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									1                                            Indian Health Service
2                              Area Health Promotion Disease Prevention Minutes
3                                        October 7, 2008     1:00 EDT
       AREA           COORDINATOR             Present    Absent         AREA                 COORDINATOR             Present       Absent
        HQE           Becenti, Alberta                     √            Navajo                Nelson, Marie             √
      Aberdeen      Janelle Trottier/Carol                 √           Oklahoma             Carpitcher, Freda           √
       Alaska          Teresa Hicks                          √          Phoenix             Beyale, Shannon               √
    Albuquerque        Theresa Clay              √                     Portland                 Law, Joe                              √
       Bemidji                                               √          Tucson               Spears, Phyllis              √
       Billings      Johnson, Leeann                         √        Just Move It           Frazier, Shelley                         √
     California      Calderon, Beverly           √                    HNCF/CWCF               Jones, Marita               √
      Nashville     Ruslavage, Michelle                      √            PTF                  Percy, Chris                           √
        HQE           Dwayne Jarman              √                       Guest         Don Carter, Oklahoma Area          √
    Agenda Item                      Discussion/Highlights                        Action/Decision       Responsibility        Target Date

      Welcome/     Call Facilitator: Shannon Beyale                                   Roll Call            Shannon
      Roll Call    Minutes: Marie Nelson

                                                             Ongoing Business
    1.Common       Freda is asked on behalf of the Don Carter:                   Dwayne will check     Alberta & Dwayne        Next Call
    Measures          1. Who are the Common Measures HQT Lead:                   with Alberta to see
    HQT                   Chronic Care is Candace Jones and Ty Reidhead,        who is the Lead on
    Workgroup             HPDP is Alberta Becenti and Behavioral Health is      behalf of Behavioral
                          going through a Transition now.                       Health and provide
                      2. Who is on the work group? - Dwayne will check with           feedback
                      3. What are goals of potential common measures and      Dwayne reported that
                          what are the outcomes?                              he received an email
                                                                                 from Alberta for
                   Dwayne provided the following update based on Alberta’s    update to be provided
                   email to the HPDP Coordinators.                                 to the HPDP
                   Three Initiatives meeting was held in Albuquerque, NM on
                   September 16, 2008. After a lengthy discussion, the
                   workgroup came up with seven potential common

    Updated: 10/7/2008                                                                                                                 1
Agenda Item                          Discussion/Highlights                               Action/Decision        Responsibility   Target Date

                     1. Depression screening and follow-up (PHQ2 for screening;
                        and PHQ9 for diagnosis and follow up). .
                     2. Physical Activity (Screening for baseline and change in
                        level of activity)
                                           - # people w/ physical activity screen
                                           - % change with higher levels of activity
                                           - Change concept: refer people to PT
                                              for rehab so they can exercise; refer
                                              to exercise programs in the
                     3. Tobacco Use and treatment
                        - can track that provider recommended cessation via
                        Patient Education codes or medical treatment.
                     4. Alcohol use and treatment - right now only looks at
                        women of child bearing years, but GPRA workgroup plans
                        to expand to men and all age groups.
                        - AA and ALANON programs can be referral sources
                        since all communities don’t have treatment programs.
                     5. PAM (patient activation measure) - need to make it more
                        applicable for our patients.
                     6. Obesity screening and intervention BMI>25 nutrition and
                        exercise education
                     7. Injury prevention - how can we track??

               It was suggested that HPDP teams can focus on these measures
               and work with clinical care teams and RPMS can be used to show
               outcomes of the HPDP interventions. HPDP Coordinators to
               facilitate the process in their regions.

               Alberta is asking the Coordinators to think about that if these are
               good measures to track? Alberta thinks these measures are               HPDP Coordinators to        HPDP          As soon as
               appropriate and are all risk factors that contribute to the top           respond to Alberta      Coordinators     possible
               chronic conditions and diseases among our population.                   through email if these
                                                                                        are good measures to
               Marie reported that once the common measures are officially                     track.
               identified, they will be integrated into IPC 1 and IPC 2 sites.
2. National    Freda reported that the announcement is “on the streets”                  Please distribute          Freda
Awards         Award nomination submission deadline is December 18,

Updated: 10/7/2008                                                                                                                       2
Agenda Item                      Discussion/Highlights                          Action/Decision       Responsibility    Target Date


               Award notification is January 9, 2009

3. Cooper      This has been completed and to be deleted from the agenda      Contact Joe if you           Joe           Completed
Training                                                                      need a copy of the
Institute      A report was sent out by Joe already. Thank You and            report
               GOOD JOB Joe!

