satellite aided search and rescue by lindash


									                                                                                  As on 30 Jan 2008

                   INMCC'S Response to Real distress calls
(1) 19-07-91       406       UK expedition team with school children met with an
                             accident on Himalayas (fire accident in tents).
(2) 22-08-91       121.5     Crash landing of Sri Lankan defense aircraft which suffered
                             structural damage and no casualty.
(3) 23-08-91       121.5     Radio warning was given to all concerned for a ship with fire
                             drifting with a beacon radiating in 121.5 Mhz after rescue of
                             all the victims involved in the accident.
(4) 30-11-91       121.5     Australian vessel caught fire in Sulu sea. Six survivors
                             rescued by Manila RCC.
(5) 19-02-92       406       Bulgarian vessel sank in Black sea. 30 were rescued.
(6) 30-03-92       121.5     Detection of signal from misrouted aircraft on flight from
                             Daman to Calicut landed near Madras due to gravity switch
(7) 12-06-92       121.5     Provided location information to West Pac RCC under their
                             request in SAR mission of Atlantic express in Arabian sea.
(8) 15-11-93       406       Detection of crash landing of IC 440 Airbus (A-300) near
                             Tirupati due to technical snag.
(9) 23-03-94       406       The Vessel MT Stolidi met with fire accident. The location
                             information provided was useful to coast guard.
(10) 09-07-94      121.5     The aircraft “Super King” with Governor of Punjab and
                             crew onboard met with an accident in the Himachal Pradesh
                             region. The location information provided by INMCC was
                             within 10 Km. of the crash site.
(11) 20-08-94      406       Detection of crash landing of Indian Airlines Airbus A-320 at
                             Jaipur airport (Flight IC-446 from Jaipur to Bombay) . Two
                             of its engines were damaged. No one was hurt
(12) 30-11-94      406       Detection of Italian Maritime Beacon near Somalia Coast.
                             The beacon was activated when ship met with fire accident.
                             ITMRCC was informed. Nearly 1000 people involved in the
                             accident. Except 3 all were saved.

(13) 16-07-95      406     Detection of Indian Maritime beacon from vessel “Maratha
                           Challenger” (Callid -VTPL) of Orion Agencies Ltd. Bomaby, in
                           Arabian Sea (15.515 deg N, 73.079 deg E). Vessel sank due to
                           Rough sea (heavy swell). 3 persons dead, 1 was missing, total
                           number of people involved is not known. The information is
                           received from Director General of Shipping who conducted
                           enquiry into the Incident.

(14) 03-08-95   406    Detection of Panama registered maritime beacon from vessel
                       “Gal Amber Sea” (Call Id : HP7375), in Arabian Sea (19.087
                       deg N, 61.542 deg E). The ship was bought by Great
                       Eastern Shipping company of India. The ship was on its way to
                       India from Oman. The ship sank due to rough Sea. All the 14
                       crew members were rescued by a ship “M.V. NCC Madinah”
                       which was just 12 NM away from distress location. The rescue
                       was arranged with the help of Norwegian RCC.

(15) 23-09-95   406    Detection of Bahamas registered Maritime beacon from
                       vessel MC Pearl”-Callid C6HP4 (Greek Container
                       Carrier) in Gulf of Kutch (Arabian sea). Vessel was listing 40
                       degrees to starboard with total power failure. The search and
                       rescue was conducted by Coast Guard ship Vajra which saved
                       all crew the members (27 people). The list was corrected to 17
                       degrees. The ship was stable and anchored at 22 deg 46.1 min
                       North and 68 deg 24.7 min East

(16) 27-05-96   121.5 Defence aircraft on its first test flight crashed due to technical
                      snag in the engine. Aircraft pilot, the sole occupant, abondoned
                      the craft and got ejected out with the help of parachute. The
                      aircraft crashed near Mandya (Bangalore). The pilot was

(17) 19-06-96   406    Mini bulk carrier “Prime VIII” belonging to Vanuatu sank in
                       Gulf of Khambhat (off the coast of Hazira) due to cyclonic
                       weather (high wind). Out of 12 crew members 8 were saved.

(18) 23-07-96   406    Cyprus vessel “Sundane” sank in Arabian Sea (off the coast
                       of Somalia). 29 crew members were involved in the distress.
                       The details of the survivors not known.

