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									                                            Directorate of Human Resources
                                            Recruitment Team
                                            Flat 3
                                            Willow Drive
                                            Fife, KY1 2LS
                                            Tel 01592 643355
                                            Fax 01592 648088

                                            Date                       As per postmark
                                            Your Ref
                                            Our Ref                    Please see below

                                            Enquiries to               Recruitment
                                            Extension                  8131
                                            Direct Line
                                            Email:                     recruitment@faht.scot.nhs.uk

Dear Sir/Madam


Thank you very much for your interest in the above post. I have pleasure in enclosing an application
pack which includes, a job description, application form, terms and conditions, person specification and
procedure for the disclosures of criminal records. Please be advised that the application form must be
completed in full as unfortunately we cannot accept a CV enclosure.

Should you wish to make an enquiry to the Recruitment Team regarding a vacancy please ensure that
you quote the reference number.

Please be advised that if you do not hear from us within 4 weeks of the closing date then you have been
unsuccessful in your application.

May I take this opportunity to thank you for the interest that you have shown in NHS Fife.

Yours faithfully

Recruitment Team
Recruitment Team
Post:                Community Dental Nurse

Reference No:        CB785/02/10

Pay Banding:         Band 4 - £17,732 - £21,318 PRO RATA

Hours of Duty :      FULL/PART TIME

Contract Type:       Permanent

Annual Leave:        27 days on commencement
                     29 days after 5 years service
                     33 days after 10 years service

Public Holidays:     8 fixed public holidays

The leave year extends from 1 April to 31 March.

Part time staff will receive a pro-rata entitlement for annual leave and public holidays combined as
per the Agenda For Change agreement.

Reckonable service may be credited for annual leave purposes in accordance with the Agenda for
Change Agreement.

Sick Pay
Entitlements to Statutory Sick Pay and Occupational Sick Pay will be determined in accordance with
the Agenda for Change Agreement. Reckonable service may be credited for Sick Pay purposes
providing there has been no break in service of 12 months or more at time of appointment in
accordance with Agenda for Change Agreement.

On commencement with the organisation staff will be asked if they wish to join the scheme although
they may choose to join or leave the scheme at any time. Deductions are currently at the rate of

If an employee opts not to join the scheme they will automatically contribute to the State Earnings
Related Pension Scheme (SERPS) unless excluded from doing so or have arranged a Personal

Occupational Health Clearance
Any offer of employment is subject to satisfactory Occupational Health clearance. Should you be
invited to interview you will be asked to complete a Pre-Employment Health Questionnaire which you
should bring to interview. The Occupational Health Service (OHSAS) will make an assessment on
your fitness to carry out the post based on the information contained within the questionnaire. In
certain circumstances further information is required before clearance can be given and OHSAS
may contact you by telephone or request that you attend for an appointment. Clearance must be
obtained before any new employee commences employment within NHS Fife. Clearance may be
subject to you attending for a Post-Employment appointment and it is vital that you attend this
appointment if required to do so.
Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974
Under the terms of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974, many people need not refer to previous
convictions which, after a certain period of time, are regarded as spent. Certain posts within the
National Health Service, however, are excluded from the provisions of this Act.       All potential
employees must disclose on the application form any unspent convictions and certain potential
employees are required to inform us of any previous convictions which, for other purposes, are
“spent” under the provisions of this Act. Failure to disclose such information could result in
dismissal or disciplinary action by the organisation. Any information given will be treated in the
strictest confidence. Please refer to the NHS Fife Procedure for the Declaration of Criminal
Convictions for further information.

No Smoking Policy
NHS Fife operates a No Smoking Policy and it is the case that staff are not permitted to smoke on
the premises or during working hours. It is a condition of employment that you comply with these

Agenda for Change Implementation and Variations to Contract of Employment
Agenda for Change is a nationally agreed remuneration, job evaluation, personal development and
terms and conditions framework which will apply to all NHS Scotland staff (except very senior
managers and staff within the remit of the Doctors‟ and Dentists‟ Review Body). This means that
you will be subject to the terms and conditions contained within this agreement and also any
subsequent national or local agreements or variations made in respect of Agenda for Change. Such
changes will automatically be applied to you and your contract of employment will be deemed to
have been amended on this basis.

Work Permits
If a candidate who requires a work permit is appointed to a post a work permit application will be
made by NHS Fife. However, current Home Office regulations dictate that employers are not in a
position to offer employment to candidates requiring a work permit where it can be demonstrated
that EEA candidates meet the minimum requirements for the post.
                     Support into Work
              Have you experience of a mental health problem?

