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Division of Mental Health_ Developmental Disabilities and


									                                     Division of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities and Addictive Diseases
                                                                Revised April 15, 2004

                                                                                                                                        Counties in
                Region                                Regional Hospital                         Community Service Board                Service Area

                                                                         NORTH REGION (2 Pages)
              Charles Fetner
            Regional Coordinator
                                                          Steve Holton, Acting         Lookout Mountain Community Services       Catoosa
                  Vacant                             Regional Hospital Administrator   Tom Ford, Ph.D., Director                 Chattooga
      Regional Services Administrator            Northwest Georgia Regional Hospital   P.O. Box 1027                             Dade
                                                          1305 Redmond Circle          Lafayette, GA 30728                       Walker
      475 Tribble Gap Road, Suite 200                    Rome, Georgia 30161
         Cumming, Georgia 30040                          Phone (706) 295-6246
           Phone 770-205-5411                              Fax (706) 802-5454          Telephone: (706) 638-5584
             FAX 770-205-5410                                                          FAX: (706) 638-5585

Admin. Asst: Joan Kennish
Exec. Sec: Mary Lawson                                                                 Highland Rivers Community Service Board   Bartow
Sr. Financial Officer: Brenda Hester                                                   Klay Weaver, Director                     Cherokee
Financial Spec: Marvin Stover                                                          1710 White House Drive, Suite 204         Fannin
PI/Planning Spec: Raymer Wilson                                                        Dalton, Georgia 30720                     Floyd
Consumer Prot. Mgr: Sara Hopper                                                                                                  Gilmer
Consumer Prot. Spec: Vacant
                                                                                       Telephone: (706) 270-5000                 Gordon
Consumer Prot. Spec: Catherine Register-Riggle
Contract Spec: Tom Logan                                                                                                         Haralson*
Operations Analyst: Anne Bouchard                                                      FAX: (706) 270-5124                       Murray
C&A MH/AD Spec: John Lueken                                                                                                      Paulding
MH/AD Spec: Mettina Carroll                                                                                                      Pickens
DD Spec: Judy Walker                                                                                                             Polk
DD Spec: Kris Perry                                                                                                              Whitfield
Prevention Spec: Chris Wood
                                                                                                                                 *Haralson County receives many
                                                                                                                                 MHDDAD services from Haralson
                                                                                                                                 Behavioral Health Services
                                                                                                                                 operated by the Board of Health.

                                                                                                Counties in
       Region           Regional Hospital            Community Service Board                   Service Area
North Region (Page 2)                       Georgia Mountains Community Services        Banks
                                            Laura Tyler, Ph.D., Director                Dawson
                                            4331 Thurmond Tanner Road                   Forsyth
                                            Flowery Branch, Georgia 30542-2829          Franklin
                                            Telephone:     (678) 513-5700               Hart
                                             or 800-525-8751                            Lumpkin
                                            800-347-5827 (Emergency and Night Number)   Rabun
                                            FAX: (678) 513-5827                         Towns

                                            Cobb County Community Services Board        Cobb
                                            Tod Citron, Director
                                            3830 South Cobb Drive, Suite 300
                                            Smyrna, GA 30080

                                            Telephone: (770) 429-5002

                                            FAX: (770) 438-5136

                                            Douglas County Community Services Board     Douglas
                                            Tod Citron, Director
                                            3830 South Cobb Drive, Suite 300
                                            Smyrna, GA 30080

                                            Telephone: (770) 429-5002

                                            FAX: (770) 438-5136

                                                                                                                                               Counties in
                 Region                       Regional Hospital                          Community Service Board                              Service Area

                                                                          METRO REGION
           Earnestine Pittman
            Regional Coordinator                       Ron Hogan                 DeKalb Community Service Board                    DeKalb
                                              Regional Hospital Administrator    R. Derril Gay, Ph.D., Director
        Lynn Copeland, Acting             Georgia Regional Hospital at Atlanta   445 Winn Way
      Regional Services Administrator            3073 Panthersville Road         Room 464
                                                 Decatur, Georgia 30037          Decatur, GA 30030-1707
       100 Crescent Centre Parkway                Phone (404) 243-2110            or
                Suite 900                          Fax (404) 212-4621            P. O. Box 1648
       Tucker, Georgia 30084-7055                                                Decatur, GA 30032
           Phone 770-414-3052
            FAX 770-414-3048                                                     Telephone (404) 294-3836
                                                                                 (Switchboard)   294-3834
Admin. Asst: Audrey Taylor
Exec. Sec: Tiffany Scott                                                         FAX: (404) 508-7795
Sr. Financial Officer: Beverly Rollins
Financial Spec: Lorraine Brooks
PI/Planning Spec: Ron Turner
Consumer Prot. Mgr: David Leigh
Consumer Prot. Spec: Patricia J. Rivers                                          GRN Community Service Board                       Gwinnett
Consumer Prot. Spec: Rose Wilcox                                                 Bobby Robbins, Director                           Newton
Contract Spec: Ivory Roberson
                                                                                 P.O. Box 687                                      Rockdale
Provider Net. Dev. Mgr: Lynn Copeland
Operations Analyst: Helen Chandler
                                                                                 Lawrenceville, GA 30046-0687
C&A MH/AD Spec: Cathy Griffin
MH/AD Spec: Vacant                                                               Telephone: (770) 339-5019
DD Spec: Ed Pless
DD Spec: Phil Harshaw                                                            FAX: (770) 339-5382
Prevention Spec: Doris Thomas

