; She wore a green dress that matched her emerald eyes
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She wore a green dress that matched her emerald eyes


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									                  The Mystical Gem
      She wore a green dress that matched her emerald eyes. One
day while she was planning to overthrow Lord Stantin Devlor she
thought how he could be related to her.
      Then another fellow gnome villager named Thron came in and
said, “ Hurry Heidi Gnawe is in trouble!”
      As they rushed to the edge of the hospitable part of the forest
Heidi asked, “What happened?”
      “Gnawe was spotted by some of your brother’s patrollers and he
is being interrogated,” said Thron.
      As they arrive at the edge of the forest they could see the
patrollers riding away with Gnawe in chains.
      “Go back and tell Gnawe’s parents what happened,” said
      “Ok,” said Thron as she went after the patrollers.
      As she was following the patrollers she met up with a Jack-a-
lope that was not evilly changed and it liked her so it gave her a ride
while she was following the patrollers. While they were following the
patrollers a phoenix dove from the sky and narrowly missing Heidi’s
head. So Heidi stopped picked up a few rocks and when the phoenix
dove again she nailed the phoenix right in the middle of the head
sending it into a crash landing, killing it. The dirt and the sand put
out the phoenix’s flame.
       They went on their way again and before long they could see
Lord Stantin Devlor’s fortress in the distance. As they got closer
and closer they met up with a group of four dwarves names
Starshine, Moonrage, Butternuckles, and Banchie and they offered
to help out. Once again they all were on their way. As they got
close enough they waited for the guards to go inside the fortress’s
walls and they snuck in with them! As they were looking around the
fortress they spotted the dungeon. They met some dwarves as well as
other creatures and set them free from their cells. As they came to the
last cell they saw Gnawe was in it but they needed a password to
open it. They told Gnawe that they would be right back with the
password. Luckily they overheard some guards talking about the
       “What was the password again,” said one of the guards.
       “It’s 1233215 remember,” said the other guard. So they
headed back to the dungeon. As they were walking back to the
dungeon Heidi saw 5 swords and 5 shields and she got an idea.
Before they knew it they all had a sword and a shield. Once they
arrived back at the dungeon they punched in the numbers 1233215
and the door opened.
       “Go back and tell everyone that Varrok shall be restored to its
original state,” said Heidi.
       “Ok,” said Gnawe and so they left to find Lord Stantin
Devlor’s room.
       Once they found it the dwarves took out the guards and said,
“ You go ahead we’ll stay back and guard,”
       “Great,” said Heidi.
       Once Heidi entered Lord Devlor’s room she heard a voice that
came out of nowhere and it yelled, “ I was expecting you baby
       “I have come to free Varrok from your evil grasp!” Then
Stantin Fell from the ceiling and the battle had begun.
       “You were always jealous and you laugh at me that is why
this happened,”
       “No I wasn’t! I was always proud you used the gem for
       “Really?” And that is when Heidi struck a mighty and
brutal strike that shattered the gem and everything went back to

                        THE END
                       By: Joshua Goertzen

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