Introduction to Distribution Systems and Power Circuit Analysis by gregoria


									                Introduction to Distribution Systems
                and Power Circuit Analysis
                Training Course

                Industry Need                                           Location
                This course provides engineers with a fundamental       The course is conducted on a regular basis at
                understanding of electric circuit analysis with         Siemens PTI offices in Schenectady, NY and at other
                applications to power distribution systems. The         major cities throughout the United States. It is also
                material is especially suited for any engineer who      available for presentation at a client’s location by
                did not receive fundamental training in power           special arrangement.
                systems or for those who wish to receive a refresher.
                                                                        Continuing Education Units
                Objectives                                              2.7 Continuing Education Units (CEU's) will be
                The main objective of this course is to improve the     awarded for successful completion of this short
                participant’s understanding of power circuit analysis   course. The CEU is the nationally recognized unit for
                and distribution systems. The participant will exit     recording participation in noncredit educational
                the course with greater ability to analyze common       programs. One CEU is equal to ten classroom hours.
                power circuit problems. The participant will also
                have a stronger understanding of distribution
                system problems and equipment applications.

                Participants should have a four year engineering
                degree with college level courses in geometry,
                trigonometry, matrix algebra, and physics. A
                background in electric power systems is not

                Course Structure
                The course duration is four and one-half days, with
                the last day concluding at noon. Each morning and
                afternoon session is three hours.

                Each participant will receive a bound set of course
                notes that complement the lectures. The lectures
                closely follow the notes to minimize the need for
                note taking in the class.

                The course will be taught by Siemens PTI consulting
                engineers that have extensive experience in electric
                power systems.

Siemens PTI – Power Academy TD
Power Transmission & Distribution
Course Content
The course reviews the fundamental
methods used in the steady-state analysis of
AC circuits as applied to power distribution
systems including:

• complex numbers, phasors and vectors
• Ohm’s law for resistive, capacitive and
  inductive linear circuit elements
• Real and reactive power in AC circuits
  (kVA, kW, and kvar)
• Kirchoff’s laws and the fundamentals of
  circuit analysis
• matrices and network solution methods
• three-phase power systems
• the per unit system
• symmetrical components
• fault currents and Thevenin and Norton
• Overview of the Power Delivery Systems
• Introduction to reliability and power
• Distribution system configurations
• Distribution equipment
• voltage drop
• voltage regulation
• load types: lighting, motors and load
• power factor correction and capacitor

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P.O. Box 1058, 1482 Erie Blvd.                                              P.O. Box 3220                                                          Sir William Siemens House, Princess Road
Schenectady, NY 12301-1058                                                  91050 Erlangen                                                         Manchester, M20 2UR
USA                                                                         Germany                                                                United Kingdom

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