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									Readme File
Version 5.5c (SP2)

This document lists the changes made to this release of PanaPRO. Fixes are listed first, followed by a list of files that will be
installed with the release.

For more information, contact the CIM Support Hotline at (847) 495-6200.

For detailed instructions on how to use PanaPRO features, refer to the PanaPRO Reference Manual or online help.

To install this service pack:

1. Double click the file “v5.5_SP2.exe” and extract the files to the path of your PFAUSER directory (i.e. j:\Pfauser).
     The files that have been modified for this service pack will be replaced.

2. If you are running an SQL backend and collect trade data, navigate to your pfaprog\panapro folder and double
   click on the file “Post5.5SP2.exe”.

After the files have been extracted, a compress and reindex is recommended. From the ProManager Utilities menu, select
Compress and Re-index Files. In addition, it is recommended that Verify Integrity option from the Utilities menu also be

Changes and Enhancements
At a Glance (summary)
 1      20033                      Speed Settings for CM402
 2        20429                    Data Archival for Mount Log
 3        20642, 20669 and         Customization Code on HT132
 4        20921                    Component Fiducial Output Count Parameter
 5        20444                    Optimizer Supports Nozzle Editor Exclusions
 6        20531 and 20725          Nozzle Setups Preserved
 7        20601                    Nozzle Editor Runs on Windows NT
 8        20962                    Board Viewer Displays Correct Part Rotations
 9        20923                    Component Fiducial Values Match
 10       20930                    Machine Files Using Stick Feeders
 11       19117                    Add New Part” Option
 12       20773                    Filter Chooser Option
 13       19559                    3VS Nozzle Support
 14       20372 and 20380          Shape Editor Runs on Windows NT
 15       19437                    PT200 Quantity
 16       20450                    CVT Supports CM212
 17       20475                    CVT Component Traceability Report
 18       20646                    Deleting Mixes from Local Area
 19       20689, 20957 and         Prevent Unnecessary Flush
 20      20902, 20927,         Trace Log/Mount Log Processing
 21      20906                 Current Feeder Setup Updates
 22      20907                 Scanner Wait States and LMNC Connection
 23      20943                 Multiple Automatic Changeovers
 24      20944 and 20960       Automatic Changeover after Publishing
 25      20933 and 20951       Published Mixes Include Current Products
 26      20979                 Mount Log Processing Faster
 27      20987                 dBase Installations Support “Configure PT200” Client
 28      20988 and 20970       MAI File Downloading
 29      20989                 Flush Failure and Changeover Restart
 30      20993                 Uploading During Automatic Changeover
 31      21002                 Unnecessary Changeover Eliminated
 32      21021                 MAI Comparison Tool Enhanced
 33      12213                 DB Update Can Ignore Unrecognized Fields
 34      20720                 Shape Length Updated


Speed Settings for CM402
Incident: 20033
CM402 machines now have three speed options: High Speed 1, High Speed 2, and Standard. The default option is
Standard. To set the machine for High Speed 1, the control board of the machine and firmware for High Speed 1 must be
installed. To set the machine for High Speed 2, the control board of the machine and firmware for High Speed 2 must be
installed. Speed options no longer show for CM201/202/301, CM602/400/212, and DT400/401 machines.

Data Archival for Mount Log
Incident: 20429
Mount Log tables can now be archived to ensure that large log files do not degrade performance.

Double click on the Data Maintenance icon for the machine for which you want to archive data.

Customization Code on HT132
Incident: 20642, 20669 and 20875
The Customization Code control appears on the Machine Setup page for HT132 machines. The code allows the machine to
use the “(” character in a part name. This character in the Shape Code name is no longer replaced with the “-” character.
The Customization Code that enables the “(” character is 1. A firmware update is required for the HT132 machine to
support this feature.

Component Fiducial Output Count Parameter
Incident: 20921
The parameter "Component Fiducial Output Count" has been added to Mix Editor Defaults for modular machines in
ProManager, allowing the default value to be set for new product mixes.
Mix Editor

Optimizer Supports Nozzle Editor Exclusions
Incident: 20444
Individual head spindle or nozzle stocker locations can be disabled in the Nozzle Editor. This prevents the optimizer from
using a location in event of a problem, such as a broken nozzle or other mechanical failure.

Nozzle Setups Preserved
Incident: 20531 and 20725

Nozzle Setups can be saved even if they are not dedicated. This makes it easier to create effective setups because you can
return to a previous setup for editing if desired. Nozzle setups had been saved only if there were dedications.

Nozzle Editor Runs on Windows NT
Incident: 20601
The Nozzle Editor now runs properly on Windows NT.

Board Viewer Displays Correct Part Rotations
Incident: 20692
Board Viewer in Mix Editor now displays correct part rotations by taking CAD values to reflect the proper rotations.

Component Fiducial Values Match
Incident: 20923
Component fiducial counts match in PositionData and RecognitionMark sections, fixing a problem with component fiducials
on CM402 machines.

Machine Files Using Stick Feeders
Incident: 20930
For all stick feeders (1, 2, or 3 lanes), the output file has had its slot number synchronized with the actual feeder location in
Mix Editor.

