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The Royal College of Psychiatrists - DOC



17 Belgrave Square, London SW1X 8PG
Tel. 020 7235 2351 Fax 020 7245 1231

                         INFORMATION PACK
                    Deputy Programme Manager
       (National Audit of Treatment Resistant Schizophrenia &
           Prescribing Observatory for Mental Health-UK)

In order to apply, please submit the following to the Human Resources Team, Royal
College of Psychiatrists, 17 Belgrave Square, London SW1X 8PG.

1.    Covering letter, briefly stating how your skills and experience are relevant to
this post;
2.    Full curriculum vitae;
3.    Candidate information form;
4.    Diversity monitoring form.

             The closing date for applications is 3 March 2010

 Please note that applications received after this date will not be considered.

Acknowledgement of receipt of applications will not be sent out,
Shortlisted candidates will be contacted in writing.

                               Interview date: tbc

  Reasonable interview travelling costs for applicants living outside Greater
 London may be covered up to a maximum of £50. Original receipts must be
                        Candidate Information and Guidance

At the College we ensure that our recruitment process is objective and focussed on
your ability to do the job. We want high quality, talented individuals to join our
organisation and we assess this though your Candidate Information form, CV and
your covering letter. This is also carried out through the testing and the interview

The main purpose of your application is to move you to the testing and interview
stage of the process where we get to meet you face to face. This Candidate
Information and Guidance is designed to help give you the best opportunity to
submit a successful application.

The Recruitment Pack contains the following important information:

1.    Job Description and Person Specification

The Job Description describes the key responsibilities, duties and scope of the
position. The Person Specification outlines the key skills, experience and
qualifications that is required to carry out this role. Your Candidate Information and
your covering letter should demonstrate how your ability and experience will enable
you to deliver what is required to do the job.

Your Application

We believe that past performance is the best indicator of future success and our
recruitment process is designed to provide you with the opportunity to tell us about
your achievements, the things you are most proud of and to show us how these
experiences make you the best person for the job.

You will need to apply to us using our standard Candidate Information form, CV and
attaching a covering letter.

These are a few important points that you should remember:

              Read the job description and person specification carefully – be clear
about what the role is and about what we are looking for
              Keep your Candidate Information and covering letter relevant to the
job that you are applying for
              Be clear and concise
              Sell your skills
              Highlight your achievements – tell us what you have done
How to Apply

You can only apply to the College for this position via the Candidate Information
Form attaching your CV with an covering letter.

Submitting an Candidate Information Form

Our Candidate Information form is designed to help you provide all the information
that we need to help us shortlist applicants for interview with your attached CV and
covering letter.

You must ensure that all the sections of the Candidate Information form are
completed. Make sure that your Candidate Information and covering letter is relevant
to the role that you are applying for.

Read the job description and specification and demonstrate to us that you are able to
meet the needs of the role. If you need to, provide additional information on a
separate sheet.

What happens next?

 Short listing

After the closing date we will shortlist all Candidate Information forms, CVs and
covering letters. The short listing process will assess your Candidate Information
against the contents of the Person Specification. We aim to hopefully complete this
exercise and inform successful candidates within 5 working days of the closing date.

If successful, use your time effectively to prepare for the next part of the process:

-     Learn as much as you can about College; visit our website
-     Research the position and list the skills and experience sought and match these
to your own experiences.
-     Consider questions we are likely to ask and prepare your responses – think of
examples to demonstrate your experience and ability.
-     Prepare a list of questions you would like to ask.

 Assessments

To assist in the selection process, candidates short listed for interview will also be
required to undergo an assessment as part of the interview process. This will usually
take place on the same day as the interview but in some cases a separate
assessment day will be necessary.

The type of assessment depends on the role and the particular skills that we want to
test. We use a variety of methods including case scenarios, presentations etc.

   The Interview

The interview process is an opportunity for you to highlight your skills and experiences and to
demonstrate how you meet the requirements of the job.
Interview panels will usually consist of two or three people that have a direct interest
in the role, for example the line manager of the position, another senior member and
a member of the HR team.

All candidates are asked the same core questions designed to test whether you have
the experience, skills and attitude to deliver the requirements of the job and be an
asset to College. Often supplementary questions will be asked to ensure that we get
all the information we need to make the right decision.

We want you to give the best interview you can so if you require special facilities (e.g.
a signer) you should inform us prior to the interview.

