the james joyce line beginning welcome_ o life by lindash


									                                                                                          Folly & Glory – Playoff IV: 1

1. The James Joyce line beginning "Welcome, O life! I go to encounter for the millionth time the reality of
experience…" is the epigraph of this man's second novel, The Landscapes Within. His first novel concerns the virtue
of the teenager Jeffia and the fall of his corrupt father Jonan. Another work tells the story of an abiku, a spirit child
who is destined to be born and die in an endless cycle to plague his mother, that decides to end the cycle in favor of
life but is displaced from his family by a riot, causing him to wander along the title street. For 10 points-- name this
Nigerian author of The Famished Road.
Answer: Ben Okri

2. The question "Why are we here?‖ is a central issue of this novel in which Father Paneloux preaches a sermon on
retribution, before changing his opinion following the death of the son of Monsieur Othon. Rambert, after trying to
escape with his wife with Garcia, Raoul, and Marcel decides to stay in Oran and assist the protagonist who creates a
new serum to fight the titular illness. For 10 points—name this novel featuring Dr. Bernard Rieux by Albert Camus.
Answer: The Plague or La Peste

3. While under the tutelage of Friedrich Schiller, this man published his first poem, A Youth’s Lament. His sketch
Klarisse was based on his love for 12-year-old Sophie Kühn with whom he fell in love on a business trip. In the first
edition of their journal Athenaeum, the Schlegel brothers published his Blüthenstaub under the pseudonym by which
he is most widely known. Author of the essay Christianity or Europe and the unfinished novel Heinrich von
Ofterdingen, this is –for 10 points—which poet most famous for his Hymns to the Night?
Answer: Novalis (accept: Friedrich von Hardenburg)

4. He revisits his boyhood and childhood friend K in poems such as ―American Portrait: Old Style‖. His other
poems include the book-length ―Audubon: A Vision‖ while his love poems include ―After the Dinner Party‖ and
―The Birth of Love‖. He joined with Allen Tate and other southern writers in I'll Take My Stand, but is better known
for his novel based on Huey Long. For 10 points-- name this writer of All the King's Men.
Answer: Robert Penn Warren

5. This novel inspired a series of photographs by Josephine Sacabo. The protagonist is sent to the location around
which the novel is centered by his mother, whose dying wish is for him to meet and bring vengeance on his father,
the patron of that town. When he arrives, all of the townspeople are dead, leaving only their ghosts behind to tell the
tale of how the town came to ruin. The protagonist, Juan Preciado, is told that the town‘s downfall came with the
death of his father‘s wife, Susana San Juan, and that Abundio, another one of his sons, killed his father. Set in the
ghost town of Comala, which Gabriel Garcia Marquez cited as his basis for Macondo, this is --for 10 points-- what
novel by Juan Rulfo?
Answer: Pedro Paramo

6. In the late 1830's this army officer wrote two long narrative poems, the Novice and the Demon. A translation of
his most famous poem includes anti-hegemonistic line "standing in a greedy crowd around the throne, Hangmen of
Freedom, Genius, and Fame" and for that work he received the ire of the czar. He was descended from a Scottish
mercenary and following the completion of his best-known work, selected the edge of a precipice as the site for the
duel at which he was killed. For 10 points-- name this Russian author of "On the Death of the Poet" and known for
his exile to the Caucasus.
Answer: Mikhail Lermontov

7. The bedraggled plant represents hope, but is almost forgotten by the end of this play. By the plays end, Karl
Lindner's offer has been rejected by one of the central characters, whose religious mother wants him to stop Ruth
from having an abortion. In the play George Murchison and Joseph Asagai vie for the affections of the protagonist‘s
sister, who struggles to determine her identity as a well-educated black woman. For 10 points--, identify this play
centering on the Younger family by Lorraine Hansberry.
Answer: Raisin in the Sun
                                                                                          Folly & Glory – Playoff IV: 2

8. The title character of one of the stories in this collection lives only for letters from home and fresh fish from the
sea. An immigrant boarding with a 103-year-old widow in Cambridge, Massachusetts is made to appreciate the
beauty of his arranged wife in ―The Third and Final Continent.‖ The protagonist of the title story is Mr. Kapasi, a
Gujarati translator in a doctor‘s office in India who moonlights as a tour guide, where he meets American Mina Das
and her family. For 10 points-- name this collection of short stories by Jhumpa Lahiri.
Answer: Interpreter of Maladies