(19) 05-10-96   406    Srilankan vessel "Newco Pride" which sank off the coast of
                       Colombo. 7 crew members out of 10 were rescued

(20) 12-12-96   406    EPIRB Signal was detected from Cyprus vessel "Saraband" which
                       caught fire in Bay of Bengal. 34 crew members out of 35 were
(21) 04-08-97   406    INMCC co-ordinated for rescue of sick person from Norwegian
                       vessel "United Salma". The distress messages was received
                       through INMARSAT via Norwegian MCC.
(22) 26-09-97   406    Indian ship ICL Vikraman involved in collision with another vessel
                       "Mount-I(Panama)" and sank off the coast of Malaysia. EPIRB
                       was picked-up and reported to owner, Singapore MCC and
                       Chennai RCC.. The incident was picked-up by INSAT-2A also. 5
                       crew members out of 32 were saved.

(23) 21-07-98   406   Belieze registered vessel MV Osool (call sign V3UQ6) sank in
                      Arabian Sea at position 16 42 N, 069 28E due to ingress of water
                      in engine room because of bad weather. 20 crew members were
                      rescued by nearby ship MV Pratibha Godavari. INMCC picked-
                      up 406 MHz EPIRB and transmitted a message to Coast Guard
                      Mumbai which co-ordinated the rescue.
(24) 01-08-98   406   12 member UK expedition team activated 406 MHz beacon for
                      shifting one of the team mates Ms. Rachel Kirkham to hospital.
                      She was suffering from high altitude respiration problem. The
                      beacon was first picked-up by INSAT-2A giving 1 hour 30
                      minutes advantage over LEO. The sick member was air-lifted by
                      army helicopter and shifted her to Mission hospital Manali
                      (Himachal Pradesh). Location of distress was 32 59.9N, 077
                      24.2E. It is to be noted that the expedition team had only 406
                      MHz beacon and no other means of communicating distress.
(25) 16-06-99   406   Distress signal received from an Indian vessel “ M.V. Diglipur”
                      (call sign ATRC) a cargo vessel belonging to Shipping Corporation
                      of India, was detected and passed on to the owner. The ship was
                      sinking in Bay of Bengal (off the coast of Andaman & Nicobar
                      Islands) due to engine room flooding. The rescue resulted in
                      evacuation of all the 35 crew members. The Cospas-Sarsat alert
                      message was the secondary information.
(26) 26-07-99   406   A real distress event (26-28.7.99) involving a 14 member’s
                      expedition team from UK was supported. INMCC was the first to
                      report the incident by picking-up 406 MHz beacon. The rescue
                      resulted in saving of two injured members of the team from
                      Himalayas. A fax message was received from the expedition
                      organisers 'World Challenge Expeditions-UK' appreciating the
                      support provided by INMCC.
(27) 26-09-99   406   Detection of 406 MHz EPIRB and Follow up was carried for
                      Chinese vessel “M/V YU JIA” (Ship station ID: 441580) bound
                      for Chennai (India), for rescue of 34 crew members near
                      Trincomalee-Srilanka (06 52 North, 081 23.4 East). There were 4
                      vessels attacking M/V YU JIA. INMCC co-ordinated between
                      MRCC Colombo Srilanka; China Maritime Search and Rescue
                      Centre; RCC Chennai; and Coast Guard Chennai. As a result,
                      the vessel M/V YU JIA was protected by Srilankan Navy and was
                      safely shifted to Srilankan Navy base.
(28) 26-11-99   406   Indian MCC supported detection and distribution of distress alert
                      picked-up from Marshall Island vessel "Elisa" which sank in
                      Bay of Bengal (10 28.1N, 084 09.4 E) after she caught fire. All
                      the 20-crew members were rescued by Indian Coast guard. The
                      first Cospas-Sarsat alert was detected by INSAT-2A.

