woolgate House

London       EC2V 6DS             24 The Priory                 Coleman Street
                                  Queensway                     London     EC2P 2HD
                                  Birmingham       B4 6BS

Stargas Nominees Ltd              Statestreet Nominees Ltd      Talbot Nominees Ltd
C/O Citibank                      1 Canada Square               1 Legg Street
11 Old Jewry                      London         E14 5AF        Chelmsford
London       EC2R 8DB                                           Essex     CM1 1JS

Mr B D Taylor                     Thistle Nominees Ltd          Tudor Nominees Ltd
39 St Johns Road                  63 St Mary Axe                Clock House
Driffield                         London         EC3A 8AA       Dogflud Way
North Humberside       YO25 7RS                                 Farnham       GU9 7UL

Vidacos Nominees Ltd              Mr John White                 Willbro Nominees Ltd

336 Strand                        Ashdown House                 PO Box 515

London         WC2R 1HB           Oundle Road, Polebrook        6 Broadgate
                                  Oundle                        London     EC2M 2RP
                                  Peterborough      PE8 5LN
Willstock Nominees Ltd   Yorbank Nominees Ltd
67 Lombard Street        20 Merrion Way
London     EC3P 3DL      Leeds   LS2 8NZ

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