9. The section "Proem" follows a sea gull and speaks of snow falling in December at the end of the "iron year."
"The Tunnel" accounts a subway ride, "Ave Maria" dramatizes Columbus' return to Spain, "Powhatan's Daughter"
opens with a lyric on early walking, and an old mariner's adventures are recounted in "Cutty Sark". Beginning with
a paean to John Roebling's engineering wonder, For 10 points--, identify this work by Hart Crane.
Answer: ―The Bridge”

10. Many of the characters in this novel blame their misfortune on the proximity of the tomb of an old witch. While
the protagonist is chasing down a stray sheep, his first wife, Rosa, dies while giving birth to Asta. In order to assure
Asta a proper upbringing the protagonist marries Finna and has three more children. After a series of misfortunes the
family is forced to move to a hovel in the far north, where they endeavor to continue their existence as the title
suggests. For 10 points-- name this novel about the Icelandic shepherd Bjartur, a work of Halldor Laxness.
Answer: Independent People or Sjálfstætt fólk

11. This author's lines "Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone, / Prevent the dog from barking with a juicy bone"
were used in the 1994 film Four Weddings and a Funeral. Partly responsible for re-introducing Anglo-Saxon
accentual meter to English poetry, he used the meter for a Pulitzer-winning Baroque Eclouge. Though homosexual,
he married Erika Mann to help her escape the Third Reich. In addition to works such "In Memory of W. B. Yeats"
and "The Shield of Achilles" he is known for a poem about an employee of Fudge Motors. For 10 points-- name this
author of ―The Unknown Citizen‖ and ―Age of Anxiety.‖
Answer: Wystan Hugh Auden

12. Name's the Same! One character of this name in Two Gentlemen of Verona is the father of Proteus, while
another in Much Ado About Nothing is the brother of Leonato. In Twelfth Night, the name is given to a Sea Captain
while in the Tempest, it is the name given to the brother of Prospero. For 10 points-- give this common
Shakespearean name also given to the Merchant of Venice.
Answer: Antonio

13. In this novel, Jeremy Stickles brings news of the Duke of Monmouth's rebellion and from Tom Faggus we learn
that the title character's glass necklace is actually made of diamonds. Ruben Huckaback attempts to arrange the
marriage of his granddaughter Ruth to the title character, but he is more concerned with reports than the Dugal clan
has carried off the title character. The novel culminates at Barrow Down where Carver is killed by the yeoman of
Oare, John Ridd. For 10 points-- name this Romance of Exmoor by R.D. Blackmore.
Answer: Lorna Doone

14. After reaching the lower slope of Sheba's left breast, this protagonist convinces Infadoos to lead his party, which
included the servant Umbopa, to Loo. Previously the reader learns that George Curtis had used a map, left on a piece
of shirt by Jose Silvestre, to go in search of a lost Biblical treasure. He eventually finds Curtis after becoming
involved in a Kukuana Tribal War and for his efforts is rewarded by only a fraction of a handful of diamonds.
Appropriated by Alan Moore as one of his 'Extraordinary Gentlemen' --for 10 points-- name this H. Rider Haggard
protagonist of King Solomon's Mines.
Answer: Allan Quatermain (accept either name!)
                                                                                           Folly & Glory – Playoff IV: 3

15. In the 18th stanza of this ballad, the title character tells the reader that she and her lover long for the groves
"Where the lady Mary is, // With her five handmaidens, whose names // Are five sweet symphonies." The poem,
which was first published in the Germ, describes the central character, "Her eyes were deeper than the depth // Of
waters still'd at even; // She had three lilies in her hand, // And the stars in her hair were seven." Written according to
its author as a sequel to Poe's Raven --for 10 points-- name this ballad and best known literary work of Dante
Gabriel Rosetti.
Answer: “Blessed Damozel”

16. This author‘s latest novel is a fictionalized account of the last years of Samuel Johnson as seen through the eyes
of Queeney Thrale. She explored her family history in the Crimean war era and her own history in the pair of novels,
Master Georgie and An Awfully Big Adventure. She was short listed for the Booker prize for three other works: The
Dressmaker, The Bottle Factory Outing, and Every Man for Himself. For 10 points-- name this author who is
currently the most nominated Booker Prize author without a win.
Answer: Beryl Bainbridge

