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									                                                                                             Samoa shelf company list

salecode   company_name                         chinese_company_name   incorporations_date

SAMB1A     BILLION PORT GROUP LIMITED                                           7/28/2006

SAMB1A     HERO WAY GROUP LIMITED                                               8/28/2006

SAMB1A     PROFIT PLAN GROUP LIMITED                                            7/28/2006

SAMB1A     BILLION BIG INTERNATIONAL LIMITED                                      7/5/2006

SAMB1A     BOOMUP INTERNATIONAL LIMITED                                         9/15/2006

SAMB1A     FAMOUS ERA INTERNATIONAL LIMITED                                     10/5/2006

SAMB1A     MORAL RISE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED                                       7/5/2006

SAMB1A     BIG EFFORT INVESTMENTS LIMITED                                       8/28/2006

SAMB1A     FAME PLUS INVESTMENTS LIMITED                                        8/28/2006

SAMB1A     FAMOUS NAME INVESTMENTS LIMITED                                      7/28/2006

SAMB1A     GATE TOP INVESTMENTS LIMITED                                         9/15/2006

SAMB1A     MASTER FAME INVESTMENTS LIMITED                                        7/5/2006

SAMB1A     MAX FAITH INVESTMENTS LIMITED                                        9/15/2006

SAMB1A     VAST POWER INVESTMENTS LIMITED                                       8/28/2006

SAMB1A     WHOLESOME INVESTMENTS LIMITED                                        9/15/2006

SAMB1A     CHINA HERO LIMITED                                                   8/28/2006

SAMB1A     SUPER HAPPY LIMITED                                                  10/5/2006

SAMB1A     TOTAL SURPLUS LIMITED                                                7/28/2006

SAMB1A     VERY POPULAR LIMITED                                                 6/15/2006

SAMB4A     GAIN ALL GROUP LIMITED               得全集團有限公司                        5/29/2006

SAMB4A     JOYFUL ALLY GROUP LIMITED            怡協集團有限公司                        7/28/2006

SAMB4A     PEACE POWER HOLDINGS LIMITED         和力控股有限公司                        9/13/2006

SAMB4A     POSITIVE SKY INTERNATIONAL LIMITED   正天國際有限公司                        9/13/2006

SAMB4A     BOOM TIME INVESTMENTS LIMITED        興時投資有限公司                        8/29/2006

SAMB4A     GAIN AHEAD INVESTMENTS LIMITED       利先投資有限公司                        10/5/2006

SAMB4A     PROFIT BOOM INVESTMENTS LIMITED      力盛投資有限公司                        9/13/2006

SAMB4A     TIMELY VIEW INVESTMENTS LIMITED      時景投資有限公司                          7/5/2006

SAMB4A     VICTORY JOY INVESTMENTS LIMITED      凱悅投資有限公司                        10/5/2006

SAMB4A     JOYFUL TEAM LIMITED                  聯悅有限公司                          9/13/2006

SAMB4A     TIMELY HERO LIMITED                  時雄有限公司                          8/29/2006

SAMB4A     TOPBOOM LIMITED                      峰興有限公司                          8/29/2006

SAMB4A     WINBOOM LIMITED                      凱興有限公司                          10/5/2006

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                                                                                                Samoa shelf company list

salecode   company_name                            chinese_company_name   incorporations_date

SAML1      SUPERB GAIN INVESTMENTS LIMITED                                           1/3/2006

SAML1      SUPER MOVE LIMITED                                                        1/3/2006

SAMR1A     EVER SMART GROUP LIMITED                                               10/31/2006

SAMR1A     MILLION JOY HOLDINGS LIMITED                                            10/5/2006

SAMR1A     HUGE CHANCE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED                                       7/28/2006

SAMR1A     LUCKY TIME INTERNATIONAL LIMITED                                        7/28/2006

SAMR1A     REACH ALL INTERNATIONAL LIMITED                                        10/31/2006

SAMR1A     SINO BOOM INTERNATIONAL LIMITED                                        10/31/2006

SAMR1A     FULL FORCE INVESTMENTS LIMITED                                          6/15/2006

SAMR1A     HIGHLY REGARD INVESTMENTS LIMITED                                       6/15/2006

SAMR4A     FORTUNE DRAGON GROUP LIMITED            瑞龍集團有限公司                       11/22/2006

SAMR4A     MORAL UNION GROUP LIMITED               德聯集團有限公司                       10/31/2006

SAMR4A     PRIME MORAL GROUP LIMITED               原德集團有限公司                       11/22/2006

SAMR4A     PROFIT BILLION GROUP LIMITED            利億集團有限公司                       11/22/2006

SAMR4A     REACH WAY GROUP LIMITED                 達通集團有限公司                       11/22/2006

SAMR4A     FORTUNE PROSPER INTERNATIONAL LIMITED   富興國際有限公司                       11/22/2006

SAMR4A     CHINA BILLION INVESTMENTS LIMITED       華億投資有限公司                       11/22/2006

SAMR4A     JOINT NEW INVESTMENTS LIMITED           匯新投資有限公司                       11/22/2006

SAMR4A     RICH FIELD INVESTMENTS LIMITED          富域投資有限公司                       11/22/2006

SAMR4A     TEAM SUCCESS INVESTMENTS LIMITED        聯成投資有限公司                       11/22/2006

SAMR4A     ELITE TEAM LIMITED                      智盟有限公司                         11/22/2006

SAMR4A     SURE SMOOTH LIMITED                     必順有限公司                         11/22/2006

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