              Want help with the application process for a post with NHS Fife or Fife

              Would you benefit from some support even after you start work?

              Are you unemployed and live in Fife?

Then Support into Work can provide free, independent and confidential support through the whole
process of applying for a job with either NHS Fife or Fife Council and, if successful, for the first few
weeks after starting work.

Support into Work is a two-year pilot funded by the Scottish Executive to increase access to
employment for unemployed people experiencing mental health difficulties who live within Fife.

The service is provided by Fife Employment Access Trust (FEAT) a well-respected voluntary
organisation with 10years experience or supporting people with mental health problems into

FEAT is independent of both NHS Fife and Fife Council and the fact that someone has received
support will not adversely affect the recruitment outcome.

For more information on the support available or if you would like to take advantage of the service

                                  Fife Employment Access Trust

                                         Collydean Cottage
                                          Pitmedden Loan
                                        Glenrothes KY7 6UG

                                         Tel: 01592 749880

                                  Email: enquires@f-e-a-t.co.uk

                Please do not send completed application form to this address

1.     Introduction

NHS Fife complies fully with the Code of Practice, issued by Scottish Ministers, in connection with
the use of information provided to the registered person and other recipients of information by
Disclosure Scotland Part V of the Police Act 1997, for the purposes of assessing applicants‟
suitability for positions of trust.

We undertake to treat all applicants for positions fairly and not to discriminate unfairly against the
subject of a disclosure on the basis of conviction or other information revealed.

2.     Spent Convictions

The Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 enables some criminal convictions to become „spent‟ after
a rehabilitation period. The length of the rehabilitation period depends on the sentence given and
not the offence committed. For custodial sentences the rehabilitation period is decided by the
original sentence and the length of time actually served is irrelevant. Custodial sentences of more
than 2.5 years can never become spent.

3.     Disclosing Spent and Unspent Convictions

In line with the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 for any post within NHS Fife you are required to
disclose any “unspent” convictions.

If you are applying for any posts listed below you are also required to provide us with any information
in relation to all “spent” convictions.

            Clinical Posts (including Nursing, Medical, Dental and AHP posts)
            Director of Finance & Heads of Finance Department
            Ward Clerks
            Public Health Posts
            Health Promotion Posts
            Porters
            Volunteers
            Hairdressers
            Catering & Domestic Posts within Inpatient Areas
4.        Disclosure Scotland (SCRO)

The aim of the Disclosure Scotland Service is to enhance public safety and to help employers nd
voluntary organisations in Scotland to make safer recruitment decisions. Any offer of employment to
a post identified as requiring “spent” convictions to be disclosed will be subject to a satisfactory
Disclosure Scotland check.

5.      Procedure for Disclosing Convictions

If you have an unspent or spent conviction and you are required to disclose this to NHS Fife you
should do this by completing the section “Convictions” within Part B of the application form giving
details of the following:-

    The Nature of the offence
    The Sentence given
    The Date of the Offence

6.      Interview

If you are selected for interview, members of the interview panel will not be aware of any declaration
you have made. Should you be selected as the preferred candidate following interview we will
undertake to ensure an open and measured discussion on the subject of any offences or other
matters that might be considered relevant for the position concerned. We guarantee that only those
who need to see it as part of the recruitment process will only see this information.

7.      Failure to reveal information

Failure to reveal information that is directly relevant to the position sought could lead to withdrawal of
an offer of employment. If you are offered employment such a failure may result in dismissal or
disciplinary action.

Having a criminal record will not necessarily debar you from working with NHS Fife. This will
depend on the nature of the position, together with the circumstances and background of your

8.      Queries

If you have any queries on this matter then please contact our recruitment office who will be able to
assist you.
                                                         JOB DESCRIPTION


Job Title:                           Qualified Dental Nurse

Responsible to (insert job title):   Senior Dental Nurse

Department(s):                       Community Dental Service

Directorate:                         Fife Primary Care

No of Post Holders:


The post holder works as part of a team of Qualified Dental Nurses and provides full surgery and administrative support to

clinicians [Community Dental Officers, Senior Dental Officers, Salaried General Dental Practitioners, Dental Therapist and

Dental Hygienists]. The duties include all the normal duties expected of a Qualified Dental Nurse in terms of chair/bed side,

surgery / theatre clinical assistance and administrative assistance.


This large managed service covers all clinics throughout Fife. These are in Health Centres, Access Clinics, Hospitals and
Mobile Dental Units.
In addition to clinics, Domiciliary visits to individuals and care homes are also undertaken.
The post holder is expected to work in any clinic in Fife, with any clinician, with any type of patient undergoing a wide variety
of treatment [examination and assessment, restorations, extractions, surgical procedures, prosthodontic treatment, preventive
treatments, x-rays, orthodontic treatment, treatment under local anaesthetic, sedation [oral, inhalation and intravenous] and
general anaesthetic.]

