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									3 Quick and Easy Steps to Time Management Mastery

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Discover 3 Quick and Easy Steps to Time Management Mastery

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Time management is one of the least-mastered and most-desired skills in
out fast-paced modern world. Time management truly is critical to
becoming successful, doing everything you want to, and achieving ultimate

What do you need to do to DOUBLE your time management ability?

Do these things NOW:

1)    Eliminate time wasters in your life. Time wasters are things that
interrupt you and you spend time doing, but you wouldn’t have chosen to
do them given the choice. Eliminating these time wasters is critical for
time management:

•     Email---If you are spending more than 30 minutes per day on email
(unless that is your business) you are spending too much!

•     Telephone---If you answer the phone live more than 5 times per day
during your productive time (work, work at home, etc.) you are
sacrificing time management and efficiency. When you answer the phone,
you interrupt your current productive flow and this kills your

•     Television---This must be limited for you to achieve ultimate
control over your time. My recommendation is 30 minutes per day,
especially if you are not getting all the things done you need or want

2)    Make a list of what is genuinely important in your life and just
start doing the    things on your list. One of the keys to time
management is prioritization---you absolutely must know what you want to
accomplish and then go do it. Today’s world has too many distractions
and when you allow those distractions to become priority, you sacrifice
time management. Follow these steps:

•    Make of list of what you want to accomplish

•    Set time frames for accomplishing each item
•    Organize each item in order of importance

•     Create a game plan for achieving each of your goals in its
respective time frame

3)    Begin to focus on time management throughout the course of the day.
Your consistent focus must be on managing your time. Once you have
determined your goals and your priorities, start focusing on simply
getting those things done. If something isn’t on your goals list for
this week—don’t do it until all your goals are done. When you prioritize
every interruption that occurs and put your goals last, you will not
accomplish your goals. Instead, you will be a slave (as you probably are
now) to interruptions and probably feel like you never accomplish enough.

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