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 Allahabad Bank, Zonal office- Jaipur, invite sealed tender from manufactures/ Wholesale
dealers/ reputed firms for supply and installation of CCTV in Jodhpur Paota Branch, Jodhpur,
Rajasthan state in two bid systems (Technical & Financial)

   i.     Minimum 5 years of experience in security Equipment System.

  ii.     Minimum Turnover Rs 25 Lac per year in the last 3 years.

 iii.     Minimum bank guarantee of Rs 5 Lac (Performance Guarantee)

 iv.      Registration with Sales Tax, Service Tax, ESI and EPF IS ESSENTIAL.

  v.      Vendor’s registered with SSI, NSIC and EPF and having ISO 9001 certification
          may be given preference.

 vi.      Availability of after sale service network within the region.

vii.      Availability of warranty for every item.

viii.     Ability to install, Service and maintain the system throughout INDIA at a notice
          of 24 hours.

1. B-Terms & Conditions for installation of above items:
   i.  Vendor should authorized distributor/ Reseller. The firm/supplier should have at
       least one office of their own equipped with engineers/ technicians in Jaipur city.
  ii. The Technical & financial bids should be submitted in separate sealed covers
       together with super scribing the name and type of bid on the envelope and should
       reach us on or before 30.05.2009 by 1500hrs to above address.
 iii. The technical bids should be enclosed with the earnest of Rs. 1,000/- (Rs. One
       thousand only) in the form of pay order/ bankers Cheque/ demand draft in the
       name of Allahabad Bank, payable at Jaipur. Quotations not enclosed with EMD
       shall be rejected. The EMD will be returned to unsuccessful bidders within a
       period of one month.
 iv.   The financial bid of only those firms will be opened which fulfills the requirement
       of technical bid, which shall be opened first.
  v. Bank may ask for Income Tax of vendors if deemed necessary.
        2. General Conditions:
             a) The rate quoted must be net rates inclusive of all levies i.e. excise duty,
                Sales tax, Turn Over Tax, Wiring Cost, Installation charges and any other
                taxes / charges applicable.
             b) The successful bidder will have to deposit a sum of Rs. 5,000/- as Security
                Amount in our Bank in the form of Bank Security, which will be released
                only after the expiry of the guaranteed period.
            c) No conditional discount will be considered. The tender with any
               conditional discount will not be entertained and will be summarily
            d) The payment will be made by the branches after 90 days of supply/
               installation of CCTV and satisfactory service/ functioning
            e) Technical bid meeting and price bid opening meeting will be conducted at
               our Zonal Office on 10 June, 2009 at 1500 Hrs.
Parameters of CCTV
    i. CCTVcameras should have low lux so that the same can operate in minimum
       illumination. Cameras should have both Auto/Manual Focus Mode and the iris
       control should also be manual/auto.
   ii. The system should be based on DVRie video Capture Card having the provision
       for recording speed configuration as per requirement.
 iii. The system should have the capability of motion and sensitivity detection with per
       alarm recording of upto 5 seconds with continuous recording, event recording and
       time-lapse recording modes. Auto switches ON/OFF of the recording facility on
       detection of movement/light.
  iv.  System should be capable of multiple real time function ie .real time Recording,
       Real Time monitoring and searching and real time playback.
   v. It should be Compatible with the existing PCs in concerned branches Offices.
  vi.  System should the capability of increasing the storage capacity as and when
 vii.  It should have low maintenance cost and it should be upgradeable to input for
       more cameras as and when required with minimum cost.
viii. System should be upgradeable and the computer should be used for other
       purposes also.
  ix. Compatible with the alarm system.
   x. Cameras should be C mount type.
       The firm installing the system should have adequate infrastructure for providing
       after sales service> on completion of the guarantee period of one year from the
       date of installation< the firm should be in a position to undertake Annual
       Maintenance Service of all CCTVs Supplied.
2. Minimum Technical requirement of the equipment are given below:-
    i. Display Features: CCTV cameras should have low lux so that the same can be
       operate in minimum illumination also. Cameras should have both auto/manual
       focus mode and the IRIS control should also be both auto/manual.
   ii. System should be capable of simultaneous viewing, playback and continuous
3. Alarm Features
    i. The System should have vide motion detection-detects movement.
   ii. The system should have day/night programme mode.
 iii. The system should be compatible with alarm system.
  iv.  The system should have event replay which allows viewing and verification of
       exactly what happened pre and post alarm and images are automatically recorded
       when the is triggered.
 v.    Image backup and export to other media for picture analysis should also be
4. System feature
   i.  The System should be based on DVR ie. vide capture card having the provision
       for recording speed configuration as per our requirement.
  ii. It should have IP addressable DVR allowing remote surveillance allows viewing
       from any where in the world.
 iii. System should have the capability of increasing the storage capacity as and when
5. Additional Features:
   i.  The system should have visitor management and image management capability.
  ii. Multiplexing facilities and instant selection of any specific camera or display of
       different cameras in auto sequence mode should be available.
 iii. Based on alarm recording should take place.
 iv.   The systems should have high resolution vide retention capability.