(29) 17-07-2000   406    Crash of Alliance air aircraft near Patna airport was detected
                         immediately after the crash. Only two signal bursts were detected,
                         hence no location could be computed. However there was no
                         requirement of location information as the crash site was in the
                         visibility of Patna airport. Out of 58 people onboard , 6 survived.
(30) 26-07-2000   406    Detection of EPIRB signal from UK expedition team (12 - 16
                         member team) in Nepal, one of the team mate suffered with Acute
                         Mountain Sickness (AMS) and was airlifted by helicopter for
                         medical attention.
(31) 26-03-01     121.5 Indian MCC picked-up distress signal from a private aircraft that
                        crashed in Maharastra (Nasic) immediately after the crash.
                        The first information was provided by the villagers who carried out
                        the search and rescue and later supported by INMCC. All the 6
                        people onboard survived.
(32) 12-06-01     406    Indian MCC picked-up a distress signal on 406 MHz frequency
                         on 12th June 2001. The signal was radiated by a Singapore
                         registered oil tanker “HENG SEN/9VPI” which sank in Arabian
                         Sea after explosion. Out of 42 crew members, 38 were rescued by
                         Indian Coastguard, and search was on for remaining. The signal
                         was first detected by INSAT-2B giving an advantage of 48
                         minutes. Simultaneously, the distress was received through
                         INMARSAT-C also.
(33) 11-07-01     406    INMCC supported rescue of 2 school girls from UK who were on
                         expedition to Himalayas (Himachal Pradesh) in a team of 17
                         members. They activated a 406 MHz EPIRB when they fell sick
                         due to high altitude pulmonary edema (breathing problem).
                         INMCC was the first to detect and report the incident to East
                         West Rescue in Delhi. Cospas-Sarsat was the only source of
                         information for the distress incident. The rescue was supported
                         by Indian Airforce.

(34) 29-11-2001   121    Trainee Aircraft (VT-STO, Swati of Kerala Aviation Training
                          center) Crash landed at Soman Nagar near Trivandrum at 08:25
                         (ut). Signal was picked up by INMCC at 09:39(ut) and location
                         was confirmed a 10:09(ut). Injured pilot was rescued. The beacon
                         was detected for about 24 hours and distress messages were sent to
                         Chennai RCC for necessary action.

(35) 21-02-2002   121    MP Govt. aircraft crashed near Indore with noted playback singer
                         and 5 others, all rescued.

(36) 03-03-2002   121    Helicopter crash of GMC Balyogi, Lok sabha speaker, in West
                         Godavari dist. No one survived (Balyogi, his Secretary, Pilot).

(37) 08-08-2002   406   Indian MCC picked-up 406 MHz distress signal on 8th August
                        2002, in Bay of Bengal (13 52.0 N, 086 50.1 E). The distress
                        signal was radiated from an EPIRB of JASMINE Vessel (Call sign:
                        J8B2179, MMSI no: 375607000) and country of registration is ST.
                        VINCENT. All 25 crew members were rescued by vessel
                        M.V.XPRESS RESOLVE as directed by Indian Coast Guard,
                        Chennai. Rescue Operations were completed by 17:10 (ut) on 8th
                        Aug 2002 and later ship was abandoned. Cospas-Sarsat was the
                        source of secondary information. First information was through

(38) 17-08-2002   406   Cyprus registered, Motor vessel “Maggie (call sign XUCU8,
                        MMSI No: 515149000) old name „Iremia‟ (call sign:P3YS4,
                        MMSI: 209970000) sunk in Arabian Sea (18 09.5N, 065 36.5E).
                        All the 22 crew members were rescued by vessel MT Osprey (call
                        sign: BTBN4). Indian Coastguard coordinated the rescue. Cospas-
                        Sarsat alert was secondary source of information.

(39) 23-09-2002   406   On 23rd September 2002, Indian MCC detected 406 MHz EPIRB
                        distress signal from Turkey registered Motor vessel “HIDIR BEY
                        “(call sign TCKH), which sank in Bay of Bengal (09 46.6N, 083
                        13.24E). All the 18 crew members were rescued by vessel MT
                        SAMPOORNA SWARAJ (call sign: VVF1). Indian Coastguard
                        coordinated the rescue. Cospas-Sarsat alert was secondary source
                        of information
(40) 24-07-2003   406   Detection of Panama EPIRB in Bay of Bengal (17 58.8N 091
                        38.4E. Hex id. AC4830CA34D34D1, vessel: MV Jubilee). The
                        first alert was picked up through INMARSAT from Falmouth UK.
                        Coast Guard coordinated the SAR mission and rescued 21 Crew

(41) 27-07-2003   121   Detection of helicopter crash (ELT on 121.5 MHz) near Bagalkot
                        (16 09.9N, 075 35.3E), Karnataka. Crew of 6 survived.