Part Editor

“Add New Part” Option
Incident: 19117
The Add New Part option appears on the menu when you right-click on a part or library in the grid. This makes it faster to
add new parts to a part library.
Filter Chooser Option
Incident: 20773
The Filter Chooser option in the View menu of the Component Editor no longer causes errors.

Shape Editor

3VS Nozzle Support
Incident: 19559
HT machines support 3VS nozzles in Shape Editor for both Short Side(S) and Long Side(L) values.

Shape Editor Runs on Windows NT
Incident: 20372 and 20380
Data refresh problem that causes Shape Editor to crash has been resolved in Window NT.

Process Manager

PT200 Quantity
Incident: 19437
Feeder quantity no longer sets to 0 if using the CVT option “Automatic quantity from PT200 parts library.”
CVT Supports CM212
Incident: 20450
CVT and Process Manager support CM212 machines and tray-based setups. Setup shows the correct Z numbers for rear-
right tray (22001-22020) and rear-left tray (42001-42020).

CVT Component Traceability Report
Incident: 20475

The CVT Component Traceability Report does not display Reference Designator information; the Include Reference
Designator Info checkbox is now disabled.

Deleting Mixes from Local Area
Incident: 20646

Process Manager no longer displays errors when deleting mix or CVT files from the Local Mixes Area.

Prevent Unnecessary Flush
Incident: 20689, 20957, and 20961
The flush process has been optimized to prevent flush from occurring unless the product in a mix that has been
regenerated is currently running on the first machine in a line. For instance, if a mix contains two products, A and B, and
product A is running on the first machine in the line, the flush process only occurs if the product A mix has been
republished and needs to be downloaded to the machine. Flush will not occur if product B in the mix has been regenerated
and republished. The mix can be downloaded to update product B without affecting the machines running product A. When
product B is ready to run on the line, the normal changeover process is triggered, not the flush process.

Trace Log/Mount Log Processing
Incident: 20902, 20927, and 20978
Trace Log/Mount Log processing stops on the PT200 when Process Manager shuts down, rather than continuing to process
files pending in PT200 folders. Also, Process Manager closes properly when exiting during trace log/mount log processing.

Current Feeder Setup Updates
Incident: 20906
Process Manager properly updates current feeder setup information that uses the SID field. The SID field is checked for
data before the Part Field to ensure that SID data is used.

Scanner Wait States and LMNC Connection
Incident: 20907
Scanners no longer display wait screens for published mixes if mix access is slow. Communication conflicts between host
and scanner have been resolved. Also, the LMNC no longer hard resets when the communications connection is lost.

Multiple Automatic Changeovers
Incident: 20943

Automatic changeover proceeds as normal when multiple changeover requests are issued during production.

Automatic Changeover after Publishing
Incident: 20944 and 20960

Automatic changeover no longer fails after a mix is republished; the Mix Editor file is recognized as the current file instead
of the PT200-generated file.

Published Mixes Include Current Products
Incident: 20933 and 20951
Process Manager now ensures that old products are no longer associated published CVT files. Published CVT files only
include current products. This condition can occur when a part in a product is replaced with an equivalent part and the PCB
file (and the product) consequently has a slightly different name. Alternate Product IDs are also handled correctly when
product setups are deleted.

Mount Log Processing Faster
Incident: 20979

Mount Log processing is faster through database access enhancements. The “Slow DB Command” delay no longer occurs
while accessing the database for Mount Log processing.

dBase Installations Support “Configure PT200” Client
Incident: 20987

PanaPRO installations using the dBase database now support the PTConfig application. Modular machines can be configured
through the Configure PT200 client.

MAI File Downloading
Incident: 20988 and 20970
Updates MAI files download after the flushing process. MAI files are updated when mixes are regenerated and republished.

Flush Failure and Changeover Restart
Incident: 20989
The flush process fails when MC parameters, such as moving the machine in and out of remote mode, are changed during
changeover. If flush fails, changeover must be restarted through Process Manager.

Uploading During Automatic Changeover
Incident: 20993

Process Manager supports manual uploads during the automatic changeover process.

Unnecessary Changeover Eliminated
Incident: 21002
Timing issues that triggered unnecessary changeovers have been eliminated.

MAI Comparison Tool Enhanced
Incident: 21012
The MAI Comparison Tool has been enhanced to transfer files from the PT200 more smoothly; allow Process Manager to
exit during processing; load faster; and stop monitoring the PT200 for cells that are no longer in use.

DB Update

DB Update Can Ignore Unrecognized Fields
Incident: 12213
Unrecognized field error messages can be suppressed if the “Display detailed results” option in the Preferences dialog is
unchecked. This prevents unrecognized fields for the GPAX feeder from displaying error messages.
Shape Length Updated
Incident: 20720
Shapes created by DB Update get their overall length updated even if the shape doesn’t have leads on both sides. This
prevents the overall shape length from displaying as 0.

The following files are replaced with this service pack, either because they have been modified or because files they depend
on have been modified.

Modified Files

Application Modules

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