the disabled

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					the disabled     race relations      discriminate     reasonable         injured
                                      against sb     adjustments         feelings
                                         genuine       terms and
 collective        arbitration       occupational    conditions of      disability
 bargaining                          qualification    employment
   lockout          picketing        (employment      employment       trade union
                                           law)        tribunal

   holiday           unfair          redundancy      discriminatory     (to go on)
 entitlement        dismissal         dismissal         dismissal         strike

 labour law       labour code        employment      marital status   ethnic origins

construed as      date of            probationary     commencing      sickness pay
discriminatory commencement             service         salary        entitlement

  period of          pension          grievance          job            employee
   notice                                             description       handbook

 recruitment       employees’         childbirth       pregnancy      to outlaw sth
  to bring a
claim against       unlawful          a claim has    parental leave     maternity
      sb                                 merit                            leave

   paternity      discrimination     to dispose of    watertight      to drag sb out
     leave           industry              sth
to get sth out   let’s put it this   not to have a
  of the way            way           leg to stand   at the end of      to target
                                           on           the day

 to take off     in the pipeline       a hurdle        to tackle      senior equity

 to pervade        malicious         aggravated         facility       to kick the
                   behaviour          damages         management          habit
infringement        facility   knee-jerk
of a law, rule,   management    reaction