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James Clement by tyndale


									 Liliana Riva Clement, MPH                                             68 Harvard Street, Brookline, Massachusetts, 02445                                                                              (617) 731-5656

                                                 Professional Experience
 Dynamic Solution Associates (DSA)                                                                    Brookline, Massachusetts
 Partner & Senior Consultant                                                                                     2002-present
 Mission-driven consulting and management services firm that provides a broad range of services to nonprofits,
 from strategic planning, to fundraising, to website and computer services.

     Consult to wide variety of nonprofit organizations in areas of program development, grantwriting, fundraising, strategic
      planning, program evaluation;
     Designed and implemented business development strategies which increased DSA revenue by 4-fold in one year.
     Supervise eight member staff;
     Develop and present board trainings based on national best practices;
     Assist startup nonprofits to develop fundraising and operational strategies, to assemble and expand boards, to design
      programs and to initiate individual and private foundation fundraising;
     Raised more than $6 million through grantwriting to public and private foundation and solicitations of individuals.

 Independent Health Care Consulting                                                                      Boston, Massachusetts
 Consultant                                                                                                           1998-2002
     Consult to wide variety of health care organizations, including: academic medical centers, public health, eye care, and
      Child Survival (primary care for under 5 year olds and women of child bearing age) groups;
     Evaluate and advise programs on managerial, technical and financial systems and evaluate on-going compliance with
      established government and private donor guidelines; utilize Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) and participatory
      methodologies in building evaluation teams and in generating and implementing recommendations
     Design and develop health projects for submission to major donors such as USAID, World Bank, Centers for Disease
      Control, etc.; achieved a 75% success rate with 4-year, 1+ million dollar USAID Child Survival grants
      Develop and review fundraising strategies and business plans for organizations; manage client relationships with
      government and private donors

 Scheie Eye Institute, University of Pennsylvania                                                    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
 Interim Director, 4Sight Program                                                                                     1999-2000
       Redesigned urban eye health program targeted to the prevention of blindness from diabetic retinopathy; increased patient
        volume 3 fold in 6 months by streamlining processes
       Managed daily operations, including: scheduling (IDX/BAR), interviewing, assessing quality, designing surveys and
        protocols, extracting data from patient electronic and paper records, managing accounts payable and receivable, reporting
        to senior administrators, and managing up to 4 employees
        Recruited, hired and trained permanent Director
        Developed, executed and published cost analysis of program redesign; presented findings at major public health meeting

International Eye Foundation                                                                                Bethesda, Maryland
Child Survival (CS) Coordinator
      Managed USAID CS projects in Guatemala, Honduras, Malawi and Ethiopia; included management of up to 4 direct
       reports and more than 10 indirect field level supervisors on two continents, reporting/liaison/evaluation duties to USAID
       according to CS guidelines
      Initiated and developed 4 year, $1M CS grant proposal; approved upon first submission
      Lead establishment of operations in Bolivia; recruited HQ personnel and senior in-country staff; managed formalization
       of relationship with local partner organization; supported development and completion of cost analysis and nutrition
      Managed quality control project of the national sugar fortification effort in Honduras, included coordination of technical
       and political partners
      Provided technical and managerial support to micronutrient survey research in Guatemala; presented results at major
       micronutrient conference
      Advised RESULTS (advocacy group) on the World Summit for Children Bill (S1050/HR1427)
      Member CORE (CS organizations' network) Nutrition and Quality Improvement Working Groups
                                            Professional Experience (cont.)

Johns Hopkins School of Public Health                                                                 Blantyre, Malawi, Africa
Research Laboratory Administrator                                                                                     1989-1995
     Evaluated NIH HIV/AIDS clinical research project of 15,000 women and children; recommended and implemented
      improvements, including clinical and laboratory redesign and staff retraining; managed lab and clinic, with staff of 15,
      on daily basis

Research Technician                                                                                       Baltimore,
       Managed international biochemical reference laboratory for leading vitamin A public health research team; established
        quality control systems for international laboratories, trained health professionals in quality control and laboratory
        methodologies and designed logistical systems for specimen transport

    Johns Hopkins School of Public Health                                                                          Baltimore,
    Master of Public Health
           Certificate, Quality Assurance
           Certificate, Training of Survey Trainers

    Johns Hopkins University                                                                                      Baltimore,
          Master of Administrative Science (left program to pursue MPH), 25/45 credits

    University of Maryland                                                                                       College Park,
    Bachelor of Science, Microbiology
         Internship, Vaccine Development at Walter Reed Army Institute of Research

                                                  Additional Information
         Fluent Spanish
         Have lived and worked in over 20 countries in Asia, Latin America and Africa
                                                                                                  L.R. Clement
                                                                                                        Page 3

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