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					                 The Golden Valley VFW Voice
   Award Winning Publication of Golden Valley VFW Post 1894, Ladies and Men’s Auxiliary
            The Post Home: 510 West Allen Street, Clinton, Missouri 64735 Telephone: 660-885-5980
                  HF (Rick) House III 660-924-1853,, Editor & Publisher
                                      Mary Hosmann 660-885-3649, Assistant

Commander:        Bill Howell     885-3897                     President:    Barbara Danforth     525-1376
Adjutant:         Sam Gibbons     890-2370                     Secretary:    Pat Snyder           885-6817
Quartermaster:    Bob Easton      885-4920                     Treasurer:    Mary Hubbard         885-7404
Chaplain:         Charlie Fry     885-4676                     Chaplain:     Cathline Vest        885-9777

                             VFW Post 1894 Hosts
                       District 6 Meeting February 14th.

        Comrade Lyle Seelinger announces the First through Third place winners in the
                    Voice of Democracy and Patriots Pen essay contests.
  (First Place VOD winner Nora Faris [page 5 lower right] sponsored by the Concordia Post
   went on to take 2nd in the Nation. Congratulations Nora, we all look forward to hearing
                              great things from you in the future.
                                                                        More pictures on Page 5

   If you are interested in receiving our Post newsletter electronically please send an email to and request to be placed on the newsletter email list. Each month
  you will receive an email with a link to the newsletter on the internet. The benefits are that
  you will receive the newsletter earlier, in color and you will save the post $.15 each month.
                                                                                     HF (Rick) House III
            March                    The Golden Valley VFW Voice                                Page
            2010        VFW Golden Valley Post 1894, Ladies and Men’s Auxiliary                  2

                                                                          VFW NATIONAL HOME
                                                                            FOR CHILDREN

                                                                 Latest Update is at the following link:


 VFW Membership
    Annual and Lifetime plans                   If you’re not already a Life Member please
                                                consider it for this worthwhile organization.
available. Reasonable rates, and
 financial assistance is available                Cost is only $35.00 and includes a Life
      for those who qualify.                                    Member Pin.
    Ask about our discounts
        for older veterans.
     Contact Bob Wonnell at              "In war, there are no unwounded soldiers."
 (660)890-2072 or (660)351-2410
      for more information                              -Jose Narosky

                                       in the Veterans of Foreign Wars                 Lt. General Ann Dunwoody
Tales from the WebCom                             and reside in                  was announced by the Secre-
                                        or be willing to re-locate to the         tary of Defense, Robert Gates
  JOINT MEMBERSHIP                             Kansas City area.                    and nominated by President
                                        Successful applicant must pass              Bush in July-2008, to be the
        DRIVE                          background checks as required               first female 4 Star General in
   MARCH AND APRIL                           for access to VA files.                      American history.
Posted at 08:56 PM on Friday, Febru-                                              Tennessee was the first state
ary 19, 2010 by Dept MO-VFW             Send resume to: Attn: Adju-                  to adopt a license plate to
                                           tant/Quartermaster                     honor women veterans and it
                                         Veterans of Foreign Wars                was made possible by a female
The Department Commander                  Department of Missouri                   Desert Storm Veteran, Laura
Dave Morgan and Ladies Auxil-                  P. O. Box 26                                    Comas.
iary President Yvonne Massey are         Jefferson City MO 65102                      In Washington D C some of
working together on a Joint effort                                                the women senators have an-
on Membership.                         No emails or phone calls please             nounced a bipartisan legisla-
                                                                                  tion to prepare the VA for the
We are asking all VFW Post and                                                   influx of women veterans who
Ladies Auxiliary to have a dual
                                        Military Women Veterans                  need access care in their facil-
membership drive at your Post in          Yesterday – Today -                      ity in the coming years. This
                                                                                  has been announced in 2009.
March and April.                               Tomorrow                           There is very informing pam-
                                       Posted at 02:07 PM on Friday,             phlet available through the De-
--THIS IS AN IMPORTANT                 February 19, 2010 by Dept MO-
MATTER                                                                             partment of Veterans Affairs,
                                       VFW                                        titled Women Veterans Health
---Working together ---On Mem-                                                   Care. For more information call
                                            By Maisie Rodenbaugh                   1-877-222-8787, 1-800-827-
bership—Communication---And                We have more than 300,000
helping your Post so that we can                                                      1000 or
                                         women now serving on land,                   If you have served in desig-
continue helping our veterans and      sea, air and on space missions.           nated areas, you could be eligi-
families in your community.                This began for women at the            ble to join a VFW Post and/or
                                       beginning of the Revolutionary                         Auxiliary.
THANK YOU                              War 1776 and has continued in
State Commander,                       every war since. There are leg-
DAVE MORGAN                              ends that women had to dis-             SOURCE: Lee's Summit Tribune
                                          guise themselves as men to
Ladies Auxiliary President ,
                                       join any branch of the Military.
YVONNE MASSEY                          The first woman to do this was
                                         said to be from Pennsylvania
  Immediate Job Opening                  and served for 3 years before
The Veterans of Foreign Wars,            anyone found that she was a
    Department of Missouri               female. “If she volunteers to              To read more about these stories
has an immediate job opening           defend this nations rights then                      and others got to
              for                        the nation should defend her
  an Assistant Service Officer          right to volunteer for any mili-
 in the Kansas City VA Medical           tary assignment“ There have
            facility.                    been more women who have
Applicant must be eligible for         fought and died in Iraq than all
         membership                            wars since WW11.
         March                  The Golden Valley VFW Voice                     Page
         2010       VFW Golden Valley Post 1894, Ladies and Men’s Auxiliary      3

