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					                                                             UC Personnel Policies for Staff Members (UC-PPSM)
                                                          UCOP Human Resources Procedures 41 – VACATION
                                                                                                   October 2001

UCOP Human Resources Procedures 41 -- VACATION

I.     POLICY REFERENCES                          UC-PPSM 03, Types of Appointment
                                          UC-PPSM 31, Hours of Work
                                          UC-PPSM 41, Vacation
                                          UC-PPSM 45, Military Leave
                                          UC-PPSM 80 (Staff Personnel Records)
                                          Supplement 1 (UCOP Catastrophic Leave Program)
                                          Online Payroll Time Reporting (PTR) System Manual


       The University provides vacation to employees who hold career, limited and floater appointments and who are
       appointed at 50 percent or more of full time for six months or more months. An employee who is not eligible to
       earn vacation because of a part-time or short-term appointment becomes eligible to earn vacation after six
       continuous months or 12 quadriweekly cycles on pay status at 50 percent or more. A quadriweekly cycle is defined
       as two biweekly pay periods designated by the University to be considered as a unit for the purpose of leave accrual.


       A.      Accrual Rate

               An eligible employee earns vacation from the date of appointment based on the number of hours on pay
               status as follows:

                                                                                    Per Hour on Pay
                                 Years of Qualifying Service1                                             Days Per Year
                Professional and Support Staff (PSS)
                        Less than 10                                                    .057692                  15
                        10, but less than 15                                            .069231                  18
                        15, but less than 20                                            .080769                  21
                        20 or more                                                      .092308                  24
                Senior Managers, Managers and Senior Professionals (SMG
                and MSP)
                        Less than 5                                                     .069231                  18
                        5, but less than 10                                             .080769                  21
                        10 or more                                                      .092308                  24

                 A month on pay status at one-half time or more is counted as a month of qualifying service, and a
               quadriweekly cycle on pay status at one-half time or more is counted as a quadriweekly cycle of qualifying
               service. Service need not be continuous to be counted.
                 On-call and overtime hours shall not be included as pay status hours when computing the amount of
               vacation earned.

               Vacation earned shall be credited to the employee on the next working day following the month or
               quadriweekly cycle, except that an eligible separating employee shall earn proportionate vacation through
               the last day on pay status.
                   1.   Staff members who were in the A&PS program as of June 30, 1996 shall continue to accrue vacation
                        under the A&PS vacation schedule until whichever event occurs first – a break in service of four or
                        more months or promotion to a position classified as a Manager or Senior Professional (MSP).

                   2.   Staff members who were in the Executive Program as of June 30, 1996 shall continue to accrue
                        vacation at the rate of .092308 hours per hour on pay status until a break in service of four or more
                        months occurs.

                   3.   Staff members who transferred from the University Management Program into the Management and
                        Professional Programs in 1986 shall continue to be eligible for supplemental vacation only for the five-
                        year cycle in progress on July 1, 1996.

         Leave accrual codes which were established and became effective July 1, 1996 and were assigned to the
         appointments of employees who were in the Administrative & Professional Staff (A&PS) Program on June 30, 1996
         are now governed by UC-PPSM. These codes identify those employees who can continue to accrue vacation on the
         old A&PS accrual schedule, which provided for an increase in accrual rate upon completion of 5 years of service
         and every 5 years thereafter until attainment of 15 years service. The leave codes are G, H, J, and K as noted in the
         table above.

         C.        Maximum Accrual

                   An employee's vacation maximum is determined by his or her approximate accrual per month and is two
                   (2) times his or her annual accrual rate. Employees should be given at least 60 working days notice prior to
                   reaching maximum. In those cases where it is not possible for the employee to schedule vacation within the
                   60 working days (approximately 3 months) prior to accruing the maximum due to departmental operational
                   considerations, the employee shall have four months’ time following accruing the maximum amount of
                   vacation to take accrued vacation and bring the accruals below the maximum. During this four month
                   "grace period" the employee will continue to accrue vacation and will not be penalized by the loss of
                   vacation credit because his/her vacation was delayed due to operational considerations.

                   In those cases where operational considerations require that an employee's vacation be delayed so that such
                   a delay will cause the employee to exceed the maximum vacation accrual, a notification from the
                   employee's supervisor explaining the need for the delayed vacation must be on file with the departmental
                   personnel office prior to the end of the month in which the vacation accrual maximum will be reached.
                   Absent such a letter being on file, the departmental personnel office will adjust vacation accrual balances so
                   as to hold vacation accruals to the maximum permitted by policy.


                   Vacation leave is normally scheduled in advance and shall be approved by the employee’s immediate
                   supervisor. Vacation shall not be scheduled after the last day of work, except that an employee may
                   schedule vacation between the last day at work and the effective date of retirement. The employee may
                   request to use vacation for rest, illness, disability and personal reasons.

                   Vacation leave may not be used before it is accrued except when authorized by the department for use
                   during a December 25/New Year closing.

         V.        VACATION PAY

                   An employee shall be paid for vacation accrued through the last day on pay status, upon:

                             1.     resignation

UCOP Human Resources Procedures – 41 (Vacation)                                                                       Page 2 of 3
                             2.     termination
                             3.     retirement
                             4.     indefinite layoff
                             5.     medical separation
                             6.     extended military leave
                             7.     transfer to or from the Department of Energy operations (LANL, LLNL and LBL)
                             8.     transfer, promotion, or demotion to another University position in which the employee will
                                    not be eligible to accrue vacation credit (e.g., faculty position).

                   An employee shall not be paid for accrued vacation during the same period that the employee is on pay
                   status in the employee’s present position or in any other position paid by University funds.


                   Refer to UC-PPSM 41 (Vacation), Section E.

         VII.      LEAVE RECORDS

                   Refer to UC-PPSM 41 (Vacation), Section F.

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