                                                     Trust Directorate

                                           Clinical Dental Director
                                                    Senior Dental Nurse

                                                   Qualified Dental Nurse

To provide a high quality standard of dental care for patients who cannot or are unable to access care through a General Dental
Practitioner. These groups may include:

     Paediatric patients including pre-school and school
     Hospital in patients and elderly people in the community
     Special care patients including learning/physical disabilities, mental health, medically compromised, anxious and
      dentally phobic
     High risk patients [e.g. Hep B, Hep C, HIV ] and patients with drug and alcohol dependency
     Unregistered adults requiring urgent dental care
   To provide chair side support and assistance to clinicians to ensure treatment is carried out
    to the required high standard.
   Responsible for ensuring the dental surgery is maintained to the required standard for the safety of patients, staff and
    visitors in accordance with the departments cross infection control policy and health and safety procedures and
    protocols. This includes ensuring emergency equipment is regularly checked and maintained.

   Responsibility for the management of the patient, including emotional support, continuous reassurance, responding to
    the anxieties of the patient and keeping them informed of procedures for their confidence and well being.

   Assisting with pre and postoperative care including giving instructions to patients.

   Ensuring instruments are decontaminated [ cleaned, disinfected and sterilised ], in accordance with the trust cross
    infection policy and properly maintained and stored.

   Control the supplies required for clinics and domiciliary equipment. Maintaining the knowledge and skills to use these
    materials in accordance with COSSH guidelines.

   Testing, monitoring and cleaning sterilisation equipment.

   Testing radiograph equipment, processing and storing radiographs. Changing developing chemicals on a regular basis
    to ensure highest standard of radiographs is maintained.

   Preparation of the surgery, clinic, domiciliary kit, mobile dental unit and theatre. Setting out instruments and
    equipment as required.

   Set up and maintain mobile dental units.

   Attend training including Manual Handling and Adult and Paediatric basic life support as required.

   Assist in the inspection of target groups, which allows for the accurate analysis and monitoring of these groups. This
    includes the transport and use of a laptop computer and all equipment necessary to facilitate this activity.

   Organise all dental laboratory work including dentures, orthodontic appliances and crown and bridgework.
    Disinfecting, packaging and arranging pick up and return of these items.

   Organise and maintain an efficient clerical and administrative system enabling essential records, paperwork and data to
    be available when required. Ensure that information is forwarded timeously and accurately to the appropriate

   Deal with telephone and face to face enquiries from all staff groups, patients, relatives, carers, guardians and other
    health care professionals to provide information as appropriate to ensure efficiency and effectiveness of service

   Responsible for maintenance of appointment book, recall system and completion of statistical returns e.g. SMR13 and
    GP17 forms. This will include computer patient management systems.

   Preparing estimates for patients and taking payment from patients.

   Responsible for collection and banking of patient payments.

   Monitoring and ordering supplies of dental consumables and stationary to ensure adequate resources available.

   Logging faults with dental equipment and reporting to the appropriate personnel.

   Working within clinics on own initiative with the ability to prioritise workload without immediate presence of a line
    Participates in ongoing audit and evaluation of the Community Dental Service.

    To actively promote Clinical Effectiveness in line with Trust policies.

    To promote and encourage good dental health in the population of Fife and motivate, educate clinical staff in this area.

    Dental Chair
    Dental Cart
    Dental Operating Light
    Aspirator – for suction and airway maintenance
    Hand instruments required for all clinical procedures and operations undertaken in the dental surgery eg.
     Conservation, Prosthetics, Extractions, Periodontology, Minor Oral Surgery and Preventive Dentistry.
    Handpieces
    Decontamination Equipment eg. Ultrasonic bath or Washer/Disinfector and Autoclave.
    Compressor
    Amalgamator
    Curing Light
    X-ray Machine
    X-ray Developer
    Inhalation Sedation Equipment – for anxious patients requiring sedation.
    Scavenging Equipment – for removal of waste gases from patient and surgery.
    Blood pressure monitors [non-invasive] – used in sedation clinics to take and monitor patients blood pressure.
    Pulse oximeter – used in sedation clinics to monitor heart rate and oxygen saturation.
    Emergency equipment – including oxygen and drugs required to manage medical emergencies.
    Domiciliary equipment – including portable dental unit.
    Mobile Dental Units
    Computer
    Telephone


    Manual/Computerised record keeping of patient information, statistics and reports.
    Patient record and appointment system.
    Clinic maintenance and decontamination systems.
    Stock control including ordering and non stock requisition.
    Complaints system – deal with complaints from patients and members of the public according to NHS procedure.
    Data collection – eg. Inspection information.


