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					                        TENANT MOVE OUT - CLEANING GUIDELINES

Please read carefully and check to ensure cleaning is complete

WINDOWS: Windows including sills and tracking are to be cleaned inside and out.
          (If your windows cannot be removed for cleaning ensure inside is cleaned)

WALLS:         All walls in the suite should be wiped down paying special attention to furniture marks,
               grease, smoke film, etc. Any wallpaper/borders must be removed, and sizing/glue residue
               removed completely.

FLOORS:        Mop/vacuum, and wash all floors, clean and wipe all baseboards, and heat covers. Caution is
               urged in the use of floor mats/carpets. Some mats cause discoloration of vinyl. Ensure the vinyl
               has not been damaged by mats, or by sharp objects and/or moving furniture/appliances.
CARPET:        Carpets should be professionally shampooed, you may be asked to provide proof of cleaning.

LIGHT FIXTURES: Clean all light fixture covers. Ensure all light bulbs are in working order.

OUTLETS/SWITCHS: Make sure all outlets/switches are wiped, and working.

DRAPERY: Dry Clean/wash any drapery if applicable.

Kitchen:         -  Clean kitchen/stove vent.
                 -  Clean cabinets inside and out (including top). Remove all shelf linings.
                 -  Clean all drawers inside and out, removing all drawer linings.
                 -  Clean counter, sink, making sure stopper is loosely fitted in sink.
                 -  Clean Fridge/Freezer- de-frost freezer, dean inside/outside of fridge/freezer. Make sure
                    inside wails of fridge/freezer, crisper trays etc. are all wiped down. Do not unplug
                    fridge...and close fridge/freezer door.
                 - Clean Stove/Oven- loosen/remove top elements, clean tings and pans. Remove all tin
                    foil/drip liners, dean oven drawer. Thoroughly dean oven, removing all burnt on grease,
                    including racks. Use caution in the use of oven cleaners over spray an floor can cause
                  - Pull out Fridge and Stove and clean under and behind.

Bathroom:            Clean sink.
                     Clean vanity, cabinets, linen cabinet, inside and out.
                     Clean mirror.
                     Clean sink, bathtub, tiles, caulking, soap dish, remove and decals and/or residue from tub.
                     Clean toilet, seat/cover.

Bedrooms:            Remove all picture hangers, nails and screws etc.
                     Clean/wash closets and shelves, remove all coat hangers.
                     Clean around door handles, light switches/outlet covers, and door frames.
Diningroom           Remove all nails, picture hooks etc.
                     Clean any door handles and door frames, shelving units if applicable.
Balcony and
Storage Area -       Remove all contents, ensure balcony and/or storage area is clean. All contents must be
                     removed from a locker (if applicable).

Please arrange with your resident manager to do a "walk thru" of your apartment. Unit Condition Reports will only be
done DURING DAYLIGHT HOURS. To ensure a prompt refund of your security deposit, the report requires your
signature as well as the Resident Manager/Caretaker, and a complete forwarding address including a postal code.

                                                Return all keys

                 Failure to return all keys could result in a re-key at your expense

              *** Tenants will be charged for any additional cleaning required***

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