(42) 11-08-2003   406   Detection of EPIRB signal from Chinese vessel in Bay of Bengal
                        (15 52.1N, 092 39.3E, hex id: B388A29D04C34D1, vessel: MV
                        Yu Jia). Coast Guard coordinated the SAR and rescued 28
                        Chinese crew members. INMCC was the first source of
(43) 16-12-2003   406   Indian vessel “MV Nand Kawas” sank in Bay of Bengal (15 20.3
                        North, 081 02.76 East), due to heavy flooding onboard. INMCC
                        information was the secondary alert information. All the 13 crew
                        members were rescued by Indian Coast Guard, Chennai.

(44) 18-07-2004   406   Due to Fire accident, Singapore Vessel “MV Setia Jaya”
                        (MMSI: 564671000) abandoned in Indian Ocean (Srilanka
                        SRR) between 18 and 24 July 2004. MRCC, Chennai activated
                        an international safety net and alerted near by British vessel
                        “MV British Pride”,which rescued 15 crew-members out of 21.
                        INMCC alert was the first source of information.

(45) 05-11-2004   406   On 5th Nov. 2004, vessel “MV Fresh Market” from Maldives
                        (having EPIRB with Honduras registration) en-route to breaking
                        yard at Cannanore in Kerala encountered all its engines failure
                        about 100 Nautical Miles (NM) off the coast of Kochi. The
                        EPIRB alert was first detected by Indian GEOSAR system
                        (INSAT-3A). The distress location was passed on to MRCC,
                        Mumbai, which initiated Search and Rescue (SAR) operation
                        and directed the Indian vessel “MV KODAIJAISAN” to rescue
                        the crew members. All the 10 crew members (6 Indians & 4
                        Maldivians) were rescued by vessel MV Kodaijaisan on 6th Nov
                        2004. INMCC alert was the first source of information.

(46) 19-01-2005   406    INMCC detected distress signal from a crashed helicopter (VT-
                        YAZ) belonging to Hindustan Ink near Daman (20 24.2N 072
                         54.4E). It was detected first by Geolut through INSAT-3A 81
                         minutes time adv.) followed by LEOLUT. The distress msg. was
                        transmitted to RCC and MRCC Mumbai. COSPAS-SARSAT
                        detection was the first source of information for this alert. Both
                        the pilots were rescued, and had minor injuries.

(47) 18-05-2005   406   Distress signal was detected from Hong Kong registered Vessel “MV
                        HUI LONG”, Ship Sat ID: 477680300, which was abandoned by the
                        crew due to sudden listing, in Srilankan service area. All the crew
                        members were rescued by nearby ship “MV. Nedlloyd Asia”. The first
                        source of information was from Inmarsat-C, and Cospas-Sarsat provided
                        support information.

(48) 27-07-2005   406   Detection of alert from ONGC vessel (MMSI: 419631341) in Arabian
                        Sea (19 28.8 North, 071 19.8 East) which caught fire after collision
                        with India Oil Rig destroying both the vessel and the rig on 27 July
                        2005. The Cospas-Sarsat provided supplementary information about the
                        distress. The first information was through direct comm. link with shore

(49) 29-04-2006   406   Liberia flag vessel “MV Maunakea” reported distress in Srilankan
                        waters (01 39.3N 089 53.2E) by activating the EPIRB. The vessel had fire in the
                        engine room and there was no power, total communication was cutoff. INMCC
                        provided the alert information to RCC Colombo and Colombo radio and also
                        followed up with telephone. RCC Colombo could not take any action due to lack
                        of resources, and even could not broadcast the distress in the region to get
                        support from the nearest vessel. The MRCC Chennai and ship management
                        company “Eastwind Ship management” from Singapore coordinated the rescue
                        by diverting another vessel to the distress site and rescue all the crew.

