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					chauhan, sunil
E-240, Taranagar(Sector-E),                                     Phone : (M) 09314106833
Nr. 200 ft. By-Pass , Jhotwara,                                           (R) 0141-2405034
Jaipur –302012 (Rajasthan)                                     e-mail :
Date of Birth      : October 24, 1974                           
Passport Details : No.         : E4727835
                   Valid till : 03-03-2013

Key Skills: SAP R/3-ABAP/4(4.6 C Rel.) /VB .NET/ Visual Basic 6.0/COM+ , Oracle 9i
Additional Skill                     : JAVA EnterPrise, SQL Server 2K
Total Years of Experience            : 4 years
SAP-ABAP (4.6 C) Experience          : 6 months
Current Functional Area              : ERP
Current Sub Functional Area          : IT-Software
Cost To Company                      : 2.47 Lacs per Annum (Gross)
Current Location                     : Jaipur (Rajasthan)

   Master of Technology in Computer Science (Marksheet Awaited)
   Master of Science (Computer Science)
   Bachelor of Science.

Other Qualification(s)/ Certification(s)/ Programme(s) Attended
   SAP R/3-ABAP/4 (4.6C rel. ) Certified Training Programme from CDAC, Noida.
   Specialized Training on .Net Architecture from BOSTONS COMPUTERS, Ahemdabad.
   Specialized Course in ORACLE /D2k from Cyber labs.
   Specialized course in V.B. 6.0 from SSI ltd..
   Specialized course in JAVA 2.0. from COMPUCOM ltd.
   'O' level From DOEACC.

Summary of Skills and Experience
Sunil Chauhan, 30 Years of age, is Software Engineer by designation, currently employed            with
VGL Softech Ltd, Jaipur. His career to date has been a portfolio of different jobs and disciplines, a range of
diverse technology driven projects, a number of challenging traditional & ERP solutions.
Overall 4 years of total experience in IT sector in Analysis, Development, Implementation and Testing of
Application software, Database and ERP solutions. This includes around 6 month of SAP R/3 experience in
Application Development using ABAP/4 in the manufacturing industry. He has extensive development skills
in ABAP/4, which includes development of Interactive and non-interactive reports, Dialog Programs, SAP
Scripts, BDC’s creation etc.
Beside SAP-ABAP, He possesses good knowledge of Oracle9i RDBMS, Object Oriented Technologies like
.NET Technologies, COM/DCOM using Visual Basic 6.0, JAVA etc. Had interacted with End Users, Business
Process Owners for finalization of functional specifications and report   formats.
A good team player with excellent skill and communication to work in a team and individual environment.

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         Classical, Interactive and Drill-Down Report Programming

         Data Dictionary: Custom data repositories, customer maintained reference tables, structures,
          views, data elements, domains.

         Dialog Programming: Interfaces to custom data repositories and reference tables using Screen
          Painter, Flow Logic - with PBO, PAI, and Transaction Codes, Screen and Menu Painter, Good
          Exposure on Multiple Screen Dialogs.

         SAPScript: Custom Development and Modifications to SAP defined Layout Sets and Print
          Programs. Function modules, Function Specification definition.

         Data Conversions, Uploads, Migration and Interface Programming

         Good Conceptual knowledge of BDC creation (Call Transaction / Session Recording methods) and
          Cross Application Tools like EDI, IDOC, ALE, RfC’s .

Achievements / Projects in SAP-ABAP
      As an ERP Consultant, Developed Module pool in SAP-ABAP(4.6c) for National Engineering
      Industries Ltd (A Birla Group) manufacturing Bearings, JAIPUR From Feb 01,2004 To
      March 30, 2004
      Module Pool For – Advertisement Billing system that manages Transactions related to the
                        expenses utilized in Company’s Advertisement.

IT Skill Sets

 Skill Type                      Skill Name

 ERP                             SAP R/3

 DATABASE                        Oracle 9i /8.x / 7.x , MS-SQL Server 2000 ,Ms-Access 97/2k,
                                 Foxpro 2.6 for DOS

 GUI                             SAP R/3-GUI (4.6c) ,
                                 VB.NET , VB 6.0 , Crystal Reports 8.5 ,
                                 Developer 2000

 LANGUAGE                        ABAP/4 (4.6c)
                                 Java, C++ , C

 OS                              Red Hat Linux AS 2.1 / Unix, Window 2k / NT 4.0

 SERVER / WEB                    TOAD 7.0 , ASP, JSP , IIS Server ,HTML, DHTML, Front Page, Dream
 TOOLS                           Weaver