    The post holder works within the team and clinic/department ethos.
    Workload is generated by referral and appointment system.
    Support is provided by senior nurse.


   Protocols and procedures govern a fair amount of the post holders job. However there is still a
   large degree of freedom to act in the following areas:-

    Prioritise workload on a daily/weekly basis.
    Responsible for day-to-day running of the surgery or clinic.
    Responsible for the appointment system to ensure the effective, efficient and smooth
     surgery workflow. Time management and sensible work order.
    Ability to assess patient need for appointment time, received either verbally or from patient records.
    Problem solving, which may include clinic down time due to circumstances, necessitating
      Cancellation of appointments.
    Prioritising emergency appointments.
    Ability to evaluate stock requirements.
    Monitoring of patient and responding accordingly.


    Managing time effectively.
    Managing the dual role of treatment and decontamination process efficiently and effectively.
    Treating anxious and/or aggressive patients.
    Dealing with anxious/aggressive parents, carers, relatives and family friends both face to face and by telephone.
    Working in sometimes isolated circumstances as one of only 2 in a team in restricted environment
     Eg. Surgery room or mobile dental unit.
    Provide staff cover according to needs of service, usually at short notice, having to adapt quickly to unfamiliar


The post holder is required to give and receive sensitive information often requiring tact, motivational,
persuasive and negotiating skills where patients or staff may feel vulnerable, have limited communications or
become hostile or aggressive.

   INTERNAL: Dealing with nervous or anxious patients, those with a learning or behavioural difficulty,
            mental health or physical disability with dignity and sympathy.
          : Communicating with other Healthcare professionals and agencies.

  EXTERNAL: Dealing with the general public routinely.
              : Communicating with healthcare professionals and agencies in other areas.


   Physical – Frequent requirement to sit or stand for long periods of time on a daily basis while patients
    undergoing treatment. 70% of work is chair side and awkward positioning can be required which can
    be demanding on posture. Working in confined spaces such as mobile dental units, bedside in care
    homes or patients homes.

   Physical skills – Advanced hand and eye co-ordination and manipulation of fine tools instruments and

   Driving between clinics on a daily basis.

   Carrying domiciliary equipment [6 – 15 kg] frequent requirement.

   Mental – Concentration constant when treating patients but subject to interruptions. Type and range
    of work is predictable, but have to deal with many interruptions so concentration is disturbed.

   Emotional – Dealing on a daily basis with significant numbers of patients, around 50% of which have
    learning or physical disabilities, medically compromised, frail elderly, aggressive patients, reluctant
    patients, patients with behavioural problems, psycho geriatric, psychiatric patients etc.

   Environmental – Exposure to foul smells, headlice, body fluids and contaminated material eg bloody
    swabs etc and mouth odour both in surgery and in patients homes or care homes.


   Qualified Registered Dental Nurse [National Examining Board for Dental Nurses Certificate] or equivalent SVQ level
    3 in Oral Health Care.

   Minimum three years experience post qualification.

   Practical, working and theoretical knowledge of a wide range of dental procedures, equipment, instruments and

   Good organizational and administrative skills.

   Communication skills – verbal and written.

   CPR skills.

   Responsible for own Professional Development.
A separate job description will need to be signed off by each jobholder to whom the
job description applies.
Job Holder’s Signature:
Head of Department Signature:

                                    PERSON SPECIFICATION FORM
Post Title/Grade: Dental Nurse

Department:          Community Dental Department

Date:                5th September 2007
                                   ESSENTIAL                    DESIRABLE              MEASURE
        Experience       The skills and competencies                             Application Form
                         associated relevant post
                         registration experience.

   Qualifications/       Qualified Registered             Trained Triage Nurse   Application Form
     Training            Dental Nurse

        Knowledge        Practical working and                                   Interview
                         Theoretical Knowledge of a
                         wide range of dental
                         procedures, equipment
                         Instruments and material
                         A level of English language
                         competency necessary to
                         perform the role safely and

          Skills         Practical surgery skills                                Application Form

                         Good Organisational and                                 Interview
                         Administrative Skills
                         Excellent communication both
                         verbal and written

        Aptitude         Able to work under own           Familiar with GP17     Interview

        Other            Team Player willing to provide                          Interview
e.g. Team Player, Be     cover for other locations as
     able to travel      required

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