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When you arrive in Ecuador our on-site coordinator will speak to you
about how to get to the Galapagos Islands. You will get your flight ticket
and since the ticket needs to be booked long before you arrive you need to
tell us as soon as possible if you are planing to stay longer after finishing
your project because Galapagos if a popular tourist attraction and the
flights might be full. Penalty fee for changing the flight date is $10 and $35
for change of passport number or name so please make sure to let us know
is you change your passport.

This is a list of instructions on how to get to the Galapagos Islands and on
to the placement once you arrive. Please take these instructions with you to
Ecuador for reference when you leave for the Galapagos Islands.

The Galapagos Islands are one of the safest places in Latin America and
although these steps may seem complicated you will find that you will be
following a lot of tourists for most of the way.

Ecuador to the Galapagos Islands (Baltra)

You will take a taxi to the Mariscal Sucre airport (national departures) in
Quito in time for your flight to the Galapagos Islands. The flight take
approximately 3,5 hours and will stop in Guyaquil for 30-45 minutes to
pick up more passengers but you will not have to leave the plane.

The trip will continue to the small island of Baltra just North of the island
of Santa Cruz. When you arrive at the airport you will go through
immigration and past police controls that monitor the number of people
who get to the island.

IMPORTANT: You will need to budget USD$110 to pay the park
entrance fee as you pass through customs. This is required by all visitors to
the islands and cannot be included in the programme cost. You will also
need to budget around $10 for transport to and from the city Puerto Ayora
and $75 for transportation to and from the island of Isabella.

Once you have cleared customs you will take the bus signed, “CANAL”
This bus can be crowded with other tourists that arrived on the same
                          Dirección: Av. 9 de Octubre 1647 y Berlín
                    Telf.: (593-2) 2549713 • e-mail: ecuevp@gmail.com
flight so it’s good to get on early if you can, there are several buses though
so if you miss it you can always take the next one.

The journey lasts around 10 minutes and is free. At the canal there will be a
ferry waiting for your to take you to the island of Santa Cruz the ferry ride
costs about $1 and takes about 10 minutes.

Once on Santa Cruz there will be several buses that leave for the town of
Puerto Ayora, the main town of the island. To get to Puerto Ayora you
cross the entire island passing through several zones of vegetation and
some small towns on the way. This bus ride costs around $4 and takes
approximately 40 minutes.

When you arrive in Puerto Ayora you will be dropped off at the bus station
outside Puerto Ayora. If you are to stay in Puerto Ayora for your project
you will take a taxi for about $1 to your family that are waiting. For those
who are traveling to the island of Isabela, they take a taxi to the harbour
where they right away buy the ticket for the boat at a cost of $30. After this
you will have some time to look around but remember to be on time as the
boat leaves 14:00.

The boat journey will take a maximum of 3 hours and will take you to the
town of Puerto Villamil. When you arrive on Isabella you will be met by
somebody from your host family and together you will go to their house.

Although these directions may sound complicated most of the journey you
will be following the tourists heading for Puerto Ayora. Our on-site staff
will go through this with you before leaving for the Galapagos Islands to
make sure you understand everything.

                          Dirección: Av. 9 de Octubre 1647 y Berlín
                    Telf.: (593-2) 2549713 • e-mail: ecuevp@gmail.com

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