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									   BIG GREEN NEWS ~ MAY/JUNE 2009 ~ ISSUE 6

                           GREEN TEAM UPDATES:
                           The Green Team is open to
                                   Solar Water Heating panels being fitted to An Laimhrig!!

GREEN TEAM UPDATES:                                            GIANTS FOOTSTEP FESTIVAL
The Green Team is open to ANYONE, and all are                  A HUGE thankyou goes to all that were involved with the
welcome. Breaking news of this month is the solar              organisation of the festival and also those that were
panels are fully installed and working away at heating         brave enough to come along and camp through such
the water in An Laimhrig, read on for full details. The        erratic weather! Despite the weather being challenging
other news of the month is that the school has been            at times and the first festival goers kicking off the
awarded their Green Flag, congratulations to all of the        weekend theme by coming off the boat green! From all
school children for their hard work towards being an           accounts it was very much enjoyed by all and deemed
eco school.                                                    successful. The most common question has been - will it
DONM: 23 of June, 5pm in the hall.                             be run again next year? At this time there is no definite
                                                               answer but my feelings are that we could do it again if
WOOD FUEL FEASIBILITY STUDY                                    funding is available and a few more folk are involved in
The invitation to tender for the wood fuel feasibility         the organising. Below are a few comments from the
study went out on the 25 of May and we are now                 workshop leaders and performers.
eagerly awaiting a response from interested parties.           “Thanks so much to yourself and all the green team for
Berni has compiled a very comprehensive and                    making the event such a success, and to everyone on
informative information sheets with everything you             Eigg for making us all so welcome. It was a fantastic
need to know about wood as fuel. If you are interested         weekend – really interesting talks and debates, great
please let Tasha or Berni know.                                music and dancing, and plenty of „renewable-friendly‟
                                                               weather to demonstrate your electric scheme well! We
WEBSITE GROUP                                                  all thoroughly enjoyed it and it was very useful being
Lucy is working away on this as we speak and has               able to meet and speak to so many people working and
announced that our Green Islands website                       volunteering in the field.” is planned to be designed            Jamie Adam, Community Energy Scotland.
and ready to have an official launch at the Big Tent           “Greet everyone warmly from me, you all made me feel
Festival in Fife on the 25 of July.                            very welcome and part of your community”
                                                               Paul Millard, Red Kite Yurts.
INTERPRETATION                                                 “I just wanted to drop you all a line and
We now have Power Hungry stickers available to stick           say congratulations on a very well organised and well
on electrical appliances to bring awareness to its             run festival at the weekend.
power consumption. These are free of charge and if             I had a lovely time and really appreciated being so well
you would like more sheets for your household or to            looked after. It makes such a difference to an event,
send to family and friends please do not hesitate to           from a performers' point of view, to have such a very
ask Tasha or Kathleen or you can collect them from             high level of hospitality.
the Craft Shop or waiting area.                                Thanks for inviting me to be part of it.”
The Big Green Challenge leaflet has been wonderfully           Sharon King, Singer Song writer.
designed by Ben and now at the printers. The                   “Just to say thank you for having us up at the weekend,
welcome boards are next on the list and along with the         we had a fantastic time and we are really pleased that
leaflet should be here by the end of June at the latest.       our first performance was where it was! The audience
As part of the interpretation planned at Earth                 was the best we could ask for and the feedback
Connections a solar panel demo model is now on                 afterwards was really encouraging.”
display with a temperature gauge to visually                   Emily Reid, Eco Drama.
demonstrate solar in action.                                   “I much enjoyed the trip and hope to sing your praises at
                                                               other such events whenever possible.”
                                                               Alex Walker, Findhorn Wind Park
                                                               “Thankyou soooo much for inviting the bevvys to the
                                                               giant green festival. We were extremely chuffed to be
                                                               part of such a brilliant wee festival. Well done all of you!!!
                                                               Left with pockets full of leaflets and heads full of ideas.”
                                                               The Bevvy Sisters.
                                                               “Many thanks for the hospitality.”
        Day time events at the Giants Footstep Festival        Susan Carstairs, Lochaber Environmental Group.
GREEN GRANTS                                                 CAR CLUB RESEARCHER
There has been a change to the Green Grant criteria.         Unfortunately at this time this project has been put on
It still stands that it is 50% of the full cost of CO        hold until further notice. The main contact at Common
saving equipment up to a maximum of £300. The                Wheels has fallen ill. We send him our regards and wish