4. Restoring   The training was held on September 17-18, 2008 and              Bev to send out a          Bev          Next Call
Balance        hosted by the United American Indian Involvement (UAII) in     report on feedbacks
Update Pilot   Los Angeles, CA.                                               and comments
training                                                                      through the mail and
               The training went well and kept the registration open. There   post on the
               were a total of 20 people with 11-12 participants. Received    workstation.
               good responses. Coordinators did a good job.

               There were several drawbacks such as the flow of the
               training and could be improved. The next room was loud.
               Bev will send out a report of the Training. The Workgroup
               will keep working on updating the manual.

5.HNCF          Marita thanked everyone for the recruitment and selection            Update           Marita/Shelley
               of the 2009 HNC Fellows.
                    15 teams are represented with a total of 45 people            Thank you
                    The new fellows have not been notified yet.               Coordinators for the
                    There are:                                                 recruitment and
                       2 Teams from Billings                                       selection!
                       3 Teams from Navajo
                       4 Teams from Alaska
                       1 Team from Portland
                       2 Teams from Aberdeen
                       2 Teams from Albuquerque
                       1 Team from California
               There were 21 applicants but 18 went for review.

Updated: 10/7/2008                                                                                                                 3
Agenda Item                      Discussion/Highlights                        Action/Decision      Responsibility     Target Date

               The 2008 Fellows are getting ready for Week 4 Retreat
               which is scheduled for October 11-17, 2008 in DC.
6.NIHB         Woo Hoo – Beverly was able to get a booth for HPDP at no       Thank you Bev.     Shelley
Conference:    cost. Marita, Shelley, Marge and Patricia Yazzie manned
25th Annual    the booth.
Consumer                                                                                         Pat Yazzie,
Conference is                                                                                    Marge, Alberta
scheduled for
September 23-
25, at
Resort and
Casino in
7. Update     1. Best/Promising/Local Efforts:                                   Create link     1.Theresa/Marita/     Next Call
HPDP Four     Conference call conducted on September 9, 2008 to                  between         Shelley/Dwayne
Focus Areas   discussion options for submission:                                 workstation
              First on the HQ website and second on the Workstation by           and IHS
              using the CWCF story books. Currently working on the               website
              crosswalks to link to HQ.

               Dwayne mentioned that we need to be careful and follow         1. Obtaining
               Regulatory Affairs in posting things on the website. Another      OMB
               option is to use the Workstation for local efforts such as        Clearance
               what was recommended the Team in using CWCF.
               Dwayne is going look into HQ OMB clearance.

               Another comment: Since all activities are related to IHS
               Director’s Initiatives, all should be on the IHS website.

                2. Worksite Wellness – No update                              2. Update          2. Phyllis/Freda &    Next Call

               3. Marketing Campaign/Social Marketing –Update from            3. Need training   3. Shannon/Chris/     Next Call
               Marita:                                                           dates           Joe/Alberta/

Updated: 10/7/2008                                                                                                             4
Agenda Item                       Discussion/Highlights                            Action/Decision        Responsibility      Target Date

                Marita send an electronic copy of the description for SM that                            Dwayne
                Kavitha sent (see attachment)

                Cost: Alberta moved some funds to Navajo for Area               Area Coordinators        Area Coordinators
                Coordinators to use for SM training. The Area Coordinators      need to designate a
                can now host SM training in their regions. The cost is          lead contact to set up
                $1,000 a day, plus travel and per diem.                         training

                No update on the number of training or report of all SM         Marita to ask Kavitha    Marita/Kavitha
                training.                                                       for a Report

                HQ Marketing Packet: No updates                                 Dwayne to send out       Dwayne to ask
                                                                                fact sheet draft         Alberta of the

                 4. Community Assessment                                        Beverly to send RB       Leann and Marie     Next Call
                Marie sent the definition to Alberta. Leann and Marie to        Training Report
                review the Restoring Balance Pilot Training report.

