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					                     Школа при Посольстве России в Индии. Экстернат
                               10 класс. Английский язык

                                        I полугодие

   1. Grammar test
   2. Reading
   3. Writing

       1) Complete the story about the theft of a river barge. Put in a, an, one or the.
This is (►) a true story about (1) ……man who chose (2) ……worst possible time for his
crime. It happened in London in (3) ……..summer of 1972. (4) ……..man stole a barge on (5)
……….. River Thames (in case you don‟t know, (6) ………. barge is a river boat used for
carrying goods). (7) …………owner of (8) ………. barge soon discovered that it was missing
and immediately informed (9) ……… police so that they could look for it. Normally (10)
……..river is quite (11) ……. busy place, and it would be difficult to find what you were
looking for. On this day, however, there was (12) ………..dock strike, and so there was only
(13) ……. barge on (14)…….river. (15) ………..thief was quickly found and arrested.

      2) Complete the conversation. Put in the words and decide if you need a, an, some or
Martin: I think we ought to book (►) a holiday (holiday). Where shall we go?
Anna: What about (►) Scotland (Scotland)? I think Edinburgh is (1) …………
         ………………. (beautiful city). I love going there.
Martin: (2) …………… (weather) might not be very good. We went there at
         (3) …………… (Easter), and it was freezing, remember?
Anna: We could have a walk along (4) …………………………….. (Princess Street) and up
         to the castle. And I wanted to go to (5) ………………….. (Royal Scottish Museum),
         but we never found time.
Martin: Can‟t we go somewhere different?
Anna: We could spend some time in (6) ……………………. (Highlands), I suppose.
Martin: When I go on holiday, I want to do something more relaxing than climbing (7)
         ……………….. (mountains). And I find it pretty boring.
Anna: How can you say such (8) …………………(thing)?
Martin: Actually, I‟d prefer somewhere warmer and by (9) ……………… (sea). I think (10)
         …………………. (Corfu) would be nice. We might get (11)……………………
         (sunshine) there. I just want to lie on the beach.
Anna: Martin, you know I‟m not at all keen on (12) ……………………….. (beach

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                         Школа при Посольстве России в Индии. Экстернат
                                   10 класс. Английский язык


Decide which word is correct.

1. If he took the bus to work he ... late.
        a. wouldn't be
        b. won't
        c. isn't
        d. wasn't
2. Let's go to the zoo, ... ?
        a. do we
        b. don't we
        c. shall we
        d. shan't we
3. I didn't like the idea of ... to the cinema.
        a. to go
        b. going
        c. go
        d. went
4. If it ... I'll watch TV.
        a. rain
        b. rained
        c. rains
        d. will rain
5. I have my English class ... Monday morning.
        a. in
        b. at
        c. for
        d. on
6. She always works ...and does her best.
        a. hard
        b. hardly
        c. harder
        d. hardest
7. The friend ... party I went to is a pianist.
        a. who
        b. whose
        c. which
        d. those
8. British families ... to have at least one pet.
        a. said
        b. are saying
        c. is said

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                      Школа при Посольстве России в Индии. Экстернат
                                10 класс. Английский язык

      d. are said
9. Violent programs on TV may have a bad ... on children.
      a. control
      b. influence
      c. power
      d. pressure
10. Letters have not been sent to our customers ... .
      a. still
      b. else
      c. already
      d. yet
11. Do they ... arrive at the station early?
      a. should
      b. must
      c. have
      d. have to
12. The plane took ... at 4 p.m.
      a. off
      b. up
      c. out
      d. of
13. The film ... a great success.
      a. is
      b. has
      c. gets
      d. does
14. Who ... you the story?
      a. said
      b. spoke
      c. told
      d. talked
15. Do you want ... you?
      a. my help
      b. my to help
      c. me help
      d. me to help
16. He began ... plays at an early age.
      a. write
      b. wrote
      c. writing
      d. written
17. When my friend rang me up, I ... TV.
      a. was watching
      b. watched
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                        Школа при Посольстве России в Индии. Экстернат
                                  10 класс. Английский язык

        c. am watching
        d. had been watching
18. I wonder ... he will come in time.
        a. whether
        b. weather
        c. what      d. that
19. Would you like ... a taxi for you?
        a. me getting
        b. my getting
        c. me to get
        d. me get
20. I wonder if they ... their promise to be here at 6.
        a. keeps
        b. would keep
        c. will keep
        d. had kept
21. The weather is terribly ... .
        a. depressing
        b. depress
        c. depression
        d. depressed
22. Your flat is bigger than ... .
        a. our
        b. ours
        c. us
        d. them
23. It ... for an hour when I started to drive home.
        a. had been snowing
        b. was snowing
        c. snowed
        d. is snowing
24. Why ... to go to the station last week?
        a. had you
        b. did you have
        c. must
        d. could
25. He proved ... a good doctor.
        a. became
        b. become
        c. to become
        d. becoming
26. It is important ... with the task.
        a. him to cope
        b. for him cope
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                        Школа при Посольстве России в Индии. Экстернат
                                  10 класс. Английский язык

       c. for he to cope
       d. for him to cope
27. The work ... is rather interesting.
       a. be done
       b. to be done
       c. to done
       d. is done
28. I don't like the salad ... .
       a. both
       b. too
       c. either
       d. neither
29. The cat has caught a lot of ... .
       a. mouse
       b. mouse's
       c. mice
       d. mouses
30. These are that ... boots.
       a. gentleman
       b. gentlemen
       c. gentlemen's
       d. gentleman's
31. I wish he ... a doctor.
       a. is
       b. was
       c. were
       d. be
   1. Match the topics and the texts. Fill in the table.
        a) Industry
        b) Science
        c) Toys
        d) Costumes
        e) A city
        f) Transport
        g) Canals

