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									Expired Domains Targeted Website Traffic

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An expired domain name is a lot like a used car. You can't really be sure
who owned it and what they did with it before you came along. With a used
car, you risk having some high repair bills -- which is bad enough. But a
used domain name can be much more expensive. The wrong name can cost you
traffic, search engine rank, and respectability!

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An average of 19,260 domain names expire every day. This number has
increased tremendously since the same time last year when expired domain
name figures were more like 1,200 daily. The expired domain name market
is becoming increasingly popular with webmasters, who are locked in a
fierce competition to stay one step ahead and get all the best domain
names. The question is why do webmasters find someone else's old domain
name so interesting?

What happens a lot of the time is people register a domain name, or
purchase it for a year, they develop a web site and advertise it, to get
targeted traffic. This takes a lot of time, money and effort, then due to
unfortunate circumstances they may forget to re-register their domain,
either they have lost interest, over looked a reminder that domain
renewal was due or changed their e-mail address during the year that they
used to register. Then just like that the domain name is up for sale.

Because of this, the domain, or address that they have created and all
targeted traffic with the domain name becomes available for purchase.
Thousands of these expired domain names are available every day. There
are several tricks to knowing how to find these domain names, and how to
know which domain names are valuable and which are not, and, most
importantly, how to get to them first.

There are many benefits for picking up an expired domain name, unlike a
new domain name, the expired name already has traffic that can come from
search engine promotion, directories, forums, back links and a whole host
of other promotion methods. Webmasters are using this to their advantage,
either selling the domains for a profit, selling a web site with traffic
already entering the site, or use as valuable sub domains for their own
enterprise, thus increasing traffic to their own sites.

Quite often webmasters will register with an online service that notifies
them daily of pending expiry of domain names, that will soon be up for
purchase. This can keep a web master that desired extra step ahead of
competitors. Competition for   expired domain names, especially one word,
catchy .com names is fierce,   as they are in high demand and easy to
remember, having most likely   been around for a long time. So it is not
surprising that some of them   can be very valuable, for instance, a domain
name could sell for $1M, yet   it only costs $10 to re-register.

Benefits for acquiring an expired domain name are numerous, depending on
what you want to do with it. For a small sum of around $10-$15 you have
the potential of increasing traffic to your web site instantly, saving
you a considerable amount of time, money and bother. It could be the
cheapest targeted web site traffic around.

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