   Contact and Feedback

We aim to let all candidates know the result of their interview as quickly as possible,
normally within 2 working days. We will also offer to provide full and detailed
feedback to unsuccessful candidates regarding their test and interview performance.

We will keep the details of all ‘reserve’ candidates on file for up to six months and will
contact you directly should a similar vacancy arise.

Remember that your Candidate Information, CV and covering letter is the only thing
that we will use to shortlist applicants for interview so take your time in preparing,
proof-read your Candidate Information and covering letter before you submit it and
sell yourself to us.
We look forward to receiving your application.

                                 JOB DESCRIPTION

JOB TITLE:             Deputy Programme Manager, POMH-UK/NAS.

DEPARTMENT:            Centre for Quality Improvement

RESPONSIBLE TO:        The Programme Manager and through them the Senior
                       Programme Manager and Head of the Centre for Quality

SCALE:                 C


To assist the programme manager with the management and development of the
associated projects within a programme of work.

                               KEY RESPONSIBILITIES

1.   To deputise in the absence of the programme manager.

2.   To supervise the project staff and assist in managing the teams workload.

3.   Assist in developing and delivering project plans to ensure that individual
     projects meet their objectives and deadlines.

4.   To provide assistance in managing all aspects of the audit cycle for the projects,
     which may include:
          developing/revising standards;
          developing approaches and instruments to enable measurement of
           performance against standards
          Ensure the accuracy of data analysis
          producing local and national reports about the performance of
          planning and delivering events e.g. an annual forum, learning events,

5.   Assist in managing promotion and marketing to ensure continued
     growth/sufficient uptake by the recruitment of wards/teams/clinics into the

6.   Assist in the quality assurance process for the project against agreed standards,
     including the timeliness and quality of reports and meeting of deadlines.

7.   Manage the day to day financial administration for the project and assist the
     programme manager with the budget management and monthly forecasts.
8.    Assist in preparing papers for presentation at conferences and publication in

9.    Liaise with other professional organisations and attend meetings external to the
      Royal College of Psychiatrists as required e.g. with the Department of Health,
      the Healthcare Commission, the Royal College of Anaesthetists and the Royal
      College of Nursing.

10.   Meet regularly with the other quality improvement project teams at the joint
      networks meetings.

11.   Provide cover to other quality improvement programmes, as the need arises,
      e.g. to cover staff sickness.

12.   Undertake any other duties related to the job purpose which may be necessary
      in the development of the Centre’s work as required by the Head of the Centre
      or Senior programme Manager.

13.   Supervise and assist with compilation, management and analysis of quantitative
      and qualitative data submitted by participant organisations.

14.   Contribute to design of interventions to assist in implementation of

15.   Develop and maintain effective data management systems.

16.   Undertake any other duties related to the job purpose and which may be
      necessary in the development of the Research Unit’s work as required by the
      Director of the CCQI.

17.   To carry out all duties in a safe and proper manner in accordance with the
      College’s Health and Safety Policy.

18.   To undertake all duties in line with the College’s values, policies, procedures
      and regulations ensuring that the work undertaken actively promotes equality,
      diversity and non-discrimination.

This job description is not exhaustive and is subject to change in accordance with the
business need of the College.

                            PERSON SPECIFICATION


     Graduate or relevant professional qualification.
     Knowledge, skills and experience of working with clinical audit/clinical quality
     Experience of managing and/or carrying out analysis of quantitative and
      qualitative data using appropriate software.
     Knowledge of statistics and confident user of SPSS or equivalent statistical
     Experience of managing large electronic databases and controlling data quality.
     Knowledge of project management and research methodologies.
     Experience of report writing and editing.
     Experience of working with public sector services.
     High standard of written and spoken English.
     Well presented with a confident and professional manner.
     Well-organised with ability to prioritise own workload and that of others.
     Email and Internet literate and excellent MS Office skills (Word and Excel).
     Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
     Experience of planning and delivering training/workshops.


     Experience of writing papers for publication.
     Experience of financial administration.
     Experience of supervising a small team.
     Experience of speaking at external events.
     Experience of working in an NHS clinical audit department or the
      pharmaceutical industry.
     Interest in pursuing a career in health informatics, clinical audit or service
     Marketing skills
                    DEPUTY PROGRAMME MANAGER


Contract            Permanent

Salary              £27,205 - £29,710

Hours               35

Probationary Period 6 months

Notice period       8 weeks

Holiday             28 days annual leave (including 8 Public Holidays). In
                    addition to this the College has a few College closure days

Pension             Contributory. The eligibility requirement is 3 months’ service
                    for all staff

References          All College appointments are subject to receipt of satisfactory

Retirement age      65

Location            The College Research Unit is located on the 4th Floor, Standon
                    House, 21 Mansell Street, London E1.