1)    Step inside this magical 1850s “Cinema” for an exciting tour of Edinburgh the capital of
Scotland. As the lights go down a brilliant moving image of the capital appears before you,
while the guide tells the story of Edinburgh‟s historic past.
2)    The National Waterways Museum of Gloucester brings to life the time when Britain‟s
waterways were dug between towns. Transport by these ways was cheaper than transport by
land. Many exhibits give visitors the chance to relieve the Age which helped to revolutionize
Britain‟s water system.
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                        Школа при Посольстве России в Индии. Экстернат
                                  10 класс. Английский язык

3)     Black Country Museum is an open-air museum. Your visit there is always exciting and
enjoyable. Guides in national costumes and working demonstrators tell visitors a story of the
time when different machines were invented in Britain and factories began to develop very
4)     Travel through time and discover the colourful story of travel. See shiny buses, tube
trains and trams of different centuries. As you step into the past you‟ll meet people who‟ve kept
London moving for 200 years. Hold tight as you put yourself in the driving seat and enjoy your
5)     This museum is full of wonderful models of trains, buses, ships and cars. See the 1920s
model Story Land Park and play the old slot-machines. It also has a nursery of the beginning of
the 20th century. The wonderful collection of dolls contains different marionettes from Ancient
Roman Gladiator doll to figures of today.
6)     The museum illustrates the development of human knowledge through different
instruments. The museum has a clockwork model of the solar system from 1750 as well as
microscopes, telescopes, navigation instruments, electrical machines and tools.

     1              2             3              4             5             6

   2. Read the text and do the tasks marking the appropriate answer.

        I had first become acquainted with my Italian friend by meeting him at certain great
houses where he taught his own language and I taught drawing. All I then knew of the history
of his life was that he had left Italy for political reasons; and that he had been for many years
respectably established in London as a teacher.
        Without being actually a dwarf – for he was perfectly well-proportioned from head to
foot –Pesca was, I think, the smallest human being I ever saw. Remarkable anywhere, by his
personal appearance, he was still further distinguished among the mankind by the eccentricity
of his character. The ruling idea of Pesca‟s life now was to show his gratitude to the country
that had given him a shelter by doing his utmost to turn himself into Englishman. The Professor
aspired to become an Englishman in his habits and amusements, as well as in his personal
appearance. Finding us distinguished, as a nation, by our love of athletic exercises, the little
man devoted himself to all our English sports and pastimes, firmly persuaded that he could
adopt our national amusements by an effort of will the same way as he had adopted our national
galleries and our national white hat.
        I had seen him risk his limbs blindly unlike others at a fox-hunt and in a cricket field;
and soon afterwards I saw him risk his life, just as blindly, in the sea at Brighton.
        We had met there accidentally, and were bathing together. If we had been engaged in any
exercise peculiar to my own nation I should, of course, have looked after Pesca carefully; but as
foreigners are generally quite as well able to take care of themselves in the water as
Englishmen, it never occurred to me that the art of swimming might merely add one more to the
list of manly exercises which the Professor believed that he could learn on the spot. Soon after
we had both struck out from the shore, I stopped, finding my friend didn‟t follow me, and

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                        Школа при Посольстве России в Индии. Экстернат
                                  10 класс. Английский язык

turned round to look for him. To my horror and amazement, I saw nothing between me and the
beach but two little white arms which struggled for an instant above the surface of the water,
and then disappeared from view. When I dived for him, the poor little man was lying quietly at
the bottom, looking smaller than I had ever seen him look before.
        When he had thoroughly recovered himself, his warm Southern nature broke through all
artificial English restraints in a moment. He overwhelmed me with the wildest expressions of
affection and in his exaggerated Italian way declared that he should never be happy again until
he rendered me some service which I might remember to the end of my days.
        Little did I think then – little did I think afterwards – that the opportunity of serving me
was soon to come; that he was eagerly to seize it on the instant; and that by so doing he was to
turn to the whole current of my existence into a new channel. Yet so it was. If I had not dived
for Professor Pesca when he lay under water, I should never, perhaps, have heard even the
name of the woman, who now directs the purpose of my life.

   1) Pesca taught
         a) drawing
         b) Italian
         c) English
         d) politics
   2) Pesca impressed people by being
         a) well-built
         b) well-mannered
         c) strange
         d) ill-mannered
   3) Pesca tried to become a true Englishman because he
         a) was thankful to the country that had adopted him.
         b) enjoyed Englishman‟s pastimes and amusements.
         c) loved the way the English did athletic exercises.
         d) was fond of the eccentric fashions of the England.
   4) „…risk his limbs blindly‟ means Pesca
         a) didn‟t look where he went.
         b) was unaware of danger from others.
         c) caused a problem for others.
         d) acted rather thoughtlessly.
   5) The author didn‟t look after Pesca carefully because
         a) they both had been engaged in the peculiar English exercise.
         b) foreigners were generally bathing not far from the shore.
         c) the author was sure that Pesca would learn swimming on the spot.
         d) the author was sure that Pesca was a very good swimmer
   6) Pesca wanted to do the author some favour as
         a) it was his warm nature.
         b) the author had saved his life.
         c) the author was his best friend.
         d) he wanted to look English.
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                      Школа при Посольстве России в Индии. Экстернат
                                10 класс. Английский язык

   7) Pesca managed to
         a) change the author‟s life completely.
         b) become English to the core.
         c) meet a woman who later directed his life.
         d) turn his existence into a new channel.

    1           2           3           4                 5    6        7

Write about the city \ town \ village you live in.
Remember to write about:
   it‟s geographical position
   the weather in autumn, winter, spring and summer
   the things that you like most about the place you live in and why
   the things that you dislike about the place and why]
Write approximately 200 words.

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