SSPC So Cal So by dfhercbml


									                     SSPC So Cal/ So Nevada Chapter
                   Steering committee February 28, 2007
                              La Mirada, Ca

                              Meeting Minutes

   Future Meeting ideas were discussed. Pat Sweeney will check into the Mar’s
    antenna at Fort Irwin. The following were discussed as future site
    presentations: The Long Beach Aquarium, “ask the pro’s session, Port
    Hueneme, Dr Drisko will inquire. Other possibilities are the tours of Cal West
    Galvanizing, OC Sanitation. Jim Graham will check into a tour of power

   Notices would be issued for upcoming CI, C2 and C11 classes.

   Financial Status of the chapter was reported by Bill Hansel, approximately
    $31,000.00 in accounts.

   Charity for the RPI Crew, Pat will verify if information received is correct.

   2008 Officers: A ballot will be issued with existing names and a portion will
    be open for new officers.

   Sponsorships, Pat will send out email to remind sponsor to send in remittance
    for 2008.

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