                                                                                 Clayton Community MH, AD Developmental Services   Clayton
                                                                                 Jimmy Wiggins, Director
                                                                                 112 Broad Street
                                                                                 Jonesboro, GA 30236-1919

                                                                                 Telephone: (770) 478-2280

                                                                                 FAX: (770) 477-9772

                                                                                                                                     Counties in
                 Region                       Regional Hospital                         Community Service Board                     Service Area

                                                                WEST CENTRAL REGION
             Gregory C. Hoyt
            Regional Coordinator                    James Jackson                New Horizons                             Chattahoochee
                                             Regional Hospital Administrator     Perry Alexander, Director                Clay
            Michael Swingle             West Central Georgia Regional Hospital   P.O. Box 5328                            Harris
      Regional Services Administrator             3000 Schatulga Road            Columbus, GA 31906-0328                  Muscogee
                                               Columbus, Georgia 31907                                                    Quitman
           3800 Schatulga Road                   Phone (706) 568-5203            Telephone: (706) 596-5583                Randolph
         Columbus, GA 31907-3118                   Fax (706) 568-2257                                                     Stewart
            Phone 706-568-5281                                                   FAX: (706) 596-5589                      Talbot
             FAX 706-569-3140
                                                                                 Middle Flint Behavioral HealthCare       Crisp
Admin. Asst: Tammy Williams                                                      Pam Davis, Director                      Dooly
Exec. Sec: Regina DeStefano                                                      P.O. Drawer 1348                         Macon
Sr. Financial Officer: Rick Valentine                                            Americus, GA 31709-1348                  Marion
Financial Spec: Arthur Umeadi                                                                                             Schley
PI/Planning Spec: Hope Edwards                                                   Telephone: (229) 931-2470                Sumter
Consumer Prot. Mgr: Larry Stephens                                                                                        Taylor
Consumer Prot. Spec: Jean Holt
                                                                                 FAX: (229) 931-2474                      Webster
Consumer Prot. Spec: Tom Carr
Contract Spec: Chuck Davis
Operations Analyst: Donyce Power
C&A MH/AD Spec: Lutricia Rutledge
MH/AD Spec: Sam Page
DD Spec: Jane Moore
DD Spec: Kevin Guthas
Prevention Spec: Charlotte Billings

                                                                                 Pathways Center for Behavioral and       Carroll
                                                                                    Developmental Growth                  Coweta
                                                                                 Joan Turner, Director                    Heard
                                                                                 120 Gordon Commercial Drive, Suite A     Meriwether
                                                                                  LaGrange, GA 30240-5740                 Troup

                                                                                 Telephone: (706) 845-4045

                                                                                 FAX: (706) 845-4341

                                                                                 McIntosh Trail Community Service Board   Butts
                                                                                 Cathy Johnson, Director                  Fayette
                                                                                 1501-A Kalamazoo Drive                   Henry
                                                                                 Griffin, GA 30224                        Lamar
                                                                                 Telephone: (770) 358-5252                Spaulding
                                                                                 FAX: (770) 229-3223

                                                                                                                                  Counties in
               Region                   Regional Hospital                        Community Service Board                         Service Area

                                                                    CENTRAL REGION
          Arthur Carder, Acting
           Regional Coordinator                 Marvin Bailey             Community Service Board of Middle Georgia   Bleckley
                                        Regional Hospital Administrator   Patsy Thomas, Ed.D., Director               Dodge
             Arthur Carder                 Central State Hospital         2121 A Bellevue Road                        Johnson
     Regional Services Administrator            Powell Building           Dublin, GA 31021-2998                       Laurens
                                         Milledgeville, Georgia 31062                                                 Montgomery
      1022 Hillcrest Parkway, Suite B       Phone (478) 445-4128          Telephone: (478) 272-1190                   Pulaski
            Dublin, GA 31021                  Fax (478) 445-6034                                                      Telfair
          Phone 478-274-7912                                              FAX: (478) 275-6509                         Treutlen
             1-888-413-9317                                                                                           Wheeler
           FAX 478-274-7915                                                                                           Wilcox