                    Nearest underground stations are Algate and Algate East.

                    The College is a non-smoking environment.

                            TOTAL REWARD STATEMENT

                                BENEFITS (PER ANNUM)

Based on an example
annual income of:               £15,000              £20,000       £25,000

Pension (10%/5% employer
contribution if a member)       £1,500/              £2,000 /      £2,500/
                                £750                 £1,000        £1,250

Life Assurance (if member
of pension scheme)              4/2 times annual salary on death in service

season ticket loan
(If borrowed £1,200
at commercial rates)            £230                 £230                    £230

Holidays                        20, 22.5 or 25 days paid per annum, dependent on service
                                (pro rata). Annual leave entitlement includes below Bank Holidays.

Bank Holidays                   8 days paid per annum (pro rata)

College Closure                 Variable number of days usually paid in addition to above(pro rata)

Sick Pay                        Ranging from 1 month’s full pay/2 months’ half pay to 6 months
                                full pay/6 months’ half pay dependent on years of service
                                (pro rata)

Paternity Leave                 10 days’ paid

Maternity Leave/Pay             Statutory leave and pay with some enhanced features

Compassionate Leave             Up to 3 days paid in certain circumstances

Permanent Health Insurance
(if on an open ended contract) 75% of salary due to permanent sickness absence

coffee, filtered water          Free
               The Royal College of Psychiatrists
                      Candidate Information Form
   17 Belgrave Square, London, SW1X 8PG
                     Tel: 020 7235 2351 Fax: 020 7245 1231

Please complete this form in block capitals, and then return it, together with your
curriculum vitae, covering letter and the completed Diversity Monitoring Form, to
the Human Resources team at the above address.

Position applied for: Deputy Programme Manager (POMH-UK/ NAS)


Surname:__________________________        First name(s)____________________

Address: __________________________       Title(Mr.Mrs,etc)_________________

__________________________________         Email address:__________________

__________________________________         Home telephone no:______________

Postcode:__________________________        Daytime no:____________________

Present employment

Employer’s name:__________________________ Position held:_____________________

Address:________________________________       Date appointed:___________________

_______________________________________       Salary/hourly rate:_________________

___________________Postcode:____________       Notice Period:____________________

Work telephone no:______________________

May we contact you at work?

                                                Yes             No
Please include your current or most recent employer, and a previous employer. Relatives may
not be given as referees. The College will contact referees once a conditional offer of
employment has been made and accepted.

Name:____________________________               Name:____________________________

Address:__________________________              Address:__________________________

_________________________________               ________________________________

_____________ Postcode:____________             ____________Postcode:______________

Telephone no:______________________             Telephone no:_____________________

Relationship:_______________________            Relationship:______________________

List an List any additional information you would like us to consider in connection with your

Details of any absences from work lasting in excess of two weeks in the last 3 years:

Do you have any particular requirements at interview or in the workplace arising from any

Note: A disability or health problem does not preclude full consideration for the job and
applications from suitable individuals with disabilities are welcome.

Do you smoke?            Yes            No

Where did you see the advertisement? _______________________________

Have you applied to the College before          Yes         No If yes when? _______________

Are you legally entitled to work in the UK?     Yes         No
(proof will be required if successful)

Details of any criminal convictions which are not spent :

Note: You are not required to provide details of any previous criminal convictions which are
spent under the terms of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974. A spent or non spent
conviction does not preclude full consideration for the job and applications from suitable
individuals with spent or non spent convictions are welcome.

The information you have supplied in connection with your application will be kept in strict
confidence and will be subject to the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998 .

I consent to the processing by the College of the information contained in this form and any
related forms, by any means, for the purposes of my application and possible employment with
the College.

I understand and agree that any misrepresentation by me on this Application Form and/or any
other information I have supplied in connection with my application will be sufficient cause for
cancellation of the application and/or termination from the College's service if I have been
employed. The College reserves the right to verify information and seek information from other

I give the College the right to investigate all references and to secure additional job related
information about me. I hereby release from liability the College and its representatives for
seeking such information and all other persons, corporations or organisations for furnishing such

Signature of Applicant :

                              DIVERSITY MONITORING FORM
The Royal College of Psychiatrists is committed to the active promotion of equal opportunities
in employment. One aim of this policy is to make sure that applicants for jobs are not
discriminated against.