     VGL Softech Ltd, Jaipur
VGL Softech Ltd (VSL) ,an ISO 9001:2000 certified company and Microsoft Certified Partner with a well-
established and proven Quality Management System. VSL was incorporated in Jan 1999 by STS Group, a
US company in the business of Jewelry manufacturing and distribution. VSL Portfolio includes
Manufacturing, Home Building, Airline, Knowledge Based Organizations, Logistics & Distribution and
Content Security. Range of services include IT Consulting, Customized Solution Development, Application
Support and Maintenance, Application / Product Testing, Design (UI, Website /portals), Project
Management & Implementation, setting up and managing Off-shore Development Centers and Staff
Augmentation/Professional services. VSL is based in Jaipur, India and has a U.S. subsidiary headquartered
at Long Island City, New York.
Software Engineer                                                           August 16, 2005 – Present
Role & Responsibilities
      -   Analysis and enhancement in the current system especially in Sales, Production and Materials

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        -   Development or Modification of various transaction and reports of Production & Sales module as
            per user request.
        -   Development of Database objects like TABLES, Stored Procedures, DB Scripts etc.
        -   Impact analysis of the business requirement and Preparation of Impact
        -   Preparation of design docs for Business Application and Unit Test Cases.

Project detail :
Jewelry ERP solution from the ground up to support the Groups’ operations Implemented at 9 user
locations globally, the software handles functions related to processing of rough gemstones, design and
manufacturing of Jewelry items, fulfillment of production orders and functions related to Financial
Management, Inventory Control, Personnel, Sales and Management Reporting. Presently successfully
implemented and running in STS, New York (US), Bankog, , HongKong and Jaipur .
Skills Used :VB 6.0 (Front-End), COM/DCOM, XML, ASP, Oracle 9i Database.

       Century Textiles & Industries Ltd (Cement Division), Maihar(Madhya Pradesh)
B K Birla group flagship, Century Textiles and Industries (CTIL) upto 1951, was just a textile mill. Over the
years, Century has diversified into rayon yarn, tyre cord, minerals & chemicals, cement, pulp & paper and
shipping. Century is the recepient of the top export awards for the last 13 years.          Maihar Cement,
Sarlanagar, Maihar in Madhya Pradesh, is a Birla group unit having an installed capacity of 2 million
tonnes per annum is a IS/ISO9000:2001 certified industry and has accreditation to ISO:14001
Environmental Management System also .
Software Engineer                                                    November 09, 2004 – June 30,2005
Role & Responsibilities
        -   Analysis and enhancement in the current system especially in Packing, Sales and Materials Deptt.
        -   Development and Implementation of various reports of Sales & Materials module like Sanction
            Order, PO, DI/DA, SD, Sales Tax receipt Entry ,Advertisement Sanction Order, Advertisement Bill
            Payment Voucher , Loan return Memo etc.
        -   Development of Database objects like TABLES, Stored Procedures, Triggers etc.
        -   Database Backup through Exp & Imp utility etc.
Project detail :
ERP Solution for Maihar Cement is a 3-tier, COM based package built using OOPS technology. It’s a
complete integrated solution for Automating departments. Presently, It is in the implementation phase. Part
of the Software has already been implemented like Stores, Purchase, Packing Plant, Finance etc.
Development and Enhancement is going on in Stores and Sales department.
Skills Used     :VB 6.0 (Front-End), Crystal Report (8.5) and Oracle 9i Database on Red Hat Linux A.S 2.1
on IBM eServer Machine.
Achievements/Modules Done :
   -   Developed Material Management System for Mines .This module is used to keep track of
            materials issued from Plant. In this system , several sub transactions like GRV,GIV ,MRV,
            Adjustment, Several MIS and analytical reports can be done .
    -       Security Deposit    Maintenance(collected from the various Consignee /Parties) .This module
contains screens for various transaction like SD receipt, SD Refund, Interest Payment etc.