Admin. Asst: Emily Killingsworth
Exec. Sec: Dionne Reeves                                                  River Edge Behavioral Health Center         Bibb
Sr. Financial Officer: Vacant                                             Frank Fields, Director                      Jones
Financial Spec: Dwella Pope                                                                                           Monroe
                                                                          175 Emery Highway
PI/Planning Spec: Vacant
                                                                          Macon, GA 31217-3692                        Twiggs
Consumer Prot. Mgr: Lynne Tollison
Consumer Prot. Spec: Derek Nesmith
Consumer Prot. Spec: Hazel Giddens                                        Telephone: (478) 751-4515
Contract Spec: Gina Ensley
Operations Analyst: Gina Thomas                                           FAX: (478) 752-1040
C&A MH/AD Spec: Clariece Morris
MH/AD Spec: Monica Williams
DD Spec: Rosa Sanders                                                     Phoenix Center Behavioral Health Services   Crawford
Prevention Spec: Vacant
                                                                          Don Blair, Director                         Houston
                                                                          P.O. Box 2866                               Peach
                                                                          Warner Robins, GA 31099-2866

                                                                          Telephone: (478) 322-4058
                                                                          Directors Phone: (478) 322-4059

                                                                          FAX: (478) 322-4085

                                                                          Oconee Community Service Board              Baldwin
                                                                          John Prather, Director                      Hancock
                                                                          P.O. Box 1827                               Jasper
                                                                          Milledgeville, GA 31059-1827                Putnam
                                                                          Telephone: (478) 445-4817                   Wilkinson

                                                                          FAX: (478) 445-4963

                                                                                                                                                       Counties in
               Region                             Regional Hospital                            Community Service Board                                Service Area

                                                                        EAST CENTRAL REGION

          M. Andrew McCollum                                                            Community Service Board of East Central Georgia   Columbia
           Regional Coordinator                       Gail Jackson, M.D.                Dr. Phil Horton, Interim Director                 Lincoln
                                             Regional Hospital Services Administrator   3421 Mike Padgett Highway                         McDuffie
                                                East Central Regional Hospital          Augusta, GA 30906-3815                            Richmond
                                                      100 Myrtle Boulevard                                                                Taliaferro
      Regional Services Administrator                                                                                                     Warren
                                                  Gracewood, Georgia 30812              Telephone: (706) 432-7800
                                                     Phone (706) 790-2030               (Secretary-Yvonne Lewis)                          Wilkes
          1056 Claussen Road                           Fax (706) 790-2025
                  Suite 212                                                             FAX: (706) 432-3791
           Augusta, GA 30907
          Phone 706-667-4833
         Toll free 1-866-380-4835
            FAX 706-667-4840
                                                                                        Ogeechee Behavioral Health Services               Burke
Admin. Asst: Betsy Capers                                                               J. Frank Brantley, Director                       Emanuel
Exec. Sec: Teresa Thompson                                                              P.O. Box 1259                                     Glascock
Sr. Financial Officer: Larry Howell                                                     Swainsboro, GA 30401-1259                         Jefferson
Financial Spec: Ed Rees                                                                                                                   Jenkins
PI/Planning Spec: John Warner                                                           Telephone: (478) 289-2522                         Screven
Consumer Prot. Mgr: Karen Paschall-Hammond                                              (Secretary-Donna Almond)
Consumer Prot. Spec: Stephanie Taylor
Consumer Prot. Spec: Vacant                                                             FAX: (478) 289-2544
Contract Spec: Vacant
Operations Analyst: Kim Jackson
C&A MH/AD Spec: Mark MacDonald
MH/AD Spec: Audrey Sumner
DD Spec: Betty Dyches
DD Spec: Janice F. Adams
Prevention Spec: Amy Judson

                                                                                        Advantage Behavioral Health Systems               Barrow
                                                                                        Terry Tellefson, Director                         Clarke
                                                                                        250 North Avenue                                  Elbert
                                                                                        Athens, GA 30601-2244                             Greene
                                                                                        Telephone: (706) 542-9739                         Morgan
                                                                                        FAX: (706) 542-9681                               Oglethorpe

                                                                                                                                     Counties in
                Region                   Regional Hospital                        Community Service Board                           Service Area

