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CELLFOOD--Vital_Cellular_Nutrition by paydot888


									CELLFOOD--Vital Cellular Nutrition

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A dietary, antiaging supplement, CELLFOOD, that is offering new hope for
nutrient-starved and oxygen starved human beings to prevent anti aging.

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minerals, colloidal minerals, cancer prevention products, DNA/RNA

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Article     CELLFOOD--Vital Cellular Nutrition…by Betty Hart

I was introduced to the CELLFOOD family at an Health food show in
Toronto Canada four years ago.Since then I have been taking three of
their products- the original Cellfood, DNA/RNA/Cellfood and the Multi
Vitamin/Cellfood.The previous winter, before being introduced to CELLFOOD
,was my first winter in Canada, and I was sick for the entire winter
although it was considered to be a very mild one.Since then I have been
on the Cellfood family and I have not been sick at all. If I do get
exposed to a germ or virus,and I do get infected I would not be knocked
flat like others around me.It would have me slightly uncomfortable for a
day or two, with maybe a slight sore throat or runny nose for a few
hours ..How I wish that everyone I knew would be on this wonderful anti
aging product, Cellfood, for instinctively I knew that CELLFOOD was an
amazing anti aging product to reverse and prevent the signs of
aging.After reading about it ,however, I became convinced that CELLFOOD
was a treasure ,yet to be discovered by the bulk of humanity.
Formulated in the mid 50’s by Everett L. Storey, CELLFOOD is a
proprietary blend of 129 elements.It is an anti aging supplement that he
claimed could be the answer to disease on Earth. Everett Storey is
credited for the development of the water -splitting technology among
other great inventions. During the second world war ,he witnessed his
inventions being used to build the hydrogen bomb and being a
humanitarian, he so wanted to do something good for humanity so he
produced CELLFOOD.
The same water splitting technology that he invented ,that was being used
in the H-bomb’s fusion trigger was incorporated into the CELLFOOD
technology. He thus created an oxygen therapy based on the deuterium ions
to self-sustain a catalytic type reaction in which our internal body
water is split into oxygen and hydrogen.
 CELLFOOD , the result of 42 years of research, is made from the finest
plant substances, capable of holding its powerful elements in full
solution, delivering them to every cell in the human body. This
miraculous formula supports and enhances nutritional biochemical
activities and brings to our diet what modern living and technology have
stripped away. It contains 78 trace minerals,34 enzymes,17amino acids,
electrolytes, and nascent (newly created) oxygen and hydrogen as by
products--all naturally occurring substances and essential to the body’s
many bio-chemical function,in a form that is easily absorbed by the
cellls of the body.
Dr. Otto Warburg renowned bio-chemist and 1931 nobel prize laureate has
shown that cancer cells cannot grow in a high oxygen environment. Of all
the elements that support life ,oxygen is the most abundant. All
functions of our body are regulated by oxygen. Oxygen energises cells so
they can regenerate. Our bodies use oxygen to metabolize food and to
eliminate toxins and waste through oxidation. Our brain needs oxygen each
second to process information .Our organs need oxygen to function
efficiently. In short oxygen gives life and energy to every living cell.
Toxic stress, emotional stress, physical trauma and infections all draw
upon and deplete the body’s oxygen supply, and a lack of oxygen results
in sickness, poor vitality, poor stamina, fatigue and a general weak
We can look at oxygen deficiency as the single greatest cause of disease.
In 1997 CELLFOOD was unanimously voted by the Inventors Club of America
to receive the 1997 Advanced Technology Award presented by the
International Hall of Fame in Atlanta GA. CELLFOOD received this award
because(1) it’s unique ability to produce both nascent oxygen and
hydrogenised the body, resulting in simultaneous cleansing and building
of body cells and tissues and (2) its unique ability to maintain 78
minerals in liquid colloidal suspension. CELLFOOD is a highly
concentrated super energised proprietary formulation containing 78 ionic
colloidal trace elements and minerals(34 from fossilized plants taken
from virgin earth and 44 from the clean southern seas surrounding New
Zealand, unrefined and still containing trace elements!) combined with 34
enzymes,17 amino acids, dissolved oxygen all suspended in a solution of
Deuterium Sulfate.
The nutrients in CELLFOOD are both ionic and colloidal in form. Colloidal
particles are minute(4-7 nanometres in diameter)and they take on a
negative (ionic) charge and remain suspended in a liquid. Because most
body fluids are colloidal and negatively charged the body perceives
CELLFOOD as normal healthy body fluid ,and allows the nutrients in
CELLFOOD to pass immediately through the sensitive membranes of the mouth
throat and oesophagus directly into the blood stream.
 Electrolytes support the healthy electrical integrity of the body’s
natural colloidal systems including the blood itself. They import a
negative charge to the red blood cells separating them to restore their
maximum functioning..
CELLFOOD works at the physical level by providing the body with essential
minerals, it works at the electrical and electro magnetic levels by
increasing the vibrational frequencies of all the body’s organs
boosting the immune system, and enabling the nervous system to function
more effectively. It works at the biological level by enhancing natural
biological processes ,for example digestive and metabolic processes in
the body. And it works on the chemical level by supplying amino acids to
the body for building protein. And CELLFOOD ‘s ability to supply oxygen
and nutrients to the brain supports emotional and psychological

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