8. Physical     PAK will be presented at the Childhood Obesity/Diabetes         Update as needed on       Theresa/Alberta       Next Call
Activity Tool   Prevention Conference in December. Plans are in place to              next call
Kit (PAK)       roll-out PAK at the conference. The tool kit will be

                Upon the roll-out 3-4 train the trainers will be conducted       Area Coordinators       Area Coordinators
                regionally. Theresa and Alberta are requesting for input.        need to think about
                Area Coordinators who requested for training so far are:         training dates and
                -Phoenix                                                        start planning for 25-
                -California                                                      30 people for each
                -Oklahoma                                                          training session.
                -Albuquerque                                                    Make sure you have a
                                                                                  large area for the
9.National      Deferred to the next meeting                                             Update               Alberta           Next call

Updated: 10/7/2008                                                                                                                       5
Agenda Item                         Discussion/Highlights                           Action/Decision          Responsibility   Target Date

10. PTF           This item will be discussed at the next PTF conference call,   Dwayne to follow-up            Alberta        Next Call
Issues-           scheduled for October 21, 2008. This item was discussed        with Alberta
Obesity,          at one point regarding the National Press Release
DDTP DETS,        scheduled for November 12, 2008. The question is “Are the
3 Initiatives     Area Coordinators invited to attend the event?”

11. Patient       Phyllis reported that patients really liked the patient        Phyllis will invite Chris   Phyllis/Freda     Next Call
Wellness          wellness handout as it was tested in Tucson Area. The next         to on the next
Handout           step is to start using it IHS wide.                              conference call to
(PWH)                                                                             provide an update

12. Childhood     Theresa provided an update the group that the workgroup is     Will give an update on         Theresa        Next Call
Obesity/Diabet    looking for volunteers for:                                    next call.
es                     Morning JMI events
Prevention in          Exercise Breaks                                          Volunteers:
Indian                 Bring pedometers and IPods                               Freda/Theresa/Bev/
Country:                                                                         Alberta
Making            Registration Cost: $200.00 and can get a discount if
Physical          registered before November 10, 2008.
Activity Count!
13.Annual         Alberta said she would send out the report.                    Update and delete              Alberta        Next Call
Report                Email was sent out with a new reporting template          from the agenda on
National              Deadline on October 31, 2008 for submission               next conference call.
Objectives and
Area Priorities
14. National      The NCCM is scheduled for February 8th through 13th. The       Update                         Alberta        Next Call
Combined          HPDP charter is still under review and we are hoping for
Council           approval by February 12th.
                  The HPDP Coordinators are going to have:
                        A meeting on Thursday morning as PTF, San
                         Diego, CA 2/12
                        1 workshop session recommendation
                        1 plenary speaker recommendation

Updated: 10/7/2008                                                                                                                     6
    Agenda Item                        Discussion/Highlights                         Action/Decision         Responsibility      Target Date

                            Morning wellness event
                             Poster session Sunday evening
                            Award

    15. January     Dwayne asked the HPDP Coordinators to see if the              Update                    Michelle/Alberta/D    Next Call
    2009-Area       Coordinators wanted to meet with the EpiCenter. The                                         ewayne
    HPDP meeting    answer is Yes. Dwayne will look into it.                      Dewayne to check
    to be held in                                                                 with the EpiCenter
    Nashville, TN   HPDP Coordinators Meeting in Nashville, TN on January 13
                    – 15, 2009

    16. Youth       Theresa reported that there will be Youth Leadership TTT in   Provide dates &           Theresa/Alberta/
    Leadership      February 2009. Phoenix is interested in hosting               location                     Shannon
                                                                                  Area Coordinators to
                                                                                  think of teams to send.
                                                                    New Business
    National        Phyllis reported that there is a National GPRA meeting in    Dewayne will follow up  Alberta Becenti          Next Call
    GPRA            California. It was suggested that Chris Percy or Alberta     with Alberta
    Meeting         Becenti should go on behalf of HPDP. The meeting is
                    scheduled on the week of November 17, 2008
    Other:                                                                                None                None                  None
    Next Call       The next call is scheduled for November 4 at 1:00pm EDT.            Next Call       Marie                    November 4,
    November 4,     Marie will facilitate and _________ will take notes.                                                            2008
    2008 at 1:00
    p.m. EDT.       Email agenda items to Marie by Friday, October 31, 2008


    Updated: 10/7/2008                                                                                                                    7

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