                                                                  SOUTHWEST REGION

             David Sofferin                Beverly Bajerski, Interim       Albany Area Community Service Board           Baker
           Regional Coordinator          Regional Hospital Administrator   John Burns, Ed.D., Director                   Calhoun
                                         Southwestern State Hospital       P.O. Box 1988                                 Dougherty
                                            400 Pinetree Boulevard         Albany, GA 31702-1988                         Early
              Ken Brandon                 Thomasville, Georgia 31799                                                     Lee
      Regional Services Administrator        Phone (229) 227-3020          Telephone: (229) 430-4042                     Miller
                                              Fax (229) 227-2883                                                         Terrell
      200 West Oglethorpe Boulevard                                        FAX: (229) 430-4047                           Worth
           4th Floor, Suite 402
           Albany, GA 31701
          Phone 229-430-3017
           FAX 229-430-4098
                                                                           The Georgia Pines Community MHDDAD Services   Colquitt
Admin. Asst: Anita Alexander                                               Robert Jones, Director                        Decatur
Exec. Sec: Jimmie Brand                                                    1102 Smith Avenue, Suite K                    Grady
Sr. Financial Officer: Carol Williams                                      Thomasville, GA 31792-1659                    Mitchell
Financial Spec: Vacant                                                                                                   Seminole
PI/Planning Spec: Vacant                                                   Telephone: (229) 225-4370                     Thomas
Consumer Prot. Mgr: Erical Smith
Consumer Prot. Spec: Will Grimes                                           FAX: (229) 225-4374
Consumer Prot. Spec: Stephanie Killens
Contract Spec: Vacant
Provider Net. Dev. Mgr: Andre Marria
Operations Analyst: Nancy Rumph
C&A MH/AD Spec: Vacant
MH/AD Spec: Kim Armstrong
DD Spec: Margaret Gooden
Prevention Spec: Joe Troope

                                                                           Behavioral Health Services of South Georgia   Ben Hill
                                                                           David McCracken, Director
                                                                           3120 N. Oak Street Extension
                                                                           Suite C
                                                                           Valdosta, GA 31602-1007
                                                                           Telephone: (229) 333-7095
                                                                           FAX: (229) 333-7093

                                                                                                                                            Counties in
                Region                       Regional Hospital                         Community Service Board                             Service Area

                                                                   SOUTHEAST REGION

             Rosa Kamson
           Regional Coordinator                Frank Drummond, M.D.             Pineland Area MH, DD and AD Community Service   Appling
                                            Regional Hospital Administrator        Board                                        Bulloch
                 Vacant                 Georgia Regional Hospital at Savannah   June DiPolito, Director                         Candler
      Regional Services Administrator           1915 Eisenhower Drive           P.O. Box 745                                    Evans
                                               Savannah, Georgia 31406          Statesboro, GA 30459-0745                       Jeff Davis
       7001 Chatham Center Drive                Phone (912) 356-2045                                                            Tattnall
      The Liberty Building, Suite 600            Fax (912) 351-3550             Telephone: (912) 764-6906                       Toombs
          Savannah, GA 31405                                                                                                    Wayne
          Phone 912-651-0964                                                    FAX: (912) 489-3058
           FAX 912-651-0968
                                                                                Gateway Community Service Board                 Bryan
                                                                                Frank Bonati, Dr.PH.                            Camden
Admin. Asst: Sarah Dunbar
Exec. Sec: Maureen Ray-Sommers                                                  1000 Commissioners Drive                        Chatham
Sr. Financial Officer: Brenda Moss                                              Darien, GA 31305                                Effingham
Financial Spec: Vacant                                                                                                          Glynn
PI/Planning Spec: Augustine Ozobia                                              Telephone: (912) 437-9300                       Liberty
Consumer Prot. Mgr: Kathi Harrington                                                                                            Long
Consumer Prot. Spec: Carlene Dukes                                              FAX: (912) 437-9483                             McIntosh
Consumer Prot. Spec: Fletcher Corbin
Contract Spec: Jim Poindexter
Operations Analyst: Vacant
C&A MH/AD Spec: Toby Hoffler
MH/AD Spec: Vacant
DD Spec: Suzanne Judy
DD Spec: Sharon Williamson
Prevention Spec: Deanne Bergen

                                                                                Satilla Community Services                      Atkinson
                                                                                Dennis Wool, Ph.D.                              Bacon
                                                                                P.O. Box 1397                                   Brantley
                                                                                Waycross, GA 31502-1397                         Charlton
                                                                                Telephone:    (912) 284-2543                    Coffee
                                                                                FAX: (912) 287-6660                             Ware


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