Taylor A by dfhercbml


									                                    Taylor A. Matheson
                                     1st Assistant Camera
                                      IA Local 600/669

                           Los Angeles                        Vancouver
                   2118 Wilshire Blvd. #522              3759 West 21st Ave.
                  Santa Monica, CA 90403 USA        Vancouver, BC V6S 1H2 Canada
                        C: 310-570-9901                    C: 604-306-1209
                                                          Fax: 604-221-6685

Selected Production Credits:

Feature                              Position    Cinematography             Direction

Hot Tub Time Machine, 2nd Unit       A Cam       Brian Pearson              Mike Mitchell
Wolverine, 2nd Unit, Vancouver       A Cam       Larry Blanford             Gavin Hood / Brian Smrz
Cats & Dogs 2                        A Cam       Steven Poster              Brad Peyton
X Files 2 (Done One), 2nd Unit       A Cam       John Bartley               E.J. Foerster
The Hulk, BC unit (Anamorphic)       A Cam       Peter Menzies Jr.          Louis Leterrier
Mummy 3, 2nd Unit                    A Cam       Jonathan Taylor            Vic Armstrong
Iron Man                             B Cam       Matthew Libatique          Jon Favreau
Fantastic Four 2, 2nd Unit           A Cam       Josh Bliebtreu             E.J. Foerster
The Shooter (Anamorphic)             A Cam       Peter Menzies Jr.          Antoine Fuqua
Night at the Museum, 2nd Unit        A Cam       Larry Blanford             Brian Smrz
Ghostrider, Vancouver Unit           A Cam       Russell Boyd               Mark Steven Johnson
X Men III, 2nd Unit                  A Cam       Jon Taylor/P. Hughen       Simon Crane
John Tucker Must Die                 A Cam       Tony Richmond              Betty Thomas
The Fog                              A Cam       Nathan Hope                Rupert Wainright
Underworld 2                         B Cam       Simon Duggan               Len Wiseman
Man About Town                       A Cam       Russ Alsobrook             Mike Binder
Elektra (Anamorphic)                 C Cam       Bill Roe                   Rob Bowman
Chronicles of Riddick, 2nd unit      A Cam       John Bartley               E.J. Foerster
Butterfly Effect, US Unit            B Cam       Matt Leonetti              E. Bress / J. Gruber
House of the Dead                    A Cam       Mattias Neumann            Uve Boll
Insomnia (Anamorphic)                B Cam       Wally Pfister              Christopher Nolan
The Crow, City of Angels             B Cam       Jean Yves Escoffier        Tim Pope

Television                           Position    Cinematography

The Good Wife (Pilot)                B Cam       David Mullen               Charles Macdougall
Human Target (Pilot)                 A Cam       Brian Pearson              Simon West
Smallville Season 7                  A Cam       Glen Winter                James Marshall & Various
Pictures of Hollis Woods             B Cam       Paul Sarossy               Tony Bill
Five People You Meet in Heaven       B Cam       Kramer Morganthau          Lloyd Kramer
Nikki and Nora (Pilot)               A Cam       John Bartley
Smallville Season 3                  B Cam       G. Winter/B. Donlevy       Greg Beeman & Various
John Doe Season 1                    A Cam       David Geddes               Mimi Leder & Various
Father Lefty (Pilot)                 A Cam       John Bartley               Kevin Sullivan
Eastwick (Pilot)                     A Cam       Chris Baffa                Michael Robin
Glory Days Season 1                  A Cam       John Bartley               Randy Zisk & Various
Seven Days Season 3                  A Cam       John Flinn III             Kenneth Johnson & Var
Seven Days Season 2                  A Cam       John Flinn III             Various
Seven Days Season 1                  B Cam       Richard Rawlings           Various
The Game (Pilot)                     A Cam       Richard Rawlings           Bill D’Elia
Soldier of Fortune                   A Cam       S. Yaconelli/R. Rawlings   Various

Camera Operator References: Colin Anderson, Andrew Rowlands, Stephen Campinelli, Kirk Gardener,
Bob Gorelick, John Clothier, Joe Ciccio, Jim Van Dijk, Dan Kneece

1st AC References: Zoran Veselic

Additional DP References from Commercials: Peter Wunstorf, Ellen Curris, Peter Deming

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