       National Informatics Center (NIC), Jaipur
National Informatics Center (NIC) is a premiere S&T organization of the Government of India in the field
of Informatics Services and Information Technology (IT) applications, and has been instrumental in
steering    Information and Communication Technology (ICT) applications in Government Departments at
Central, State and Districts in government services, wider transparency in government functions, and

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improvement in decentralized planning and management.
Programmer                                                            April 01, 2004 – October 30,2004
Role & Responsibilities
     -       Analysis and enhancement in the current system
     -       Development of Master and Transaction modules
     -       Development of various reports
Project detail :
     Project Name              : IPS (Integrated Pension System ) & IMS (Integrated Management System)
         Client                : Directorate of Pension and Pensioner’s Welfare Department, Rajasthan
         Profile               :
This department made by govt. of Rajashtan , maintains and issue the provident fund (PF) of the govt. as
well as private sector employee.
     Skills Used            : VB.NET (Front-End) framework, Oracle 9i Database on Red Hat Linux 9 Platform

    C-DAC, Noida
Center For Development of Advanced Computing is a registered Society under Ministry of IT &
Communications. C-DAC, has successfully implemented SAP R/3 with FI-CO, MM and SD modules. It also
Provide In-house Training to its employees and that of associated organizations and undertake
Consultancy for Implementation of SAP R/3.
ERP Consultant                                                 November 01, 2003 – January 30, 2004
Role & Responsibilities as an ABAP Consultant :
            Provided ABAP/4 support in the implementation of SAP/R3, Development of different customized
             modules using Module Pool programming, various Z/SAP Reports, Developing BDC’s and
             Development of Forms and Layout using SAP scripts, SMARTFORMS etc .
            Supported in End User Training.
Achievements / Projects
Developed Module Pools for Payment of Bonus to the Employees Using SAP-ABAP/4 (4.6c) , SAP R/3 GUI,
Oracle 8i –Database on windows NT platform.

    RajCOMP(Rajasthan State Agency for Computer Services)
A registered Society established by Govt. of Rajasthan, deals with Software development, Consultancy,
Hardware procurement and Training.
Software Developer                                              January 01, 2002 – October 30, 2003
Role & Responsibilities :
     -       Communicating with end users and Requirement analysis at different level.
     -       Designing, Development, Testing and Implementation of different type of forms using
     -      Designing and development of different MIS reports using Crystal Reports and also adhoc
            queries using SQL and PL/SQL.
     -      To give post implementation assistance .
     -      Training to the end users.
     -      Problem solving at the client site .
Achievements / Projects :
1.       Project Name          : SmartCOP (Live)
         Client                : Rajasthan Police (Telecommunication)
         Profile               :
                                 This project aims to wipe out the traditional communication system used by
the police telecommunication department and improving them by communicating through computers
efficiently and smoothly.
     Skills Used               : VB6.0 (Front-End), VC++, ORACLE 9i(Backend) , Crystal Reports 8.5, ASP
                                   on Windows 2K OS

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2.    Project Name            :    RajPRAGATI
      Client                  :    District Rural Development Agency (DRDA) of Rajasthan Government
      Profile                 :
                                  It   is a state government statutory authority of implementing the development
       schemes, which is proposed by the Central as well as State Government. This governing body looks after
       the rural development works under        the state government and deals all the financial transactions, work
       progress, implementation and communication with the government regarding the work.

       Skills Used             : VB6.0 (Front-End), SQL Server2K(Backend) , Crystal Reports 8.5, ASP on

                                  Windows 2K OS

      Boston's Computer
       A premier concern involved in Hi-tech training and S/W Development.
      Administrator and Developer                                       January 01, 2001-December 31, 2001
Role & Responsibilities :
- S/w Development as per client requirement.
- Class Management
- Server and Network Management
- Installation, maintenance and trouble-shooting of the software, as required.
- Providing System Administrators’ support to users for networking and application software
     related problems.
Achievements / Projects :
       Project Name               : School Automating System
              Client              : Mana Public School
              Team Size           :4
              Location            : Jaipur
This projects meets all the needs of school activities and carries out the following tasks :
           Time Table Management
           Mark sheet Preparation (Class wise, Student wise)
           Attendance System
           Various Reports including MIS and other reports as per employee requirements.
      Skills Used                 : V.B. 6.0 (GUI), Crystal Report 8.5, MS-Access 2K on WinNT 4.0 O.S


1.     Project Title     : Employee House Allotment

       Platform Used :     D2K/ Oracle8i

2.     Project Title     : Notepad

       Platform Used :     JAVA 2.0 / Oracle 8i


       1)   Mr. Kapil Jain                               2) Jha Kr. Ashok
            Project Manager & SAP-BASIS Admin.              Sr. Support Consultant
            Birlasoft Ltd.,                                 Active Global Support Technology,
            Jaipur.                                         SAP India ,
            Tel    : 0141-3303535                           6th Floor, Discoverer, ITPL, Whitefield,
            Email :                    Bangalore-560066.
                                                            Tel : 080-51935044
                                                            Email :

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