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If you've ever needed to purchase legal services, you understand what a vexing process it can be. I'm a Seattle DUI attorney, and I sometimes don't
get it. It's difficult because you can't see what you're paying for. Determining if you are getting the value you want is hard. Keep reading for a little
insight on getting a good lawyer fee.

First, the more experience someone has, generally the more you are going to have to pay for their services. This doesn't necessarily mean an
experienced Seattle DUI attorney is better than an inexperienced one, as they might be an experienced bad attorney, but it usually demonstrates a
minimal knowledge on the subject.

Second, the more specific the person's expertise is the more you can expect to pay. What I mean is, there are generally practitioners out there
practicing DUI law. They take a criminal case every now and again. Generally, their fee is going to be lower than someone that practices Seattle DUI
law as a majority of their practice. They are probably more up to date on case law, practice methods, and are probably better at the job than the part

The third thing many people base their fee off of is effort. There are Seattle DUI attorneys out there that charge a fee just to plead your case out. If you
want a trial you pay more money. Others ask for a fee up front that covers everything, and they are prepared to do whatever is necessary to get your
desired outcome.

If you don't want to just plead your case out it usually requires a higher fee. But the higher fee gets you the peace of mind that your attorney is doing
everything they can on your case, not just waiting for the prosecutor to call. You pay more because you are getting more.

Finally, when you think about purchasing a service like this, think about what you are buying - the trust that someone will take your reputation and
livelihood in their hands and get you the best result possible. Like choosing a surgeon, the cheapest option probably isn't always the best option.

I'm in the service industry and when I'm buying other services I'm never 100% sure I'm paying the right amount. But every time I purchase services I
am confident I'm paying enough to get the right person for the job and the results I expect. And that's about all you can do.

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