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					ARTICLENO    ARTIST                   TITLE                        LABELNAME      MUSICSTYLE
ABR111       phunk investigation      can you remember             ABSOLUTELY     house
DBS1005      tat & zat                proud to be loud/skeleton    DROPPIN' BEATS hardstyle
DMDOX5267                             so it
             bart b more feat. mc flipsidegoes (a day in the life) OXYD           house
DMDRISE466                            explosion
             laurent wolf feat. eric carter                        RISE           house
DMDRISE467   black legend                                          RISE
                                      you see the trouble with me 2009            house
DOIT913      nick corline             sweet dreams                 DO IT YOURSELF house
DPE183       noferini & marini        hey dee day/house music      DEEPERFECT     electro house
GO243243     sergio mauri             i gotta feel it              STOP AND GO    house
MOTIVO146    ray costa                ray costa essential work ep MOTIVO          electro house
NLK002       keira                    alegria                      NO LOGIC       tech house
NWI418                                show linn
             white shoes feat. sharon mayme the way                NETZWERK       house
POLL303      kgb's                    channel kgbs                 DANCE POLLUTIONhardstyle
STP097       ji-fi                    sweet caramel                STEREO 7+      tech house
STP098       sami wentz               hypnotica                    STEREO 7+      tech house
TKM063       metjyu dj                bikini                       TAKUMA         house

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HXUMN      1616925
HXTZP      1616589
HXTZK      1616584
HXTZI      1616582
HXTZJ      1616583
HXTZL      1616585
HXUMO      1616926
HXTZN      1616587
HXSTQ      1615758
HXSTN      1615755
HXUMP      1616927
HXTZO      1616588
HXSVL      1615805
HXTZR      1616591
HXTZM      1616586

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mixes by mario piu, gunjah, eroy mirage and boris rush!!
Massive Hardstyle for this incredible duo: TATANKA & ZATOX, 2 of main italian Hardstyle producers / DJs!!
New hit signed by BART B MORE! Coming from UK Dmc Buzz Charts.....Bomb!
New hit for the french DJ / Producer Laurent Wolf! With vocals by ERIC CARTER, in France it is a top hit already! Massive prom
The super european Hit is back with new 2009 remixes! ATFC & ALEX KENJI, with new versions of this wellknown Barry White
incl. nicola fasano & steve forest remix, nick club mix and instrumental + andy f mix.
incl. original electro mix, original dirty mix and criminal vibes xtd!!
Sergio Mauri made everybody dance with his former single and he will do the same with this new release of his produced toget
mixes by joy kitikonti, phunk investigation + original mix!!
mixes by alberto fracasso, daniele petronelli, joseph creatura + original mix!!
incl. chriss ortega mix, original club mix, reza remix and sunset & sunrise remix!!
THE KGB'S tells us the news coming from all over the an Hardstyle way! A track appearing just like a true Hardstyle n
techno time...take a breath and go back to the past, fullfill ravers party, 303 and a hyper kick in tracks. ji-fi at his first time on ste
take some space on your dj bag, this for sure fit it!!
The young METYU DJ knows his way a matter of fact he has become very famous and popular in his local area wo

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p hit already! Massive promotionon all TV music channels!
his wellknown Barry White song, after the big success all over the world during 2000!

ase of his produced together with Simone Farina, Raf Marchesini and Karim Razak!

 ust like a true Hardstyle news on air...on which the TNT aka Technoboy & Tuneboy put their own hands with a hot remix...big Hardstyle tune
 ji-fi at his first time on stereo seven prepares a massive power track including a huge remix by dandi & ugo!!

opular in his local area working as a DJ in clubs with a lot of energy...therefore he decided to produce his first single on which we can find als

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nds with a hot remix...big Hardstyle tune!

e his first single on which we can find also a Remix by FE

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