Uploading Files to the Wikispaces page

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					                        Uploading Files to the Wikispaces page

Purpose: Uploading files (jpg, word, excel, pdf) to your wikispaces page is a fairly
simple process and can be a great way to post information such as papers, lesson plans,
trip photos, articles and any other type of information you would like to share with your
fellow students.

Uploading and Saving a File on wikispaces

      Save your file to an easily accessible folder (preferably to your desktop) on your
      Open up your wikispaces page and make sure you are signed in to your account
      Navigate to the appropriate page where you would like to upload your file
      Click on “Edit This Page”
      Begin by preparing an appropriate place for your file on the wiki page.
      Key in any appropriate text to describe your file and position your cursor at the
       point where you would like you file to reside
      On the menu bar you will see an icon in the form of a framed picture.
      If you drag your arrow over it, you should see a caption “Insert Images and Files”
      Double click on the framed picture icon and a box titled “Images and Files” will
       appear on the right side of the screen.
      Under the category “Upload New File” click on the Browse button
      Your file upload box for windows should appear on the screen
      Using the file upload box, navigate to the appropriate folder on your computer
       where your file is located.
      Once your file is located, double click on it and its location will be sent directly
       to the Upload New File text box on the wikispaces page.
      Click on the “Upload” command button
      Your may now view your file as saved in the wikispaces “Images and Files” box.
      Now that your file has been saved on your wikispaces server, you can move
       forward with placing your file on your wikispaces page.
      Because your file is already saved on the wikispaces server, you may now choose
       to either place your file directly on the page you are editing or provide a hyperlink
       to the file.
      Underneath the A-Z file menu and directly above the Upload New File section in
       the Images and Files Box , you will see “Double Clicking a File” along with the
       following choices underneath: “inserts the file” or “links to the file”.
      Choose one or the other by clicking in the appropriate circle
      Locate your file in the A-Z file menu (files are saved alpha by name)
      Once you locate your file double click on the icon associated with your file and
       it will automatically transfer over to your wikispaces page.
      You may now close out of the “Images and Files” box and return to your
       wikispaces page.
   Once on the wikispaces page slick the “Save” button in the right hand corner and
    your file should be saved in the appropriate format and location on your
    wikispaces page.

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