(50) 5-05-2006          406     On 5 May 2006, Indian vessel “TUG-6” belonging to Dredging
                                Corporation of India, sank in Bay of Bengal due to engine room
                                flooding. The crew of 19 members abandoned the vessel, which sank
                                later. All the crew was rescued by another nearby Dredging Corporation
                                vessel. INSAT-3A detected the alert first about 30 minutes prior to
                                LEOSAR system. MRCC Chennai coordinated the SAR operations. First
                                information of the distress was through mobile phone from capt. to

(51) 02-06-2006         406     On 2 June 2006, Panama Tug vessel “SEA DIAMOND VII” was drifting
                                in Bay of Bengal due to technical problem. The vessel activated the
                                EPIRB which was detected by INMCC, and the alert data was passed on
                                to MRCC, Colombo and MRCC, Chennai. The vessel was abandoned by
                                the crew. All the 15 crew members were rescued by the Danish vessel
                                Grethe Maersk. The Coaspas-Sarsat alert data was secondary source
                                of information.

(52) 11 to14-07-2006 406        During July 11-15, 2006, LUT/INMCC was involved in the detection
                                of 406 MHz EPIRB from distressed Panama registered ship “Glory
                                Moon” and alerting Indian Coast Guard (MRCC, Chennai) for
                                Search and Rescue operations. A fire incident at the bridge of the
                                ship on 11 July 2006 completely destroyed the navigation and
                                communication systems of the ship. The ship was drifting without
                                navigation system in Srilankan waters and Rescue was difficult as
                                the ship could not be contacted by the Rescue teams.
                                However, the drifting ship could be located with the accurate
                                position information provided by INMCC, based on its 406 MHz
                                EPIRB transmission. The ship was successfully located by search
                                team (search aircraft) 3 days after the incident on 14th July 2006
                                and all the 30 crew members were thus rescued. The distress was
                                supported exclusively based on Cospas-Sarsat system data from

(53) 03-12-2006     406         A Chartered vessel (by Hind Offshore Pvt. Ltd.) “Sea Panther” (IMO no.
                                7525118, flag Tuvalu) collided with Tug “Seaways-9” (St. Vincent Flag)
                                off SLQ complex in Mumbai High south field and sank (19 22 N, 72 21
                                E). The vessel was carrying routine supplies for L&T at Mumbai high.
                                All the crew of 25 people were rescued. The first information was
                                through telephone/terrestrial communication, and EPIRB information
                                was secondary.

(54) 21 to 23-06-2007     406   Based on INMCC distress alert received from ship close to North
                                Andaman Islands (Indian Vessel MV John Richardson, call Sign:
                                ATHW, MMSI No: 419015700) due to engine failure, Maritime rescue
                                Co-ordination Centre (MRCC), Coast Guard, Port Blair swung into
                                action in co-ordination with Indian Coast guard ship Varad and Indian
                                Coast Guard Dornier aircraft and saves precious lives of all sixteen crew
                                members, all are Indian. Ship did not have adequate communication
                                facility onboard except for short range VHF radio set. INMCC
                                information is first source of information.

(55) 21-06-2007 406   Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Centre (MRCC), Coast Guard, Mumbai
                      received Cospas-Sarsat alert message from INMCC for Maldives Vessel
                      TUG WIMBO, MMSI No: 455296000. Barge collided with port quarter
                      of Tug due to severe inclement weather and as a result Tug sank. The
                      position was 43 Miles from BEYPORE Coast. Coast Guard ship
                      SAVITRIBAI PHULE from Mangalore was sailed for Rescue Operation.
                      Also Coast Guard Ship VARUNA, CG helicopter 801 and Coast Guard
                      Aircraft (Dornier) carried out Search. From total 11 crew members, 08
                      crew members were rescued, 02 bodies were recovered and one is still
                      missing. INMCC information is first source of information.

(56) 26-06-2007 406   UAE beacon, MMSI NO: 470737000 was detected and INMCC
                      sent alert messages (Position at 23 deg 23.2 min North 065 deg
                      20.9 min East) to Maritime rescue Co-ordination Centre (MRCC),
                      Coast Guard, Mumbai. She was 175 NM from Karachi and in
                      Pakistan Area. Later CG, Mumbai received a telephonic message
                      from US Coast Guard intimating that BARGE DLP-600 is sinking
                      and requested for providing immediate assistance. Considering the
                      humanitarian value of human beings and saving the precious life of
                      60 persons, MRCC, Mumbai immediately activated International
                      Safety Net (ISN). 04 Merchant vessels diverted for rendering
                      assistance.    57 crews have been rescued by Vessel MV
                      VELTIME-1 and remaining 03 crews were still missing. INMCC
                      information is first source of information.


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