To monitor if this policy is working, we need to collect information about people applying for
jobs, and we would be very grateful if you would fill in and return this form. The information
you give will be treated as strictly confidential and is subject to the provisions of the Data
Protection Act 1998. It will not be used at any stage of the selection process.

              Position applied for:       PROJECT WORKER (QNIC/QINMAC)

Candidate Number:
(Office Use Only)

1. GENDER (please tick):          Male     ---------      Female   --------

2. DISABILITY (please tick)         Yes       ---------       No        --------

  Nature of your disability


3. DATE OF BIRTH______________________

4. WHAT IS YOUR ETHNIC ORIGIN? Choose ONE section from A to F, then tick the
appropriate line to indicate your background. This is to comply with the Race Relations (Amendment)
Act 2000 and are the categories used in the 2001 Census.


Bangladeshi                                   -----

Indian                                        -----

Pakistani                                     -----

Any other Asian background, please write in



African                                        -----

Caribbean                                     -----

Any other Black background, please write in

Chinese                                       -----


White and Asian                               -----

White and Black African                       -----

White and Black Caribbean                     -----

Any other Mixed Race background, please write in



British                                        -----

Irish                                          -----

Any other White background, please write in


F. ANY OTHER ETHNIC GROUP please write in


Thank you for your help in completing this form. Please return it with your
application. By completing this form, I consent to the processing by the
College of the information contained in this form, by any means, for
the purposes of my employment with the College. (See signature on the
Candidate Information Form.)

                    Royal College of Psychiatrists

About the College

What we do

The Royal College of Psychiatrists is the professional and educational body for psychiatrists in
the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. We aim to:

Set standards and promote excellence in psychiatry and mental healthcare

The Royal College of Psychiatrists is committed to improving the understanding of psychiatry
and mental health. We want there to be a greater understanding of the interaction between
mental and physical health and the social and cultural context in which people live. We are at
the forefront in setting and achieving the highest standards through education, training and
research. We lead the way in developing excellence and promoting best practice in mental
health services. We promote research and publish the results in our world-class psychiatric

Lead, represent and support psychiatrists

The College actively promotes psychiatry as a career. College structures are robust and
provide dedicated support to our members and associates. Nationally and internationally, the
College has a vital role in representing the expertise of the psychiatric profession to
governments and other agencies. This is key to promoting best practice in mental health.

Work with service users, carers and their organisations

We collaborate with key players in the mental health field and are champions for
improvements in the quality of mental healthcare throughout all sectors of society. Public
education is at the heart of our activities and is an essential component of our website.

As well as running its membership examination (MRCPsych), and visiting and approving
hospitals for training purposes, the College organises scientific and clinical conferences and
lectures and continuing professional development activities. The College publishes books,
reports and educational material for professionals and the general public. It also publishes the
British Journal of Psychiatry, Psychiatric Bulletin, Advances in Psychiatric Treatment and
International Psychiatry, all of which are now available on-line.

The Royal College of Psychiatrists has been in existence in some form since 1841. First as the
"Association of Medical Officers of Asylums and Hospitals for the Insane" (later changed to
the Medico Psychological Association) then, in 1926 receiving its Royal Charter to become the
"Royal Medico Psychological Association, and finally, in 1971 receiving a Supplemental
Charter to become the "Royal College of Psychiatrists" we know today.
                         College Centre for Quality Improvement

The work of the College Centre for Quality Improvement (CCQI) has created a new and
enhanced role for clinicians and their professional bodies in raising standards. Its national
initiatives engage directly with clinicians, managers and service users and support them to
take responsibility for improving local mental health services. More than 90% of mental
health services in the UK participate in the work of the CCQI.


      sets standards for the organisation and delivery of mental health services;
      engages with front-line staff and supports them to measure their own service against
       these standards;
      recognises local achievement, including by offering accreditation, and identifies areas
       for improvement;
      works with local teams to develop and implement plans for service improvement;
      works actively with other professional bodies, so that staff of all disciplines are
       engaged in the work;
      works in partnership with service users and carers, and encourages local mental health
       services to do the same;
      works with both NHS and independent sector services in the UK (there is increasing
       interest from services in other countries);
      encourages mental healthcare staff from different services to support each other and
       share good ideas through peer-review, newsletters, email discussion groups, and

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