Introduction To Cellular Analysis by gregoria


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                            Introduction To Cellular Analysis
1.   Wallace Coulter invented the Coulter Principle in what year
     A. 1950
     B. 1948
     C. 1930
     D. 1970

2.   Total Cellular Analysis is the application of all the presently available technologies to the analysis of
     A. True
     B. False

3.   The benefits to automated Total Cellular Analysis is
     A. Automation
     B. Information
     C. Technology
     D. All of the above
     E. None of the above

4.   Total Cellular Analysis is important in patient care because it provides physician with the CBC
     information commonly used to determine patient condition in healthcare today
     A. True
     B. False

5.   What are some of the uses of Total Cellular Analysis
     A. Detection of Early Stage of Hematologic Disease
     B. Disease Management
     C. Broad Diagnostic Tool
     D. All of the above
     E. None of the above

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