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									                          Aberdeen Lacrosse Club
                               Registration Form 08/09

Full Name

Post Code
Date of Birth
School (If applicable)
Contact Details

Medical Conditions

(Under 18’s only)**

** If you are under 18 years of age we ask that your parent/guardian signs this registration
form in acknowledgement of the fact that they are happy for you to play for Aberdeen
Lacrosse Club.

Please complete and return this form on or before 1st September 2008 and bring it along to
training with either:

   a) Your full subscription fees or
   b) Your first instalment of your subscription fees

Cheques should be made payable to ‘Aberdeen Lacrosse Club’

Alternatively post the completed form and cheque to Rebecca Lovie, 43 Whitehall Place,
Aberdeen, AB25 2RH by the same date.
                           Aberdeen Lacrosse Club
                                 Subscription Details
Please note anyone wishing to play for Aberdeen Lacrosse Club must be registered with
Lacrosse Scotland Limited, which the Club takes care of for all players. Subscription for
Aberdeen Lacrosse Club includes:

     1. Individual registration with Lacrosse Scotland (including limited insurance cover).
     2. Cost of indoor training sessions at Aberdeen Grammar School. (This was
        previously collected as a weekly charge but is now requested as part of your
        subscription to ease administration).
     3. For over 18’s only – a further charge to become a member of AGSFP Club Centre,
        86 Queen’s Road, Aberdeen. This does not apply to our under 18 players as the
        AGSFP Club Centre is a licensed premises. All our adult players must be members
        of the AGSFP Club Centre as per our agreement with them, which allows us to use
        the Club Centre as our ‘club house’ for hosting opposition teams and any social

Subscription Fees for Lacrosse 2008/09

Rate      Membership Type                       Info Only                     Amount Due
                                Lacrosse Fee (1 & 2) Club Centre Fee (3)         Total
 1       Adult, Over 25               £40.00               £40.00               £80.00
 2       Adult, Under 25              £40.00               £20.00               £60.00
 3       Youth, Under 18              £40.00                 -                  £40.00

Note 1     Players should pay the figure that applies to them from the bold ‘Amount Due’
Note 2     Fees are due at the start of each season. The individual can choose to pay in
           one lump sum on or before 1 September (or see Note 3).
Note 3     Fees may be paid in two equal instalments if the individual prefers. The first
           instalment must be paid by 1 September and the second instalment by 30
Note 4     Existing members of AGSFP Club Centre should pay the ‘Lacrosse Fee’ only.
Note 5     Existing members of Aberdeen Lacrosse Club are members of the Club Centre
           until December 2008. The Club Centre fees collected now are to cover the next
           year’s membership which will run from 1 January 2009 to 31 December 2009
           and then annually thereafter.
Note 6     The only other charges made will be £2.00 per home game or outdoor training
           session payable on the day to the ‘designated fee collector’ and a small
           contribution (to be determined as required) for away matches and tournaments.
           The committee will keep players up to date on this.
Note 7     Although Lacrosse Scotland provides Aberdeen Lacrosse Club with limited
           insurance; the Club is also registered with the English Lacrosse Association who
           also offers a limited insurance policy. Players are encouraged to register on the
           ELA website www.englishlacrosse.co.uk as members of Aberdeen Lacrosse
           Club to access this additional insurance cover. You will also receive Lacrosse
           Talk magazine as a registered member of the ELA.
                                  Other Useful Information
Key Contact Details for 2008/09

Secretary                          Rebecca Lovie                       07968 702876
Treasurer                          Duncan Laidlaw                      07808 976311
Youth Manager                      Fiona Samson                        07763 377917
Mixed Manager                      Tracey Rennie                       07837 579329
Men’s Manager                      Phil Smart                          07802 501889
Child Protection Officer           Pete Moon                           07877 349450

Child Protection Policy
We are currently preparing our Child Protection Policy. If you have any questions on this or require
to see a copy, please contact Pete Moon in the first instance.

Your Contact Details (and Emergency Contact Details)
As and when these change please let Rebecca Lovie know as soon as possible so the Club’s
records can be amended accordingly.

Pop and field lacrosse sticks are available for members to borrow from Aberdeen Lacrosse Club.
If you are interested in purchasing your own equipment please contact Rebecca Lovie.

Mouthguards are compulsory for all field lacrosse training sessions and matches. You will
not be allowed on the pitch without one so please ensure you have one.

Indoor training sessions will take place weekly during term time at Aberdeen Grammar School on
Monday evenings. There is no charge for members as this is included in your subscription fees.

Primary (age 8 upwards)                            6.00pm-7.00pm                Pop Lacrosse
Secondary (age 15 and under)                       7.00pm-8.00pm                Field Lacrosse
Adult (age 16 upwards)                             8.00pm-9.00pm                Field Lacrosse

Outdoor training sessions (and home matches) will take place at Harlaw Academy Playing Fields,
Groats Road on Sunday mornings for field lacrosse players only. Sessions will not take place
every week due to matches. There will be a charge of £2.00 per session payable on the day.

Matches & Tournaments
Lacrosse Scotland has organised some friendly matches for the mixed lacrosse team to compete
in this season. There are also a number of tournaments throughout the year that we hope to enter.
Anybody aged 12 or over can participate in these matches if they feel confident. Teams will be
organised by Tracey Rennie.

The Granite City Gladiators men’s lacrosse team is currently run jointly by Aberdeen Lacrosse
Club and Aberdeen University Men’s Lacrosse Club. Anybody members interested in playing
men’s lacrosse should contact Phil Smart for details.

We hope to enter an Aberdeen under 15 girls lacrosse team into some schools events this year.
We will also enter some mixed pop lacrosse teams into a number of events this year. Teams will
be organised by Fiona Samson.

A fixtures list will be issued as soon as possible, including Sunday training details.

The committee meets regularly at the AGSFP Club Centre to take care of the ongoing
administration and organising of the Club’s activities. Feel free to approach any of the Committee
Members (see above) if you have any questions, or to volunteer your assistance.

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