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                                     Committee Meeting
                                   Thursday, March 19, 2009

Members Present:                                    Members Absent:
Bill Bogdan, Chair                                  Roberta Phillippe
Marva Campbell-Pruitt                               David Andel
Pat Lee                                             Cheryl Jansen
Bonnie Dohogne
Phil Locacio
Eileen Durkin

Staff Present:
Margie Harkness
Kerry Flynn
Valencia Elzy

AGENDA ITEM: Call to Order
 Meeting called to order at 12:50 p.m.
 We will miss Vicki Niswander; thanks for her service over the past several years.

AGENDA ITEM: Approve January 15, 2009 Meeting Minutes
 Approved meeting minutes.

AGENDA ITEM:          State Plan Implementation

   Update of RICES project
    o 4 rural providers implementing customized employment with technical assistance. Enc. 2
       is thoughts and lessons learned from one of the sites, Streator Unlimited. This site is
       doing best. The 2 S. Il. sites are behind in getting “Discovery” (intensive person centered
       planning with employment focus; consultants Griffin-Hammis & Marc Gold & Assoc.
       have specific process) done; consultant is problem solving with them.
    o Project Advisory Committee held 1st meeting in Jan., to meet next 4/13. Reviewed the
       comments from John Mallaney at Streator and discussed difficulties with getting
       sufficient funding to cover Discovery. Among partial answers are increased assessment
       payment from DRS (as appropriate on individual basis), shared outcome payments as an
       Employment Network (SSA’s Ticket to Work), & use of HCB waiver money for
       supported employment. At her request, sub-group will follow-up and hold a discussion
       with Lilia Teninty about issues with use of the waiver.

   Medicaid Infrastructure Grant activities
    o MIG is federal grant to DFS – Medicaid buy-in project, Health Benefits for Persons with
      Disabilities. Reviewed logic model, strategic plan implementation, and national public
      awareness information from the 2009 activities under that grant. Note that some
      activities are similar to things our committee has discussed doing to achieve employment
                                                                                    Enclosure #1
      outcomes, so we don’t want to duplicate efforts. Examples: awareness/ education
      targeted to employers, self employment fairs/mentoring/support, and education on
      expectation of work and career development.
    o 3 sub-committees forming. Consider contacting Sandy Mott at HBWD and joining one
      if you have a special interest in area.
             Business Enterprise Program
              Relevant in that about 90% of the contracts awarded by the state to "people with
              disabilities" owned businesses (in excess of $24 million) goes to non-profits for
              sheltered workshop programs.
             PASS Loan Program
             Benefits Planning for Youth and Parents

   Discussion of committee’s targets
    o Employment – Providers have been cut 12% for supported employment, resulting in
        individuals losing job coaching and returning to sheltered work sites where they are
        unhappy at the step back. Times are extremely tough to achieve these targets given
        funding difficulties and high unemployment rates. Continue thinking about ways to use
        information from the committee’s Retooling Employment documents or ways to build
        capacity now while waiting for the economy to revive.
    o Education – Postsecondary Roundtable group to meet for the 3rd time April 9th at 11
        a.m. to get more detail on federal funding to states through a presentation by Joe
        Caldwell of AUCD (powerpoint given to group at 1st meeting). With unemployment
        high, individuals often return to school to increase skills while unemployed. This target
        may be our next area of focus while the economy is in a recession. To look for ways
        ICDD could act in support of areas identified by the Roundtable group as potential ways
        they could collaborate.

 Phil Locasio plans to represent DRS so Marva Campbell-Pruitt will not continue to attend.
 Great Lakes ADA Center has an on-line survey on transportation. ICDD will forward the
  link. Encourage people with developmental disabilities to fill it out.
 ICAAP (Assn. of Pediatricians) has Reach Out and Read Project which uses volunteer
  readers in waiting rooms at pediatric practices. Mentioned as FYI – possible volunteer
  opportunity for individuals.

AGENDA ITEM:          Adjournment
   Meeting adjourned at 1:35 p.m.