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					                        LAKEMBA VACATION CARE PROGRAM Dec 09/Jan 2010                                            Peanut and nut products
MONDAY 14.12.09        TUESDAY 15.12.09        WEDNESDAY          THURSDAY 17.12.09     FRIDAY 18.12.09          are banned across all
                                                 16.12.09                                                        Council
                                                                                                                 Children’s Services to
                                                                    Bean Bag Games           Hand Trees
                                                                                                                 minimize health risks.
                                                                                                                 There are children with
                                                                   Peg Leg Reindeer         Ribbon Stars
                                                                                                                 life threatening aller-
       Term 4                Term 4                Term 4
                                                                      Bookmarks             T-ball Game          gies and the presence of
                                                                                                                 nuts or products con-
                                                                                                                 taining nuts can jeop-
                                                                                                                 ardize their health.
MONDAY 21.12.09        TUESDAY 22.12.09        WEDNESDAY          THURSDAY 24.12.09       FRIDAY 25.12.09
                                                 23.12.09                                                        Remember to Bring:
                                                                                                                 ∗    Nutritious lunch &
    Felt Woolies         Festive Crafts       Fans & Lanterns                                                         Drink
                                &                    &                  Centre                 Public            ∗    Hat, sunscreen
   Door Hangers           Decorations         Lantern Parades                                                    ∗    Wear comfortable
                                                                        Closed                 Holiday
                                                                                                                      clothes & shoes
 Chill out with Yoga       Kickball           Candle Making
                                                                                                                 ∗   This program is for
                                                                                                                     children, so getting
   Giant Baubles                                   Oz tag
                                                                                                                     dirty is part of
                                                                                                                     having fun. Please don't
MONDAY 4.01.10         TUESDAY 5.01.10         WEDNESDAY           THURSDAY 7.01.10        FRIDAY 8.01.10
                                                                                                                     send children in with
                                                                                                                     special pieces of
   Spinning Bottle         Salt Bottles      Sports Show Down      Walkabout Reptiles      Picnic @ Auburn           clothing ….
       Flowers                                 Participate in a        @ Centre           Botanical Garden
                          Cards Galore        range of sports &        Cost$9.50           (By Council Bus)      Creative Arts & Crafts &
  Making Magnets                                   games.                               (Limit to 22 children)   Outdoor Sports Activities
                         Challenge your                             Making Posters      Bring lunch and drink.   are provided for children
    Quiz Master            friends to            Plaster Fun                                   Cost: Nil         everyday.
                        Uno ,crazy eights,    Paint & decorate     Measure-up Fitness
  Newcombe Ball          Billionaire etc.     plaster figurines     Games & Skills             Stencils

                        Friendship Bands/                                                 Stepping Stones
                              Belts                                                            Game

                         Frisbee Games                                                      Target Games
                          LAKEMBA VACATION CARE PROGRAM January 2010                                                    Peanut and nut products
MONDAY 11.01.10        TUESDAY 12.01.10         WEDNESDAY              THURSDAY 14.01.10       FRIDAY 15.01.10          are banned across all
                                                  13.01.10                                                              Council
                                                                                                                        Children’s Services to
 Twisties with Chop-      Name Housie          Riverlife Tour             Imax Theatre            Wheels & Bike -
 sticks Competition                          Run by Canterbury          A Christmas Carol      Scooters, skateboard     minimize health risks.
                        Painting/Printing - Aboriginal Advisory          3 D & Rated PG         Must bring helmets      There are children with
 Compass Capers –      String paints, mirror        Group                  Cost: $ 21.00                                life threatening aller-
 Form a team & find      prints, pop art &    (BY Council Bus)                                  Making Necklaces        gies and the presence of
your way around the         monoprints       (Limit to 12 children)        Pyjama Day                                   nuts or products con-
 set course, using a                              Cost: Nil                                       Crazy Hair Day        taining nuts can jeop-
      compass                Roundup                                       Hama Beads                                   ardize their health.
                                               Plaster Painting                                 Newspaper Fashion
  Gate Dodge Ball        Indoor Car Trail                                                        Design & Parade        Remember to Bring:
                                              Parachute Games
                                                                                                                        ∗    Nutritious lunch &
MONDAY 18.01.10        TUESDAY 19.01.10         WEDNESDAY              THURSDAY 21.01.10         FRIDAY 22.01.10             Drink
                                                  20.01.10                                                              ∗    Hat, sunscreen
 Jump In Skipping      Making Poi Balls &          C.A.R.E.            Excursion to Ten Pin    Butterfly Whirligigs &   ∗    Wear comfortable
Challenges & Double      Learning Poi            Bike Riding,            City @ Lidcombe                                     clothes & shoes
Dutch Jump Teams           Dancing            Education & Fun @        (Bring lunch & drink)    Mexican Butterfly       ∗   This program is for
                                                   Bass Hill           Cost $21.50 (2 games)                                children, so getting
 Bop Till You Drop      Knobbly Seahorse       (By Council Bus)                                Hand Ball Knockout.          dirty is part of
      Dance              Shell & Pebble       (Limit to 21 children)   Object Treasure Hunt                                 having fun. Please don't
   Competition              Mosaic                 Cost:$2.00
                                                                                                                            send children in with
                                                                                                                            special pieces of
  Go Green Nature      Continuous Cricket       Frame Knitting
                                                                                                                            clothing ….
                                               Football Rounders
                                                                                                                        Creative Arts & Crafts &
                                                                                                                        Outdoor Sports Activities
MONDAY 25.01.10        TUESDAY 26.01.10         WEDNESDAY                                                               are provided for children
                                                  27.01.10                                                              everyday.
 Mad Hatters Day                              Making Cup Cakes
   Aussie Aussie              Public            & Doughnuts                                     Please note:
Decorating & Making
                                                                                                Excursions /
    Giant Hats               Holiday          Chinese New Year -
                                              Chinese Lanterns                                  Extra activities
 Opera House Masks                            Dancing Dragons                                   in BOLD

  Sheep Dog Trials

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