17. He constantly hears an inner voice saying, "I want, I want," despite his extensive inheritance. He is declared the
"Sungo" of the Wariri tribe, despite earlier blowing out the retaining wall of the Arnewi cistern. His friendship with
Dahfu grows until Dahfu is killed by the lion Gmilo and declares him the new king. Finally escaping with his guide
Romilayu, he returns from Africa to his family in America. For 10 points-- name this titular "Rain King" of a Saul
Bellow novel.
Answer: Henderson

18. Robert Lowell later adapted this work into the verse drama The Old Glory. When the story begins, Don
Alexandro Aranda and Raneds are among the dead on the San Dominick. While in the harbor of St. Maria, Captain
Delano of the Bachelor's Delight sees the ship in distress and tries to aide the ship, but is confused by the strange
behavior of the captain and his slave, Babo. For 10 points-- identify this novella by Herman Melville that is named
for the captain of the slave ship.
Answer: Benito Cereno
19. Antoine Artaud's development of the Theater of Cruelty was inspired by this tragedy that is dedicated to Leigh
Hunt and features the assassins Olimpio and Marzio. Taking place during the pontificate of Clement VIII, Bernardo
plots with his stepmother Lucretia and his sister, the protagonist Beatrice, to kill his lustful father. Inspired by eleven
executions carried out in 1599 --for 10 points-- name this tragedy by Percy Shelley centering on the titular family.
Answer: The Cenci

20. One work by this name, an expose by Kenn Thomas and Jim Keith, is subtitled Secret Government and the
Death of Danny Casolaro. Another work is a long poem in which the poet describes the title animal as ‗Deceptively
reserved and flat, it lies "in grandeur and in mass"‘ while Magnus Derrick and his two sons are the centerpiece of
novel of this title subtitled A Story of California. For 10 points-- give this common name of a Marianne Moore
poem and a Frank Norris novel, a member of class cephalopoda.
Answer: Octopus

21. In 2002, this professor at Queens College, CUNY was named the fourteenth recipient of the John Steinbeck
Award and is currently working on a memoir entitled If This Be Treason. His own works include the poetry
collection A Cloudy Day in Gray Minor and The Negro in Brazilian Fiction, but he is best known for a work that
begins with a reminiscence of a father and son going to discover ice. For 10 points - name this author and renowned
translator of among others, Vargas Llosa and Garcia Marquez.
Answer: Gregory Rabassa

22. The Knutsford edition is the standard edition of this author's works. Like Margaret Hale, the heroine of the
novel North and South, this author divided her life between rural and urban England. The author's first novel won
the praise of Charles Dickens, and in his magazine Household Words she published her second work that centered
around Ms. Matty Jenkyns. For 10 points-- name this Victorian author who, in addition to the novels Mary Barton
and Cranford, wrote a biography of Charlotte Bronte.
Answer: Elizabeth Gaskell
                                                                                       Folly & Glory – Playoff IV: 4

23. The dregs of warehouses, hospitals, amusement parlors, and electric plants were dragged along by the
impetuous force of this event. The townspeople did not count on its drive, and when they felt it arrive, the only
thing they could do was set a plate with a knife and fork behind the door and wait patiently for the newcomers to get
to know them. It pursued the banana company, and in 1909 finally arrived as if a whirlwind had set down roots in
the center of Macondo. FTP name this title event of a short story by Gabriel Garcia Marquez .
Answer: “The Leaf Storm”

24. This 828-line poem was written in response to a lawsuit brought on by the author‘s brother. It begins with a
delineation of the two types of Strife, and contains the fable of the hawk and the nightingale, as well as an account
of the creation of man by a superior mortal race. The author epitomized himself and his brother by retelling the
story of Prometheus, Epimetheus, and Pandora‘s Box. For 10 points-- name this collection of fables and agricultural
advice addressed to Perses, composed by the Greek poet Hesiod.
Answer: Works and Days

25. She wrote two autobiographies -- A Peculiar Treasure and A Kind of Magic. Her hometown of Appleton,
Wisconsin is the setting for early stories ―The Homely Heroine‖ and ―A Bush League Hero‖. She gained national
attention for her stories about Emma McChesney, a traveling petticoat saleswoman. Her collaborations with George
Kaufman produced the plays Stage Door and Dinner at Eight. For 10 points-- name this author of So Big and
Answer: Edna Ferber

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