Sickness absence

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					Sickness absence
            1    Introduction
            2    Contacting the university
            3    Medical certificates
            4    Returning to work
            5    Sick pay
            6    Absence due to accidents
            7    Queries

1       Introduction

1.1     The following notes tell you what to do if you are sick and have to take
        time off work.

1.2     It is important that you let the university know as soon as possible when
        you are sick and that you provide medical certificates and that you keep
        in touch with the university during your absence.

1.3     This enables the university to arrange cover, keep accurate records of
        your sickness absence and to ensure that you receive any sick pay due.

1.4     It also enables the university to support you during your absence and
        ensure that you are treated fairly.

1.5     Full details of the university’s sickness policy and procedures are given
        on staffcentral and in the Staff Handbook.

2       Contacting the university

        On the first day of absence

2.1     If you cannot come to work because you are ill, you must phone your
        manager as early as possible but normally no later than one hour after
        your normal start time (see 1.3 and 1.4).

2.2     You must tell your manager:

        •       the reason you are absent
        •       the date your illness started, even if this was during the weekend or
                while on holiday
        •       how long you think you will be away.

2.3      If your manager is not available when you phone, you should leave a
         message with a suitable person, e.g. the school/department
Personnel/version 1
Sickness absence

         administrator. If you are unable to contact anyone in your department,
         you should phone the Personnel Department.
         On the 4 day of sickness

2.4      If you are still unable to come to work you should phone again to let
         your manager know.

3        Medical certificates

3.1      If you are sick for more than seven calendar days (including weekends
         or days you would not normally be at work) you must get a certificate
         from your doctor or hospital on the 8 day of sickness and send it to
         your manager straight away.

3.2      If your illness continues you must go on supplying medical certificates to
         cover the rest of your absence, with no gaps between certificates, even
         if your sick pay entitlement has run out.

3.3      You should let your manager know regularly how you are and when you
         are likely to be well enough to come back to work.

3.4      Depending on the nature and duration of your illness, you may be
         required to attend an appointment with the university’s Occupational
         Health Adviser to ensure you are receiving an appropriate level of
         support during your absence and to support you in your return to work.

4        Returning to work

4.1      When you return to work you must let your manager know you are back.
         You must also let them know the date your illness ended, even if it was
         not a date you were required to work, since this is needed to work out
         your entitlement to sick pay.

4.2      You will be asked to sign a self-certification form on which you must
         give the nature of your illness.

5        Sick pay

5.1      While you are away sick you will receive sick pay if you are eligible
         under the terms given below. This can be made up of Occupational
         Sick Pay and Statutory Sick Pay as follows:-

         Occupational Sick Pay (OSP)

5.2      Your entitlement to OSP during any period of sick leave depends on
         your length of service and how much sickness absence you have had
         during the year up to the start of your current absence.

                                                                Personnel/version 1
                                                                      Sickness absence

5.3      Allowances are:
          during 1 year of service           full pay for 1 month and,
                                             if 4 months’ service completed
                                             before start of sickness absence,
                                             half pay for 2 months
          during 2         year of service   full pay for 3 months, plus
                                             half pay for 3 months
          during 3 year of service           full pay for 4 months, plus
                                             half pay for 4 months
          after 3 years’ service             full pay for 6 months, plus
                                             half pay for 6 months

5.4      A month is one calendar month.

5.5      Full pay is inclusive of any Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) entitlement.

5.6      During periods of half pay, any entitlement to SSP will be paid in
         addition, subject to the total not exceeding your normal pay.

         Statutory Sick Pay (SSP)

5.7      SSP is payable if, because of sickness, you are away from work for at
         least four consecutive days.

5.8      Full details of eligibility for and entitlement to SSP are given on
         staffcentral and in the Staff Handbook.

5.9      If you are not eligible for SSP, or if you have used up your entitlement,
         you may be eligible for State Incapacity Benefit. The university will
         issue you with a form SSP1 so that you can claim this.

6        Absence due to accidents

6.1      If you are absent due to an accident for which you may be able to claim
         damages from a third party, you will not be entitled to sick pay.
         However, the university may agree to a pay advance in these

6.2      If you are absent following an accident at work you can be paid full
         salary for up to six months.

6.3      Further details of the university’s policy in either of these circumstances
         are given on staffcentral and in the Staff Handbook.

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Sickness absence

7        Queries

7.1      If you have a query about the payments you have received while sick
         you should contact Payroll on ext. 2636 or by emailing the Payroll
         Helpdesk. If you would like advice on any aspect of the sickness policy
         and procedures please contact the Personnel Department.

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