How to Pick a DUI Lawyer

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					How to Pick a DUI Lawyer
If you are arrested on suspicion of DUI, the most important thing that you can do to lessen your chance of being convicted is to hire a DUI lawyer.
Choosing the right DUI lawyer can make or break your case. Considering all of the costs of a DUI conviction, not only financial but also time
commitments and emotional stress, it is well worth the effort to seek out the counsel of a skilled DUI attorney.

It can be tricky to pick a lawyer who will be able to fight your case most effectively, especially if you've never had a reason to hire a lawyer before.
Choosing the right attorney is a bit more complex than just opening up the phone book and picking a law firm at random. You want to hire the most
experienced attorney you can find. You can begin by contacting your state bar association, but be aware that because of attorney-client privilege,
client reviews are not available within the legal profession as they are for many other professions.

Look for a lawyer who specializes in DUI cases. They will know all of the ins and outs of the law, and be able to fight against the admission of your
blood alcohol tests or breathalyzer results. Finding a DUI lawyer in the state in which you were arrested is crucial if you want to defend yourself in
court. Do not be afraid to ask your potential lawyer about their specific experience working with defendants in DUI cases similar to yours.

It is important to find a DUI lawyer who is not only experienced, but who also makes you feel comfortable with the procedure. Many attorneys offer
no-obligation consultation visits, during which time they will explain what they plan to do in your specific situation. Pick a DUI lawyer who puts your
mind at ease, and who you feel comfortable trusting with the outcome of your case.

Your attorney should ask a lot of questions about your background and the situation. Both can make a huge impact on the strategies used to fight your
case. For example, you may wish to avoid plea-bargaining if any criminal conviction will affect your current job. Be prepared to answer questions about
the circumstances of your DUI charge honestly, because your attorney needs to understand exactly what happened before preparing a defense

Your chosen DUI lawyer should understand that criminal charges bring a lot of stress to their clients' lives, and should show interest and dedication in
helping you deal with this tricky situation. A good DUI lawyer will aggressively defend your case and have both experience and positive results to show
from cases similar to yours.

Don't forget to ask about the costs associated with retaining a lawyer. You'll want to know how much it will cost before retaining them to handle your
DUI case. The costs can vary widely between attorneys, but overall it is well worth these costs if your DUI attorney is able to fight your case
successfully. Though you certainly want an affordable lawyer, especially in light of the court fees and other financial costs associated with a DUI, you
should be less concerned with the fees than in the lawyer's expertise fighting DUI cases.

About the Author
Colin Daives writes general information articles about criminal and DUI law. Each state has different laws and every case is unique. His articles are not
meant to be legal advice. To learn more, contact a Denver DUI lawyer or for assistance with your case in the state of Colorado, contact a Denver DUI
attorney today.


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