                                                                    member to remind your
                                                                    choices to attend.
                                                                          We still need 5 new
                                                                    members to reach 100% this
       Comrades as Febru-                                           year, so invite your family,
ary comes to a close it is                                          friends and neighbors to join
                                         I am tired of winter,      as VFW Auxiliary, it is a fun
time to think about nomi-         as I am sure by now every-        organization and we serve
nations for the next year's       one has had enough snow.          not only veterans but our
officers I will be picking        The Auxiliary meeting was         community. Any new mem-
nominating committee              sadly unattended on Febru-        ber will get a Free Saturday
shortly so if you have in-        ary 11th. I’m hoping for          Breakfast when they join.
terest in becoming an of-         better weather next month.              Our Kitchen Crew al-
ficer of the post please let      As you may be aware this          ways serves the best break-
it be known we have sev-          year is rushing by. We            fast you could get anywhere
eral openings this year. I        need to be getting every-         and for only $5.00.
would like to think all           thing together for year end             BINGO attendance has
who helped make the Dis-          reports. We will be having        been off a little, no doubt due
trict 6 meeting a big suc-        a meeting during the last         to the snow, but it is fun to
cess especially to the la-        half of March to complete         play, plus a good chance to
                                  the forms and get them            meet with friends. So….
dies auxiliary who came
                                  into Department. Please           Hope to see you there on
through for the post a
                                  call and let me know what         Tuesday and Saturday eve-
very special think you
                                  time is most convenient for       nings. You might just be the
and to Rick house who             you. I want full attendance
conducted the District 6                                            lucky winner.
                                  of Officers and Chairs so               As always I want to re-
meeting, good job. VFW            that we can be sure every-
foundation golf June 4,                                             mind everyone to call me if
                                  thing is properly reported.       you have any questions,
2010 Eagle Knoll golf             You work hard so let’s take
course Hartsburg mo. are                                            problems, or just want to talk
                                  credit for all that work.         to someone. I’m only just a
call 573-636-8761 for                    The Post and Auxil-        phone call away.
more       information.           iary proved once again
The Department Com-               what a success it is when
mander David Morgan               we have teamwork in ac-
                                                                              Barbara Danforth
and the Department La-            tion. The District 6 Meet-
dies        Auxiliary             ing was great. Attendance
President Yvonne Massey           was good despite the
are asking the post for           weather. The meal was, as
membership drive for              always for our kitchen peo-                 —NOTE—
March        and     April        ple, truly delicious. The
it is never too early to          planning of and execution         For those yet unaware, Com-
start recruiting our mem-         of decorations was very           mander Bill Howell resigned
bership, without members          impressive. Thanks to all         his position on February
                                  for a job well done!!             25th. Sr-Vice Commander
there is no post. I hope
                                         The annual election        Rick House has moved into
everybody is enjoying the                                           the Commander’s position.
                                  of Officers is coming up in
snow they say spring is           April so have your choice         We will be filling 2 vacant
just around the corner, al-       of candidates in mind and         positions at our next Post
though I have to wonder..         be sure you are all at the        meeting on March 11.
                                  April 8th Meeting to make
                 Bill Howell      your nominations and re-
            March                          The Golden Valley VFW Voice                               Page
            2010             VFW Golden Valley Post 1894, Ladies and Men’s Auxiliary                  4

  Computer Repair Center
                                                                                    You could be supporting
   417 N Maguire Ste F                                                                our newsletter, too!
   Warrensburg, MO 64093
Your all in one stop for personal                                               For more information
 service done right the first time.