All the above-mentioned items are to be supplied as per above specification given in
Annexure A and to be installed and completed as per requirements and instruction given
by Officer- in Charge.
The total figure is arrived as per chart given above, for comparison of quotations to
decide on L1, L2…. Vendors, however, it is not a binding on the Bank that the orders per
branch have to be issued for the quantity of items as indicated above.
The cable length per branch may vary from the quantum of length indicated above from
the branch to branch. A tentative probable estimate length has been indicated in the chart,
however, on the cabling front, Bank will pay only based on actual consumption at the
finalized on pro-rata basis.
Maximum number of cameras will be 4 (four) as per branch layout of which one camera
will be an IR camera installed focusing the strong/ safe room of the branch and other

                                                         R. N. Mehra
                                                     Dy. General Manager
                Technical Specific
  Parameters    Specifications                                                     Prices
1 Stand Alone   MODEL: DVR FOR (4 CHANNEL) For average size Br
                MODEL: DVR FOR (8 CHANNEL) For Big size Br

                MAKE :

                                    Stand Alone DVRH 264 Compression
                          algorithm ideal for stand alone DVR.
                                    Remote and live display upto 4/8/16
                          cameras, 100/200/400 fps recording for CIF &
                          25/50/100 fps recording for D1(4 CIF)
                                     Pentaplex function – live recording,
                          play back, back up and network access.
                                 Upto 4 HDDs supported / builtin CD-
                          RW/DVD-RW supported.
                                    Multiple control methods – from panel,
                          IR remote controller, USB Mouse, network keyboard.

                                     Smart Video detection-motion,
                          detection, camera blank video loss.
                                    Smart Camera setting-privacy masking,
                          camera lock, colour setting and tile display.
                                     Pan tilt Zoom and Speed Dome
                          Control-more than 60 protocols supported, preset,
                          scan, auto pan, auto tour, pattern, auxiliary function

                                     4/8/16 channel audio inputs and bi-
                          directional talk supported.
                                  Easy back up methods – USB devices,
                          CD-RW/DVD-RW & network downloaded.

                                  Alarm triggers screen tips, boozer, PTZ
                          movement, e-mail & FTP Upload.
                                  Smart HDD management-Non working
                          HDD Hibernation, HDD faulty alarm, Raid Function.
                                     Powerful network software-Built in
                           web-server, multi DVR Clients and CMS.
                                      Network access for remoter live
                           viewing, recording, playback setting, system status,
                           event log, e-mail and FTP function (CE/FCC

                Hard Disc Requiremetn-750 GB
2 Colured Dome Dome camera 1/3” Sony CCD, Min 420 TV lines resolution 0.5
  Camera with Lux or better.
  varifocal lens
                 Built in Varifocal Lens 3.6 mm to 8 mm lens should be with
                 Auto Iris function AWB,BLC, AGC switch setting adjustable

                Auto shutter option

                CE/FCC Certified
3 Color C Mount F 1.3 Video/DC type Auto Iris
  Camera with
  and Auto Iris
                Very focal 3.5 to 8 mm

                Excellent Low Light Performance

                (Auto Iris with very focal length)

                CE/FCC Certified
4 IR LED, Color More than 48 dB, Min 48 LEDs,White Balance ATW,
  Camera with Automatic Gain Control, Water Resistance (IP 66), Compact
  Fixed Lens    Design (CE/FCC)
                CE/FCC Certified
5 17” TFT       17” TFT monitor suitable for operation 220 Voltage 50 Hz
  Monitor       power supply required ( CE /FCC Certified)

                MAKE: SAMSUNG/LG/SONY
6 RG – 59 Co-   Unarmored RG 59 Coaxial cable for video signal (suitable          150M
  axial cable   distance between CCTV Camera and Stand Alone DVR)
7 Power Cable   2 Core (14/36) unarmored power cable with copper conductor        150M
                cable as required.
         8 PVC Conduit   ¾ PVT conduit pipe along with accessories in surface / recess   65M
           Pipe          including cutting the wall and making good the same.

Sales Tax                :
Price Basis              :
Payment Terms :
Delivery                 : Within ------ Days.
Validity                 :
Warranty                 : Months.
Date & Place:
                            Technical Bid

1.         Name
     Address of the Firm

2.   Constitution
     (Proprietor/ Partnership/Ltd. Co.)
3. Date of commencement of business
     and no. of years of experience
4. Profile of company*
5. Name and address of the Bankers with full
     Address and telephone No.
6. PAN & TNT Number
7. Registration Number
8. Details of ESI/ PF Certificate
     (Photocopy to be enclosed)
9. Furnished Name & address of the clients
     (Seprate list may be enclosed)
10. Copy of Balance Sheet for three years to be
11. Details of three projects executed in the last
     three years (not less than Rs. 5.00 lacs per
* Separate enclosures wherever required may be enclosed)
                                                           ANNEXURE -II
                               Bill of Quantities- Financial Bid Format


Tender for supply and installation of CCTV System at Branches under ZO- Jaipur
Sl00. Description of items                                 Qty/Unit Unit Amount
No.                                                                  rate    (Rs.)
1.      Supply of indoor/ out door/night colour            02
        Cameras with outdoor housing
2.      Supply of Dome day/ night colour cameras           04
3.      Supply of Digital Video Recorder Card              01
        (4 channel) H.264 Hardware Compression
4.      Supply of Stand alone                              01
5.      1KVA UPS for 1 hour back up                        01
6.      Supply of 17’’ LCD monitor with VGA, RF and        01
        AV inputs
7.      SMPS power supply for cameras                      01
8.      Supply of RG 6/57 co-axial unarmored video         200mtrs
        cable and conduit of ISI make
9.      Supply of three core copper conductor, 3x1.0 sq    200mtrs
        mm power cable for cameras with required
        number circuit breakers with conduit.
10.     Supply of 25mm PVC conduit along with              100 mtrs
        accessories in surface /Recess including painting
        in case of surface conduit, cutting the wall &
        making good the same in case of recess.
11.     Installation, testing & commissioning of the total
        system. This work includes every work and
        materials related to the job. As this is a turnkey
        job, no extra payment shall be made on any

Total figure in words:
12.      Annual Maintenance charges for Five Years.
         (After completion of warranty period of one Year)

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