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									Introduction to Primavera Customer Support

    Importance of Customer Satisfaction

    About the Customer Support Department

    Support Services Overview

    Support Process and Contact Information

Importance of Customer Satisfaction

 Primavera measures customer satisfaction by the totality of your
experience with Primavera
    > Includes interactions with all employees, not just those in Support

    Your opinion counts!
    > Various mechanisms to gather your feedback and opinions
       • Transactional Support and Semi-Annual Satisfaction Surveys
       • Annual Conference
       • Customer Advisory Council

    Metrics ensure Primavera remains customer focused

 Company bonus plan incorporates customer satisfaction as a

About Customer Support
Primavera Support Organization

Customer Support Employees
 118 Customer Support employees as of mid-year, and

    Approximately 80% are located in USA, 20% in UK

    Provide support for all Primavera products worldwide


    Primavera delivers world class support to customers

 Help customers succeed in using our products to manage
projects, programs and resources

 Represent the voice of the customer and deliver customer
feedback to rest of the company to ensure product
development efforts are customer focused

Role of Primavera Customer Support

Keep Customers Highly Satisfied
     Answer technical and application questions
     Resolve reported product issues
     Prevent problems with proactive communication (e.g. monthly
     Maintain up-to-date online knowledgebase

Represent Customers’ Perspective within Primavera
     Enhancement requests

 Awards and Certifications

Service Capability and Performance (SCP) Certification for 5th
consecutive time
> Audited on over 100 certification criteria
> Range from executive commitment to customer satisfaction to internal

Omega “NorthFace” Award for 7th consecutive year
> Awarded to companies who consistently achieve “Best-in-Class”
      satisfaction ratings and who are committed to quality
> Satisfaction ratings of 8.0 or above based on a ten point scale are
      considered best-in-class scores

Support Services Overview
Standard Customer Care

Key Elements
 >New product releases
 >Service packs and upgrades
 >Unlimited number of incidents logged with support
 >Monthly e-newsletter
 >Web access for unlimited number of contacts
 >24x7 Support available via POINT (knowledgebase)
 >Subscription to Primavera Magazine

Value to You
 >Stay current with product releases/service packs
 >24x7 access to over 20,000 knowledgebase solutions
 >Efficient problem resolution
Value Added Services

For an additional fee, we offer these service options:

 >Toll Free 1-800 Customer Support
 >24 by 7 Customer Support – Pager support outside of normal
     business hours
 >1-Week Health Check – Primavera personally diagnoses your
     system to maximize your operating efficiency
 >Premium Support – One assigned team focused specifically on
     your business needs, 24 hours/day, 7 days/week
 >Major Release Upgrade Plan – Blueprint and plan the
     implementation of your new release

Contact your Primavera Maintenance Sales Representative for
more details.

Premium Support

Premium Support is the solution for customers who require a
higher level of support in mission critical and high availability
     Key Elements
     > Direct access to a small, focused group of highly skilled
       Support Representatives, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a
     > A Service Level Agreement, developed with specific
       consideration of the impact to your business
     > Expeditious resolution of support requests

     Value to you
     > Personalized Support
     > A Representative within Primavera to advocate your needs
Premium Support

With a dedicated team ready to provide expert assistance for
all your issues, combined with an intimate understanding of
your environment and business needs, Premium Support is a
wise investment!

      For more details, please contact the Manager of
      Premium Support:
      Michael Popky
      Office: (610) 949-6318
      Cell: (610) 597-5332

Support Process & Contact Information
Support Entitlement

     A valid Support Maintenance contract is required for support

 Maintenance contracts are verified when you:
 >Log a support incident
 >Request a new product release or service pack
 >Access the knowledgebase

 Lapsed Support
 >Once maintenance expires, technical support and on-line support
  resources (knowledgebase) are no longer available
 >Contact your Primavera Maintenance Sales Representative to

What information do I need to contact Support?

 User name (email address) and Password (for POINT access)
 Primavera product serial number
 > Go to Help, About
 Product version and service pack number
 > Go to Help, About
 Database Type/Server
 > e.g.: Oracle database, Windows 2003 Server
 Description of the problem or question
     • Application or Technical in nature
     • If problem, exact steps to recreate are needed
 Priority of the problem/question
 Error Codes or Messages

Support Response Times

Definition of Priorities       Priority   Response By or
Priority 1 – Urgent problem                   Before
                                  1       One (1) Business
Priority 2 – Serious problem
                                  2       One (1) Business
Priority 3 – Problem
                                  3       Five (5) Business
Priority 4 – Minor problem
                                  4       Five (5) Business
Priority 5 – Enhancement
             Request              5       Ten (10) Business
Priority 6 – How to question
                                  6       Ten (10) Business

Support Escalation Process

 Customer sets initial priority of issue via POINT. Support
Representative sets initial priority via other contact methods.

 Support Representative and Customer work together to
adjust priority of issue, if needed.

 Customer may request issue escalation at any point by
working with the Support Representative. The Support
Representative will involve the appropriate people (Support
Manager, Subject Matter Expert, etc.), depending on the

 Customer may, at any time, request to speak with a Support

POINT = Customer Portal

Primavera Online INTeraction
 >Part of the Customer Center on
 >24x7 Knowledgebase Access
 >Start a new Support incident, web chat, or request a callback
 >Manage, check status of past incidents
 >Manage your customer profile

Access is granted to Primavera Customers when:
 >Your contact information includes a valid email address.
 >A Primavera employee adds your contact information/email
     address in our system.
 >You receive an email notification introducing you to POINT.
Contacting Customer Support

Contact methods:
     • Self Help - online Knowledgebase
     • On line incident entry; check incident status
     • Web chat & callback
     • USA (+1.610.668.3030)
     • UK (+44.20.8563.5555)
     • Hong Kong (+852.2111.8299)

Primavera Customer Support Hours

     US: 8:00am - 8:00pm Eastern Time (GMT-5)

       Mon-Thurs: 8:30am – 6:30pm GMT
       Fri: 8:30am – 5:30pm GMT

     HK: 8:00am – 5:00pm Hong Kong Time (GMT+8)

      Thank you for your business!

     We look forward to working with


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