INTRODUCTION TO CELLULAR EXPERT                          • Overview of Drive test data analysis;                  CELLULAR EXPERT INTRODUCTION AND
The purpose of this 3 days workshop is to familiarize
                                                         • Prediction model calibration;                          IMPLEMENTATION
                                                         • Troubleshooting problems working with Cellular         This intensive course provides telecommunications
Cellular Expert users - telecommunications
                                                         Expert.                                                  specialists with theoretical and practical knowledge of
specialists, with the basic knowledge of the software.
The course covers introduction to Cellular Expert                                                                 Cellular Expert software.
                                                         PREREQUISITES:                                           The course is composed of two parts: three days of
concepts, introduction to overall Cellular Expert
                                                         • Working knowledge of ArcGISTM;                         introduction to Cellular Expert basic concepts (see
functionality and practical "hands on" workshops.
                                                         • Working knowledge of Spatial AnalystTM;                "Introduction to Cellular Expert" course) and two days
MAJOR TOPICS:                                            • Knowledge of Telecommunications.                       of implementation project.
                      1st day
• Management of Base Station Radio and
                                                         CELLULAR EXPERT RADIO LINKS TRAINING                     MAJOR TOPICS FOR IMPLEMENTATION PROJECT:
Transmission equipment installation and connectivity     This two-day course is applicable to Cellular Expert     • Database creation tasks;
data;                                                    Radio Links users. The introduction to Cellular Expert   • Model calibration tasks.
• Antenna editor module for import/edit of               Radio Links course is complemented with practical
antenna's systems information;                           "hands on" workshops, which makes users more             PREREQUISITES:
• Nominal planning of the network;                       efficient and effective at their job and provides with   • Working knowledge of ArcGIS;
• Quick C/I interference checking between two            competitive advantage.                                   • Working knowledge of Spatial Analyst;
selected Sectors, without preliminary channel                                                                     • Knowledge of Telecommunications.
                                                         MAJOR TOPICS:
• Channels assignment and mapping;                       Introduction to Radio Links                              CELLULAR EXPERT ADVANCED COURSE AND
• Calculation of C/I matrix, total C/I, C/A layers and   • Creating radio link equipment data:                    IMPLEMENTATION
C/I, C/A layers for each assigned channel.               Antennas, channels, frequency plans, modulations;        During    this   intensive   ten   days    course
                                                         • Creating radio links:                                  telecommunications professionals will benefit from
                      2nd day                            Adding, deleting, editing;                               both: 4 days introduction to Cellular Expert and
• Point-to-point analysis: Profiling Wizard;             • Performance targets:                                   Cellular Expert Radio Links concepts, and 6 days
• Point-to-point analysis: Dynamic path profiling and    ITU-G.821, 826, C/I, FML;                                implementation projects.
Visibility tool;                                         • Predicting radio links:
• Preparing geographic data for Hata Type Models;        Link power budget, wanted signal prediction,             MAJOR TOPICS FOR IMPLEMENTATION PROJECT:
• Prediction models. Hata Type Models;                   interference analysis;                                   • Database creation tasks;
• Preparing geographic data for Line Of Sight Type       • Radio link examples:                                   • Model calibration tasks;
Models;                                                  RRL, LMDS, MMDS.                                         • Advanced customer specific tasks;
• Prediction models. Line Of Sight Type Models;                                                                   • Software customization.
• Overview of other models.                              PREREQUISITES:
                                                         • Working knowledge of ArcGIS;                           PREREQUISITES:
                      3rd day                            • Knowledge of Telecommunications.                       • Working knowledge of ArcGIS;
• Creation of Traffic map using statistical or actual                                                             • Working knowledge of Spatial Analyst;
traffic data obtained from the OSS;                                                                               • Knowledge of Telecommunications.
• Best Servers Calculation;
• Estimation of traffic load for each Sector/Cell/Site                                                            CUSTOMIZED PROJECTS AND COURSES
using created Traffic map;                                                                                        In addition to these standard training courses,
• Statistical GIS Analysis, Map Calculator and Map                                                                customized training services can also be provided
• Query functions for demographic data analysis,                                                                  upon request.
traffic estimation, demand calculation;

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