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					                Leadership management styles have varying
                approaches. The styles that are often used are based
                on their beliefs, values and preferences, as well as
                the culture used in an organization.

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Leadership and management are never the same. Leadership is one
of the major factors that can influence subordinates. Leadership is the
process of guiding the behavior of others towards an organization’s
goals. This behavior must follow the specification of the organization
as to the goals of the organization, culture, policies and procedures.
Its main goal is to get things done through other people, making it
one of the main activities that can enhance the management system.
A successful leadership is often achieved through effective

Management on the other hand is the act of getting people together
to accomplish desired goals and objectives. Management comprises
planning, organizing, staffing, leading or directing and controlling an
organization or an effort of accomplishing a goal. Management
concept focuses mainly .on behavioral issues and opportunities. And it
is said that managing is more comprehensive than leading. Their duty
focuses mainly on behavioral factors.

Though we may say that not all managers are necessarily leaders, yet
the most effective managers, turn out to be long term leaders. That is
why leadership and management are in so many ways interrelated
although they have different functions. It is a matter of choosing the
right approach since there is no such thing as the perfect leadership
management style. It will all depend on the people you manage and
the rules that govern the organization.

Managing your leaders is as important as managing your followers.
This will help ensure a more cohesive workplace and a more satisfying
relationship between and among your people. Given a choice between
managing methods and managing results, it’s wiser to choose the
latter. It will make the delegation process more fun and more
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