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					                                         DISABLED AMERICAN VETERANS
                                                                 Chapter 13
                                                             Post Office Box 639
                                                           Glen Burnie, MD 21061

Commander/Editor                             Aux. Commander                               Adjutant
Pete Schwarz                               Pat Schwarz                                 Thomas Sadler
(410) 551-6760                                                                         (410) 410-760-3577
          Chapter meetings every 1st Thursday of the month at 7:00PM, 8068 Quarterfield Road, Severn, Maryland
                                                 April 2009 – June 2009

Dear Comrades:
We had a great time at the installation banquet and ceremony installing our chapter and auxiliary unit officers. As always, we
enjoyed the company of our fellow comrades from the Department of Maryland, from Chapter 21 and other chapters. We
also had the pleasure of having most of the DAV van drivers and their spouses with us. I am honored for having been
selected as the chapter commander for 2009/2010. I will do my best to carry out the duties of the commander.

Again this year I will have the opportunity to participate in the Annual Department Convention at the end of May in Ocean
City. I hope DAVA Unit 13 will have good representation with me at the convention also. The unit is having trouble
recruiting members who are willing to serve as officers. We are looking for someone to step forward and serve in the
positions of Treasurer, Adjutant, Chaplain and Judge Advocate. The unit is at risk of having to dissolve and return its
charter. This would be a sad loss since Unit 13 was formed way back in 1946 and the ladies have greatly supported Chapter
13 throughout the years since then.

As we are enjoying warmer weather again, I hope to see more members at our monthly chapter meetings and other activities
this year. We will participate in the Glen Burnie Memorial Day Parade and we will need volunteers to march with us. Our
chapter picnic is scheduled to be in August at Fort Smallwood Park. We have an ongoing need for van drivers at the Glen
Burnie VA Clinic. Please contact one of the volunteers at the transportation office of the Glen Burnie VA Clinic for
information on how to become a volunteer driver. Transporting needy veterans to the clinic is very fulfilling and rewarding
volunteer work. You can choose your hours and days you prefer to drive. In the fall we will ask you to help again with our
annual fund raising efforts.

There are still many members who have not paid their life-membership dues. I hope to see more veterans who served in
Korea and Vietnam or in later conflicts who have a desire to keep serving our great country by volunteering to help us build
better lives for our disabled veterans. A veteran’s disability does not have to be combat-related for him or her to be eligible
to join the DAV. Any health problems, which originated while serving in the US Forces, may qualify for a VA disability
rating. We have service officers at the chapter level and at the Department of Maryland who will gladly help with your
claims. Please spread the word to friends and neighbors who have served in the military! We are looking forward to another
great year!

For God, Country and the DAV                          - Pete
Apr. 2, 2009               General Meeting, 7:00pm
Apr. 23, 2009              Executive Meeting, 7:00pm
May 7, 2009                General Meeting, 7:00pm
May 16, 2009               Baysox game honor guard
May 17, 2009               GB Memorial Day Parade
May 25. 2009               Memorial Day (Crownsville)
May 27-30, 2009            State Convention, Ocean City
Jun. 4, 2009               General Meeting, 7:00pm
Jun. 25, 2009              Executive Meeting, 7:00pm

(Wayne Godwin, Jan Holland, Pat Schwarz, Pete Schwarz, Cliff Stoffel at Crownsville Veterans Cemetery)
2008/2009 Chapter Officers                                                        Unit Officers
Commander                                     Pete Schwarz                        Pat Schwarz
Sr. Vice Commander                            Bob Mullenax                        Nattie Godwin
Jr. Vice Commander                            Ronald Adams                        Annalee Mullenax
Treasurer                                     Billie Miles                        Donna Norman
Chaplain/Historian                            Johnny Hall
Sergeant of Arms                              Leo Sparks
Officer of the Day                            Wayne Godwin
Judge Advocate                                Frank McMonegal

It’s baseball time! Ready to melt away the winter blues?
The Department of Maryland will again be participating in several “DAV Night at the Ball Park”: May 16 – Bowie Baysox
vs. Erie Seawolves (tickets are $6); June 23 – Aberdeen Ironbirds vs. Staten Island Yankees (tickets are $10 and include a
free cap); July 11 – Baltimore Orioles vs. Toronto Bluejays (tickets are $6); August 9 – Washington Nationals vs. Arizona
Diamondbacks (tickets are TBD). For tickets contact the Department at 410-539-1310

