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									Sexologist and Marriage Counselling
Bear in mind the positive aspects of getting older, taking part in activities, that you enjoy, and

trying to live with no resposibility, is supposed to be an enjoyable one for you.

When you get to fifty years, and older, try stay mentally active, make a point of learning new

ideas, each day, face up to challenges, and, be physically active too.

Develop, your spiritual and religious sides. Focus on positive, and open communication,

with your partner. This will ensure both of you, that you are, emotionally intimate which in

turn will lead to an enhanced sex-life.

Never think you are too old, for sex. Occasionally, do impressive, or romantic gestures, like

open a bottle of wine, and spend the day in bed, get to know your partner all over again.

Make a decision to remain sensual and sexually active. Do sensual things together, such as

sharing a bath, or, pay each other compliments, make the person in your life feel special.

Stay fit. Live and eat healthy, you will feel energetic, and full of life. Don't use tiredness, as

an excuse, for not having sex. Even, when you are tired, engage in intercourse, you will feel

better afterwards. Take care of yourself, in this way, one can have a good life sexually, and


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