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					SUGGESTED ADVISORY ACTIVITIES                                Theme: Goal Setting - Opening Week!

                             “Planning is bringing the future into the present
                       so that you can do something about it now.” –Alan Lakein

Academic Empowerment – Tuesday (extended advisory)
1) Welcome all students to the class. Greet them all (by name if you can). Shake hands.

2) Have students respond to the following prompts: “How was your vacation? Describe what you did.”
Give students time to write responses (or to quietly share with a partner if you prefer).

3) As students respond to the prompt, go around and hand out buff cards. Be sure to sign them for the

4) After you finish, have students share what they wrote with a partner (pair/share). Then, ask any
students to read aloud what they wrote. (Option: Have students stand up and “mingle” as they share
what they wrote.)

5) Tell students that now the will have a chance to find out what everyone did for vacation.

6) Handout copies of the People Non-Bingo games (See at the end of this document). Review the rules.
Make sure students stand up!

7) Students should play People Non-Bingo for about 7-10 minutes. Review a few students findings.

8) Play a quick name game. Challenge a student to “beat” you at naming all of the students in the class.

9) Tell students that this week they will be setting goals for the upcoming semester. Today as they go
through their classes they should think about the goals they want to set for each class. Ask students if
they have any goals for advisory. Brainstorm a quick list with students.

10) Option: Pass out syllabus / expectations for advisory.

11) Remind students that if there is a problem with their schedule they should fill out a form to see Ms.
Lua in CC1.

Thinking Critically – Wednesday
1) Have students respond to the following prompt in their journal or with a partner: How was your first
day back at school? What goals would you like to set for each class.

2) Have students share their journal responses aloud with the class.

3) Play a name game, so that students can re-get to know each other. Here are a few examples:
     Students stand in a circle and state their name. The person next to them has to say the names of
        the people who came before him/her.
     Students stand in a circle. One person states his/her name and does a memorable action (a
        dance move, a wave, a clap). The next people have to state the name and do the action of the
        people who came before him/her.
      Students come up with a word that starts with the same letter/sound of their first name (e.g.,
       Terrific Tom). They introduce themselves with that word and their name. Go around the room,
       having students repeat the person/people in front of them.

4)Tell students that today we will be doing goal setting for the class. Write the following on the board:

G – Goal (can be long-range,
mid-range, or short-range)
P – Plan (what is your plan
for achieving your goal?)
A – Action Steps (steps
needed to achieve your goal)

Explain to students that we will use the following letters to plan out our goals for this semester. Give
the students the following example:

G – Goal (can be long-range,     I will earn a 3.0 grade point average by the end of the year.
mid-range, or short-range)
P – Plan (what is your plan      I will make sure that I don’t earn any grade lower than a “C” in my
for achieving your goal?)        classes this semester.
A – Action Steps (steps          1) Understand how each of my teachers will calculate my grade.
needed to achieve your goal)     2) Turn it in. Pass the class.
                                 3) Ask my teachers for help.
                                 4) Make sure I have a study buddy in case I’m absent
                                 5) Make sure I go to class everyday.

5) After showing students an example. Have them write their own GPA for this semester.

6) When finished, students should share their GPAs aloud to the class.

Honoring Ourselves and Others – Thursday
1) Review the activities from the day before.

2) Tell students that today we will continue to reacquaint ourselves with one another.

3) Have students partner up and complete the “Getting to Know You” activity. Do this for about 10
minutes. Have students share things they learned about each other.

4) Tell students that it is important that we rely on one another for help when we need it. For this
reason, we will create a study buddy chart. Discuss with students why they should have a study buddy
chart, when they should use it, and what “rules” they should follow when using it (i.e. don’t call after 8

5) Have students create a chart like the one below. They should then walk around and fill it in with
students who have similar classes or teachers as they do.
Class Title/ Teacher                    Name of Study Buddy              Phone Number
Ex: Ms. Gonzalez, World History         Jenny                            323-555-0000

6) After you have finished, have students add onto their GPA from yesterday. They should set a goal
for advisory. They should fill out the GPA chart for that goal for advisory. They should try to fit their
study buddy list into their action steps.

SLC/ Student Choice – Friday
1) Review all the activities for the week. Review GPA.

2) Tell students that today they will have the chance to publicize their goals for the semester. They
should pick 1, 2 or 3 goals they have and do a GPA for them (this may have been done earlier in the

3) Students should then create a poster for each goal that lays out the steps of GPA. (Instead of a
poster, students can write these in their journal.)

4) To conclude, students should share their posters with their classmates and put them up on the wall.

5) Students should end advisory by thinking about what successes they have had in the classroom that
week. Students should share with a partner and then aloud to the class. Students should imagine how
they will tell their parent about their success this week. Students should write what they will say to
their parent.
OR (option) Students should make or receive a certificate like the one below.

                     Goal-Setting Superstar

                          Presented to
People Non-Bingo
This is not a bingo game! Mill around. Find people who match the descriptions in the
boxes below. Get them to sign in the box. Honor system: no fair getting one person to
sign two boxes until you’ve tried everybody else in the room. Don’t stop when you get
five in a row – keep going until we’re ready to sit down together. Person with the most
boxes signed wins “fabulous” prizes!

      Had a           Played a       Talked on    Ate pizza         Is excited to
      birthday        musical        the phone on while on          be back in
      during          instrument     vacation     vacation          school
      vacation        on vacation

      Went to         Read a book    Watched the     Missed their   Has never
      Intersession    while on       Inauguration    advisor and    broken a
      during          vacation       of President    advisory on    bone
      vacation                       Obama           vacation

      Saw a movie     Broke a bone Traveled          Worked on      Exercised
      while on        while on     during            their          while on
      vacation        vacation     vacation          vacation       vacation

      Played video Used a            Played a        Caught a       Did chores
      games        computer on       sport on        cold on        on vacation
      during       vacation          vacation        vacation

      Visited snow Skateboarded Went                 Did math       Went
      on vacation  during       shopping             while on       dancing on
                   vacation     while on             vacation       vacation

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