Service Officer Report:
Veterans Employment Coordination Service (VECS)
VA is extremely proud of its record of leading and promoting the hiring of veterans and disabled veterans in the Federal
sector. We believe an even greater obligation exists to assist our most severely injured veterans. For many of these warriors,
the desire to actively participate in the workforce when the time is right remains high. VA not only recognizes the value
severely injured bring to any workforce, but the potential challenges they could face obtaining meaningful careers. Under
VECS Severely Injured Veterans Employment Initiative, a network of Regional Veterans Employment Coordinators (RVEC)
stand ready to provide personal hands-on assistance, helping to expand opportunities to VA employment. VECS seeks to
ensure that severely injured veterans from Operations Enduring and Iraqi Freedom not only have the tools for success, but
also access to the resources and networks necessary for their transition to the VA workforce.

Home-Based Primary Care
The Home-Based Primary Care Program was established in 1972. The Home-Based Primary Care (HBPC) is an innovative
Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) program that provides comprehensive longitudinal primary care in the homes of
veterans with complex chronic disabling disease in contrast to other home care systems that target patients with short-term
remediable needs and provide episodic, time-limited and focused skilled services. HBPC targets patients with complex
chronic disease and provides comprehensive longitudinal home care. A physician-directed interdisciplinary team delivers the
care, often over an extended period of time. Because of the medical complexity and functional impairment of these patients,
routine clinic based care is not effective. HBPC manages (1) patients with multiple interacting chronic medical problems
requiring longitudinal intervention to maintain health status, retard functional decline, and reduce or delay
institutionalization; (2) patients with advanced terminal illness who want palliative care, and (3) certain patients with
relatively short term problems, who need health services, home training, and home adaptation until they can be managed in
an outpatient clinic. Services include medical care, nursing care and education, rehabilitation services, nutritional counseling,
social work services, clinical pharmacy services, and bereavement support. HBPC provides medications, supplies, medical
equipment, and assistance with home improvements and structural alterations. At affiliated medical centers, HBPC provides
essential training in primary long-term care to medical residents, geriatric fellows, nurses, and allied health professionals.
HBPC is designed to serve the chronically ill through the months and years before death, providing primary care, palliative
care, rehabilitation, disease management and coordination of care services.
(Department of Veterans Affairs)
President Obama's first proposed budget for the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) expands eligibility for health care to an
additional 500,000 deserving Veterans over the next five years, meets the need for continued growth in programs for the
combat Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan, and provides the resources to deliver quality health care for the Nation’s 5.5
million Veteran patients.

If accepted by Congress, the President’s budget proposal would increase VA’s budget from $98 billion this fiscal year to
$113 billion for the fiscal year beginning Oct. 1, 2009. This is in addition to the $1.4 billion provided for VA projects in the
American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

The 2010 budget represents the first step toward increasing funding for VA efforts by $25 billion over baseline during the
next five years. The gradual expansion in health care enrollment that this would support will open hospital and clinic doors
to more than 500,000 Veterans by 2013 who have been regrettably excluded from VA medical care benefits since 2003. The
2010 budget request provides the resources to achieve this level of service while maintaining high quality and timely care for
lower-income and service-disabled Veterans who currently rely on VA medical care.

The new budget provides greater benefits for Veterans who are medically retired from active duty, allowing for the first time
disabled military retirees to keep their full VA disability compensation along with their retired pay. The President’s budget
request also provides the resources for effective implementation of the post-9/11 GI Bill -- providing unprecedented levels of
educational support to the men and women who have served our country through active military duty.

The new budget will support additional specialty care in such areas as prosthetics, vision and spinal cord injury, aging, and
women's health. New VA Centers of Excellence will focus on improving these critical services.

The proposed fiscal year 2010 budget also addresses the tragic fact of homelessness among Veterans. It expands VA's
current services through a collaborative pilot program with non-profit organizations that is aimed at maintaining stable
housing for vulnerable Veterans at risk of homelessness, while providing them with supportive services to help them get back
on their feet through job training, preventive care, and other critical services.

Finally, the President’s budget request provides the necessary investments to carry VA services to rural communities that are
too often unable to access VA care. The President's budget expands VA mental health screening and treatment with a focus
on reaching Veterans in rural areas in part through an increase in Vet Centers and mobile health clinics. New outreach
funding will help rural Veterans and their families stay informed of these resources and encourage them to pursue needed

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