change is that you can now put in more than one              him well for a quick recovery.
application. Please also note that your application has
to be approved PRIOR to purchasing items. At the             WASTE
moment the Green Grants closing date stands at the           SO WHERE DOES ALL OUR RUBBISH GO?!
30 of June. Application forms are available from             Contrary to popular belief, not all our rubbish goes
Tasha or Kathleen and if you have any queries please         straight to landfill, so it really is worthwhile using your
do not hesitate to ask.                                      blue recycle boxes! According to Scott Bellwood, (Waste
                                                             Management Assistant, TEC services, Highland Council)
SOLAR PANELS                                                 the cans which come from the islands are taken to the
As you can see from the photos, the solar panels             transfer station at Duisky where they are bulked up and
being fitted to An Laimhrig! The equipment is now fully      transported to the Central Belt for reprocessing and the
operational and already efficiently working away and         glass is transferred to Aviemore or Inverness where,
reducing the kerosene bills as the sun shines or not!        again, it is bulked up for transport to the Central Belt.
Eigg Construction have sub contracted Brian Gardner          As for how Eigg is performing regarding recycling (2008-
to take the lead on the project. John Richardson has         2009), the total amount of residual waste is about 18.28
been working alongside Brian to further his previous         tonnes. Eigg has recycled 1.4 tonnes of food tins and
training done at Inverness College in February. Brian        drink cans, and 4.04 tonnes of glass. To compare the
and John will complete the process of fitting solar          amount of waste produced per head compared with the
water heating panels to the three households that won        Highland average, each islander produces 285 kg of
the prize draw, Sue and Alistair, Brian and Camille and      waste per year, compared to the Highland average of
lastly Ailidh Morrison’s over the next month. There will     approximately 740kg, so we are doing pretty well!
be a delay with the fitting to Ailidh’s as until Lochaber
Housing Association has secured their SCHRI funding          COMPOSTING COUNTS!
work can not begin.                                          One of the most efficient ways to reduce your amount of
                                                             rubbish is to compost food waste, with the added benefit
1 JUDGE VISIT                                                of free compost made for all your polytunnel and garden
Thank you to everyone for making our first Big Green         plants! To encourage folk to do this, last year we were
Challenge judge visit a huge success! After our visit        all given compost bins (normal price £100!) – and Lucy
we received this email;                                      is still trying to chase up more for those who missed out
“I wanted to say a huge thank you to you and all the         the first time.
Eigg team for being lovely hosts yesterday. It was           Sue and Norah are also planning for Sandra Masson,
fascinating and inspiring to find out what you are up to,    from Skye, to visit towards end of June to do home
and to see the incredible level of commitment and            visits, to give folk individual advice on how to get started
enthusiasm from all of you.                                  or help sort out any problems. Sandra is part of the
My kayak course mates (who all work on green issues          Master Composter scheme in Lochaber whereby trained
too, of course) were very grateful to have had the           volunteers help in their local community to encourage
opportunity to learn more about Eigg too, and really         composting. Once we have a definite date we will be
appreciated your help with making their visit a really       asking around to see who is interested in a house visit.
memorable one.                                               There is the possibility of purchasing a larger scale
And Sam and Jesse, my two boys, loved the little             digester machine for the community, but this needs
goody bags! They were carrying them around the               more research into it first – so in the meantime start
house this morning before school and wanted to know          saving your tattie peelings yourself! If you don’t want to
all about the island. Don‟t be surprised if you see us all   have a compost bin you could still give your scraps to
back for a holiday before too long...                        someone who does, or else make your own with old
Please pass on my thanks to everyone who took part,          diesel barrels, as Eddie has done! If you’d like a leaflet
including the children at school, of course.”                “How to Compost”, ask Norah for one. Happy
Rebecca Willis                                               Composting!

ROAD IMPROVEMENTS                                              Thank you Norah for writing and researching this month’s
                                Thank you to Alistair,                 piece on our rubbish and composting.
                                Angus and Gordon
                                Mackenzie’s team as          FREECYCLE FOLK
                                we now have a whole          The fantastic 17 track compilation CD is now on sale!
                                10 new passing places!       There is a mixture of the best musicians around
                                They are already in          including Shooglenifty, Box Club, Flook and our very
                                great use and make’s a       own talented local musicians Donna the Piper and the
                                huge difference for          Laig Bay Boys plus many more! You can buy your CD
                                cyclists and drivers.        from the Isle of Eigg Craft Shop for a bargain price of
Hopefully, when residents are acquiring a new vehicle        £10. Postal orders can also be taken by emailing Tasha
this will encourage car use rather than 4X4’s.               on

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