  We also sell used computers,
 come see what we have today!                                                                            Boy Scouts of
                                                                                                         Investment in
Rick House “In business for 15 years and with 45 years com-
bined experience, this family owned business provides friendly ,                                           Campaign
courteous service. I trust them to fix it right the first time I bring
it in.”

Bob Easton “Working on both PC’s and Laptops they provide a
variety of services, all for the right price. I wouldn’t take my
                                                                           Investing in the future by instilling
computers anywhere else”                                                     Character in the youth of today.
Stop in and see what these Comrades and more have already dis-
                                                                          Celebrating 100 years of good turns
covered. You’ll never want to go anyone else again!                      To make a pledge, call 1(800)776-1110

    Members of VFW Post 1894 currently deployed overseas.
                    Please provide information on any others we may be missing including addresses if known to
                                       Rick House 924-1853 or at

Aaron Pietrzak
TF 1-108th Cav (RSTA)
FOB Hughie                                    Feel free to drop them a line and let
APO AE 09310                                  them know that we are thinking of
                                                 them and supporting them!!!
SGT. Michael Smith                                  There’s nothing like a letter
D co 1/130 ARB                                             from home!!
Basraha, Iraq
APO AE 09374

Will Jones
(Address Unknown at this time)

LCPL Stephen Schildgen                            Know of someone we missed?
3rd BN, 7th Marines, Lima Co.                       Have more information?
Barracks 1403 Rm. 265                                    Let us know!
29 Palms, CA 92278
(Going to Afghanistan at the end
of March)
March             The Golden Valley VFW Voice                     Page
2010    VFW Golden Valley Post 1894, Ladies and Men’s Auxiliary    5
           March                  The Golden Valley VFW Voice                           Page
           2010         VFW Golden Valley Post 1894, Ladies and Men’s Auxiliary          6

                                   MARCH 2010
   SUNDAY          MONDAY          TUESDAY         WEDNESDAY THURSDAY                 FRIDAY      SATURDAY

                   1              2                3            4                 5               6               7
                                   Pitch Players
                                                                                  Reserved for        Breakfast
                                      Play at
                                                                                  Pitch Players        6:30-10
                                    11:30 a.m.
                                                                                    6:00 p.m.
                                 AUX BINGO                                                        POST BINGO

 7                 8              9                10           11                12              13              14
                                   Pitch Players                 Post Meets                           Breakfast
                                      Play at                   at 7:30 p.m.      Reserved for
                                    11:30 a.m.                                                         6:30-10
                                                                 Ladies Aux       Pitch Players
                                                                   Meets            6:00 p.m.
                                 AUX BINGO                        at 7 p.m.                       POST BINGO

 14                15             16               17           18                19              20              21
                                   Pitch Players
                                                                                  Reserved for        Breakfast
                                      Play at       Men’s Aux
                                    11:30 a.m.                                    Pitch Players        6:30-10
                                                     Meets at
                                                                                    6:00 p.m.
                                 AUX BINGO           7:30 pm                                      POST BINGO

 21                22             23               24           25                26              27              28
                                   Pitch Players
                                      Play at                    Post Meets       Reserved for
                                    11:30 a.m.                                                         6:30-10
                                                                at 7:30 p.m.      Pitch Players
                                  AUX BINGO                                         6:00 p.m.     POST BINGO

 28                29             30               31
                                   Pitch Players
                                      Play at
                                    11:30 a.m.

                                 AUX BINGO

Friday         March 2        Vietnam War Began (1965)
Sunday         March 14       Daylight Savings Time Begins
Wednesday      March 17       St. Patrick’s Day

Thursday       April 1        April Fools Day
Sunday         April 4        Easter
Thursday       April 15       Tax Day

Saturday       May 1          Loyalty Day
Sunday         May 9          Mother’s Day
Monday         May 31         Memorial Day

 We are once again working on putting together Car-pools and accommodations for those interested in
attending the VFW National Convention in Indianapolis, IN. If you are interested in attending this event
   please contact Rick House so that we can keep costs as low as possible for those who wish to attend.
                                              Thank you

        Next MO Department Convention                        Please keep your address updated to help
               is June 18-20, 2010                          us avoid costs from the Postal Service. We
               Columbia, Missouri                                  pay $.50 for each correction.
          Start planning now to attend.                                                          Thanks

             The next District 6 meeting                         The 110th National Convention
           May 2, 2009, meal at 12:00 noon                              August 21-26 2010
                 meetings to follow.                                   Indianapolis, Indiana
               Sedalia, Missouri Post                             Start Planning NOW to attend

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